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The Pros and Cons of Camping

The Pros and Cons of Camping

campingPhoto by Laura Pluth on Unsplash

Feeling tired of the city? This may mean that you have not charged your batteries. People are constantly recharging the batteries of their phones and other devices but forgetting that their bodies and mind are also looking for an energy recharge.
Going on a camping trip is the best way to recharge your batteries. Spending time in nature is especially beneficial for your body and mind. Japanese call it “Shinrin-yoku” or “forest bathing”. Forest bathing refers to a therapeutic practice – the process of relaxation amongst the trees, which helps adults and kids to de-stress and boost health.

Camping does not only mean that you will spend time in nature, but you will also have more benefits. If you are planning a small escape from the city, look for the pros and cons of camping and plan this weekend.


Spend your time in nature for your overall health. 

Spending time in nature is essential for human health. We live in a digital age where people are increasingly spending working hours in offices under fluorescent lights and in front of computers, and they also spend their free time indoors with telephones and televisions.
Did you know that nature has so much power and influence on man, which according to one study, people's mental energy increased just by looking at pictures of nature!? One advantage of going camping is to spend your time in nature for your overall health and fun! Since our ancestors lived in caves and the woods, spending time in forests, caves, and nature generally are in our genes. Camping away from town will provide a full natural experience.

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Camping lowers stress levels. 

Unfortunately, stress has become something we are used to. We experience stress every day, whether at home, at work, or when we are with friends. It is difficult to get rid of stress indoors. Camping is an ideal way to reduce stress. On a camping trip, you will spend time in the fresh air and socialize with friends and family.

According to studies, spending time in nature doing physical activities or just walking and enjoying, lowers your blood pressure and stress hormone levels, enhances immune system function, and reduces anxiety.

Sunlight benefits and natural comfort.

Due to lockdown, many people lack vitamin D and sunlight in general. If you go camping, you will surely absorb the necessary vitamins through the sunlight. Vitamin D is known for preventing osteoporosis, cancer, and decreasing the risk of having a heart attack. Sunlight, fresh air, and delicious food require a little rest. People usually feel comfortable sitting on a blanket, but it does not hurt to give yourself maximum enjoyment.

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Camping teaches you many valuable skills.

If you camp often with your partner or friends, your social skills will develop. You will develop and improve the skills of patience, planning, and teamwork. But that's not all, you will learn many practical skills during camping such as making fires, finding and building shelter, finding food in nature and cooking, living in a tent, negotiating with people, and more.

All these skills can help you in life, and sometimes they can save your life if you get lost in the woods or an accident happens. Camping is fun, but it also teaches people seriously useful survival skills.

You will find new friends.

Camping is one of the favorite outdoor activities of many people, so you will surely meet new friends in the camps. Some people like to camp alone, but it's always more fun with friends. Also, you can make really good friends and you may meet up again for another camping trip in the future. Not only will you socialize while camping, but you will be able to help each other. You can also learn something new from your friends and share your camping experience.

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

Having a barbecue all day.

Summer is right around the corner. What’s better than barbecuing on a sunny day? No matter where you are camping, in the woods, on the beach, in a park or campground, a barbecue is always a fantastic idea.
Many people live in apartments or do not have the conditions for a real barbecue. That is why this is an advantage of camping. You can grill meat and food in nature, enjoying the freedom and the beautiful smell. Also, a barbecue in nature is always much tastier than at home, isn't it?


Bad weather can ruin your camping trip. 

Going on camping trip means that you will have to sleep in nature, in a tent, and must get used to all weather conditions. Rain, muddy surfaces, humidity, or even too much temperature, can ruin your camping trip. Surely no one is comfortable sleeping in a wet tent or being blown away by the wind.

Also, it will be very difficult to cook or get warm if the soil is wet and the fire cannot be ignited. Camping is difficult to plan precisely because you cannot control the weather. In addition, we are pretty sure that the storm in a tent during the night looks scary to everyone.

Photo by Gugus Gugus on Unsplash


Even if you bought a very high-quality tent that is resistant to insects and moisture, the chances are very high that some insects will still enter it. Insects can be really annoying during a camping trip, especially if they can bite. Mosquitoes, wasps, flies, ants, spiders, and many other insects can irritate you but also injure you during your stay outside. For this reason, always wear some kind of protection.

Camping can be expensive.

Camping can be very expensive. If you are not too demanding and you have a tent and basic equipment, then you can be satisfied. However, if you like luxury and comfort during a camping trip, and you want to go in a campervan, your camping experience will not be cheap at all.

Campervans are usually quite expensive compared to tents. The price range of a new or used camper van varies greatly, spanning from as low as $3,000 to as much as $60,000 or more! In this case, your camping can cost as much as a luxury trip to some exotic country or much more.

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash


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