How to power nap like a pro

How to power nap like a pro

Do you know what Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and you, have in common? Power napping! Famous historical figures such as Einstein, Ronald Reagan, Churchill, and Leonardo da Vinci are said to have been huge fans of the afternoon nap. This is not surprising, considering that a power nap helps us to improve mood, work performance, learning ability, and boosts the immune system.

Just a short afternoon nap allows for the recovery of brain function and the ridding of toxins. It appears to be increasingly beneficial for both employers and sleepyheads. But how to power nap like a pro and not oversleep the day? Follow our tips!

Is power napping good for your health?

First, before you start reading our tips, ask yourself if this is the right choice for you. You may not know it, but a power nap may not be good for your health. Unfortunately, a power nap doesn’t work the same for all of us. People who struggle to fall asleep or have insomnia should avoid power naps because it might lead to poor nighttime sleep.

While it only brings benefits to others, it can confuse the body clock and disrupt dysfunctional routine for people who suffer insomnia. If you would like to have more quality sleep, explore the best gadgets for sleepyheads.

Don’t force yourself to power nap if you’re not tired

Forcing yourself to sleep even though you are not tired will not bring you any benefits. Don’t force yourself to power nap if you are not tired. It is recommended to take power naps only if you feel tired in the middle of the afternoon.

People usually fall asleep in about 10 minutes when they feel really tired and exhausted. If you’re not tired, it can take up to 45 minutes to fall asleep. Remember that a power nap usually lasts about 20 minutes. Instead of trying to fall asleep by force, choose to take a walk outside first to aid you in tiring yourself out before your nap.

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Turn off all electronic devices before napping

Before you take a power nap, try to eliminate all distractions from your environment. Shut down your PC, put your mobile on silent or noise-cancel landline telephone. Turn off the TV, and make sure that the environment is dark. You can pull down the shades or use an eye mask. This way your nothing will bother you while you doze off.  But how to ensure quality power nap if your partner snores next to you?

Try Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator. Rhinomed Mute nasal dilator uses a patented nasal technology that leverages your nasal physiology to optimize breathing. This gadget fits the contours of the nose and comes in 3 different sizes. Mute delivers 25% more air while you sleep, and it’s clinically proven to help you snore less and increase sleep quality. As it has been designed to follow the natural angle inside the nose, it will fit perfectly, high-quality sleep is guaranteed, both for you and your partner.

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Choose the right timing

The right timing is the key to having the best power naps in the world. The timing is crucial, and if you work a normal shift or have standard working hours, that may be around 1 to 3 p.m. Why?

In many Mediterranean countries, the siesta is a long-established cultural pillar, therefore it is assumed that the right time for power napping is ‘siesta time’- after lunch and before 3 pm. Power napping after 3 pm could have a bad effect on your night’s sleep. As it all depends on your schedule, make sure you take a power nap somewhere in the middle of your workday, or a few hours after you’ve eaten. 

Power napping is not regular sleeping. It should not last too long

Pay attention to the length of your power naps. Remember that the power nap is not a regular sleeping. Experts say that a power nap should last up to 30 minutes and beyond that is considered too long. Power napping for more than 30 minutes will take you into deep sleep mode, and you’ll wake up sleepy and groggy. For most people, a power nap takes about 20 minutes. However, experiment for a few days to see what works for you.

Find the ideal place to nap like a pro

To power nap like a pro, you should create a perfect napping environment first. If you are working from home, the ideal place to take a power nap is somewhere cozy and comfortable, but not too much. You don’t want to oversleep your working hours! Try napping on the sofa with minimal distractions around you. But if you’re unable to lie down, a comfortable chair can work, too. Put the headset and close your eyes. Just make sure to set up an alarm to wake you up!

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Drink coffee just before a power nap and avoid grogginess

You’ve probably heard tips like - don’t drink coffee after 5 pm or don’t have coffee before bed. Well, this does not apply when it comes to power naps. Although drinking coffee right before a power nap sounds crazy, it is actually beneficial. How does this work? Once you drink coffee, caffeine takes between 20 and 45 minutes to start to do its job. If you quickly drink espresso just before your power nap, you will wake up more alert and avoid being groggy.  

Don’t give up after a few tries. Consistency is the key.

What is very important to know is that napping is a matter of exercise and skill. You can't doze off overnight like a pro. It doesn't work that way, because it takes patience and consistency to learn to power nap like a pro. Don’t get discouraged and give up after only one try.

If you’re feeling sleep-deprived every day, power napping on a schedule can help your body become used to it after a while. Think of napping as meditating, exercising, or learning something new you will get better at with practice. If you would like to fall asleep faster at night, look for unique products and lifestyle subscription boxes with gadgets for sleepyheads.

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