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Pets as present? This is the list of Do`s and Dont`s

Pets as present? This is the list of Do`s and Dont`s

How many times have you thought that pets are an ideal gift for your friends or kids? Probably many times. But you certainly thought about the consequences of buying such a gift. If you are still in doubt whether to buy a pet or not, check out our Do’s and Dont’s list. Make the best decision for your loved ones!

Dog is the best friend


Pets reduce stress

The reason many people buy pets is that they reduce stress. If you have a stressful job, pets are the right way to relax at home and get rid of stress. If a person feels alone, suffers from depression or stress, a pet will be a real gift for him/her. Spend time with your pets, walk them and pat and anxiety will disappear. Your dog will feel when you are down and will be there to comfort you. Pets are also great friends both for children and for adults. With them, you will never feel so lonely.


Pets are a great gift if your friends need more safety. Whether it comes to personal safety or the safety of your home, having a dog brings a higher level of safety for your family. In addition to being your friend, he will protect you from potential burglars and thieves.

Positive impact on your health

Pets are known to have a positive impact on your health. Not only do they help people in the fight against depression and anxiety, but they also reduce stress. They will enhance your mood if you’re feeling down. Doctors say that dog owners have less blood pressure and heart rates. Walking pets can be a great outdoor activity! You can walk your dog and exercise at the same time. Spend more time in nature. Some medical studies have shown that people who spend time with pets live longer than those who do not own them.


It’s expensive

Keeping pets requires certain financial resources. Therefore, before you buy a pet to a friend, you should consider whether this person can afford it. Pets are family members. They need medical care, food, home, toys, and more. Keep in mind that pets, especially dogs, live longer than 10 years. Finances are definitely an important factor then. Also, if your friend is renting an apartment, traveling often or by the children can not afford a pet, do not risk and do not buy such a gift.

Pets need space

Imagine buying a dog for your friend who lives in a small rented apartment? And there is no space and no yard? Small space is torture for both people and the pet. Pets love freedom and large space, in a small area they will feel like in a cage and chances are great that they will make some mess.

They require time and attention

The most important thing about pets. They require time and attention. Pets are not an ordinary gift like an item. They are living beings. If your friend is working full time, and still has some activity, he will certainly not be able to keep a pet. If someone works 8 to 12 hours, he will not have enough time to devote to a pet. If a person often travels, a pet is also not a real gift for him/her.

Children and allergies

When buying a pet to someone as a gift, consider whether he has children. Small children are very susceptible to allergies. Sometimes we cannot even know that someone is allergic to an animal until it comes in contact with it. So, we have to be very careful. If you still want to give a pet to someone, you can consult a local veterinarian about further information.

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