Picnic essentials- What to pack for a perfect summer picnic

Picnic essentials- What to pack for a perfect summer picnic

Whether you are planning a picnic for friends, a fun family outing, or a romantic date outside, only wisely chosen picnic essentials will let you enjoy your time to the fullest. If you want to relax and enjoy a sunny day in nature, here are the tips for packing for a perfect summer picnic!

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Sun protection

If you’re about to go on a perfect summer picnic, before preparing food and drinks, it is important to protect yourself. Spending all day under the sun can be dangerous for your skin. In addition to protective clothing, bring some reliable SPF products. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, only an SPF 30 or higher can protect you from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. While SPF 30 blocks nearly 97% of UVB radiation, SPF 50 blocks almost 98% Also, don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a hat as extra protection. 

An umbrella

While preparing for the perfect summer picnic, keep in mind that the weather can always be surprising. And you should always be smart when planning a picnic! Check the weather forecast, but make sure you pack an umbrella just in case. Umbrellas can protect you from rain, but also provide shade and coolness for everyone underneath its shelter. But before you buy an umbrella, make sure that it is about five feet bigger than the area you are going to cover. This way your guests and picnic table will be fully protected. 

Power bank

You certainly don’t want your battery to run out before you take cool pictures and videos with friends on a picnic. To make sure your phone has enough battery when going outdoors, and staying connected with others, bring a power bank. Any portable power bank is the best gadget to bring on a picnic because they are small, handy, and easy to carry around. Bring it with you and you don't have to pay attention to how much battery you have left. Play your favorite music, upload pictures to Instagram, take videos, and enjoy your picnic!

Picnic basket

Whether it's an ordinary wicker basket with two big handles or some modern cooler bag with tool organizers, you definitely need one. It does not belong to the picnic classics for no reason. Whatever you choose, make sure there is enough space for everything you bring, to avoid something breaking inside. If you don’t have a picnic basket at home, you can use a backpack or a shopping tote.

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A picnic blanket

A picnic blanket is the trademark of every picnic. If the surface on which you are making a picnic is grass, picnic blankets can be used for sitting or lying. Basically, any blanket can be used as a picnic blanket, but real picnic blankets have waterproof material on one side. If you want to have the perfect picnic, you’ll need the perfect blanket!

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The Oniva blanket tote outdoor picnic blanket is a large, soft, and durable picnic blanket that you can use on grass, at the beach, or simply in your backyard. It’s made of cozy polyester on the topside and water-resistant material underside. This unique product is easy to carry, with integrated straps to provide an easy-to-carry experience. Moreover, this cool blanket has a zippered pocket flap for your phone and important item storage! 

Cushions or chairs

If you want to add some extra comfort and luxury to your picnic day and make your environment cozier, bring some cushions and chairs. You can use handy camping chairs and cushions from your home, or you can enjoy your picnic to the fullest with gadgets like the Softybag. The Softybag is a comfortable couch filled with air that can be used on the ground or on water.

Hygiene essentials

Due to the coronavirus, we must practice good hygiene more than ever. When we go on a picnic, it usually means that we do not have access to hot water and soap. Because of this, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, wet wipes and similar, have become the picnic essentials. Don't eat food with dirty hands, and use hand sanitizer to clean your hands often. Also, don’t forget to pack paper towels and wipes to clean the picnic table.


Dishes are, of course, an essential thing when it comes to picnic. But what do we really need to bring? First, it’s always better to invest in some reusable picnic dishes. It’s better for the environment, but also your budget to wash reusable dishes rather than buying more disposable dishes. It also means less garbage left behind!

Find some plastic, glass, or enameled metal dishes that you can use only for a picnic. As for the utensils, using metal ones is both better for the environment and for your meal. The thing you must not forget is a shareable main dish. You can use a big wooden plate or cheese board to serve food. Bringing a small cutting board can be useful for serving cheese and vegetables. Everything else is up to you.

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Bottle opener

Imagine bringing a bottle of champagne or wine to a picnic and remember that you forgot the bottle opener? It can really ruin a romantic weekend. If you’re taking some sparkling water, beer, or anything that requires more than bare hands to open, don’t forget to pack the bottle opener. Make a small list of picnic essentials to bring and add a bottle opener to it.

Ice packs

One of the worst things that can happen to you on a picnic is when food melts and the drinks warm up. But how to keep the food safe if it’s too hot outside? Cooler bags are a great idea, but you can also bring cold boxes and ice packs. You can use them to keep cool food like meat pies, fish, chocolate cake and others. Ice packs will keep your food at safe temperatures of above 140 F and you’ll avoid food poisoning. If you bring some hot dishes to your picnic, use a thermos to keep it at a safe temperature.

Games and music

Some would say that food is not the main part of a picnic, but having fun with friends. Once you pack your food and dishes, get ready for some fun! Bring along your favorite board games, cards, lawn games, kites, a football, or even a drone for racing! But don’t forget the music! With portable speakers, you can enjoy your favorite songs and create a relaxed ambiance for everyone present. 

Trash bags

Picnic gadgets and dishes are not essential only for you, but also for your environment. Regardless of the delicious food and drink, a picnic would not be perfect without nature. If we want to enjoy the beauties of nature, we must protect it and not pollute it. Therefore, trash bags are an essential part of the preparation for a picnic. Use trash bags for any food waste, disposable items, and garbage. Make sure you leave everything clean.

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