Public places you should never touch with bare hands

Public places you should never touch with bare hands

Touching public areas with bare hands has always been dangerous to your health, but these days it has become more dangerous than ever before due to COVID-19. If we look at the research, we will realize that an average adult may touch up to 30 objects within a minute, including germ-harboring surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, phones, ATMs, shopping carts and others.

But let's be honest, we don't wash our hands after touching every object. The best way to stop the spread of bacteria is by washing hands frequently. Up to 80% of germs are spread by hands alone, so this is why you should never touch public places with your bare hands. If you are worried about which public places are the most contagious here are some surfaces to avoid! 

Public restrooms

Public restrooms are known as places where you can get infected easily. Just by using the toilet, you risk getting an infection. But you will be surprised to hear that the toilet seat has only 150 units of bacteria compared to the sink which has 50, 000 units of bacteria! Also, if you’re washing your hands in public restrooms and you can choose between the hot air dryer and paper towel, pick the paper towel.

Studies show that a paper towel is more superior at reducing bacteria from hands than any alternative. Once you’re done, use a paper towel to open the door, or use a CleanKey! The CleanKey is an amazing gadget, especially during these times when there is a need for extra preventive measures.

This smart tool eliminates the need for touching doorknobs and handles. You can clip it onto your keychain or wallet and carry it everywhere. When you need to open a door or type your PIN, the CleanKey will help you to stay safe. Besides, the CleanKey is antimicrobial – it kills 99.9% of bacteria in 2 hours! Find it in our summer subscription box before it’s sold out! 


Wearing masks in supermarkets is mandatory now in many countries, but it is not only the air we share that is contagious but also objects in public areas. The surfaces you should avoid touching with your bare hands are the frozen food aisle, refrigerator doors, and of course, a shopping cart.

Did you know that there is a 72% chance that a shopping cart has fecal bacteria on it!? If you don’t wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after coming home, you can pick up the cold or the flu virus easily.Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash


There is a chance that you will get infected even in the most luxurious restaurants. According to the microbiologist Philip Tierno’s research, chairs are the germiest surfaces in restaurants, with around 70 percent of bad bacteria. Over a hundred people use the same chair every day, and restaurants aren’t disinfecting them often.

Besides, menus and lemon wedges are one of the dirtiest surfaces in the restaurant. Well, it seems that the takeaway option is the best solution right now in order to stay healthy.


Money, as well as ATMs, can be added to this list as well. According to one study, an average ATM was dirtier than the handle on the public bathrooms in Penn Station. One of the shocking facts was that the card reader was dirtier than a pole on the subway, a parking meter, or the door handle to a McDonald's! ATMs are very rarely disinfected, so there are hundreds of fingerprints on the keypad every day.

Therefore, keypads are home to bacteria and viruses. If it's too hot outside to wear gloves, The CleanKey can help you to use ATMs safely! The CleanKey reduces the point-of-contact area by over 99%! This unique product can help you to use touchscreens and ATM keypads, without the real touching.

Anything that requires your touch in a highly public place can be done with the CleanKey. It’s made of brass, and you can easily disinfect it with your typical disinfectant. If you’re interested in such an amazing tool, you can find it in the summer subscription box by BREO Box.


No need to explain why airport surfaces are something you shouldn’t touch with your bare hands! Research has shown that surfaces around an airport, including toilets and handrails, are the germiest areas. Half of the tested areas had evidence of viruses, including ones that cause the flu and colds. Once you arrive at the airport, avoid touching things with your bare hands, and don’t forget to use hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes after touching surfaces.

Dentist offices

You won't be happy to hear this but dentist offices are also places you should never touch with bare hands. Of course, dentist’s tools and equipment are always disinfected, but armrests on patient chairs and office phones are surfaces full of bacteria. If you don’t carry a hand sanitizer in your bag, ask the dentist to wipe the surfaces down with disinfecting wipes.

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Hotels are public places where a lot of people gather. Lots of people means a ton of different habits in practicing good personal hygiene. Even though the hotel rooms seem clean and fresh, there’s a difference between tidy and disinfected, right?

Hotel rooms are cleaned regularly, but there are still some areas in them that are mostly not cleaned. For example, the light switch is home to 112.7 CFU, almost all of which were fecal bacteria! It is also a good idea to disinfect TV remote, room keys, and phone as well.

Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash

Gyms, fitness and spa centers

You've probably heard that many fitness centers, spas, and gyms have been closed due to coronavirus. On the one hand, such centers serve us to stay fit and healthy, while on the other hand, they represent a public place with a high level of bacteria. Here’s why. First of all, people who go to the gym are exercising and sweating. They are touching the equipment with sweaty hands and use towels which they then leave everywhere.

Also, the fungus that causes foot infections to grow and multiply in the shower and MRSA, has even been found in locker rooms! The humidity of locker rooms and spa centers is the perfect environment for germs to spread.

If you still go to the gym, spa, or fitness center, avoid sharing exercise mats and sanitize surfaces properly. As for the pool, they use chemicals, such as chlorine, to kill bacteria in the water. Swimming in the pool is not contagious, but you never know if the infected person is in the pool, too.

Gas station

Did you know that gas pumps are one of the germiest public places? If you consider how many people go through a gas station every day, it will make sense. Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist known as “Dr. Germ” from the University of Arizona, found that 71% of all gas pump handles were “highly contaminated” with illness and disease-causing bacteria. Also, the gas pump pay station as well as the “Enter” key, are considered to be highly contaminated.  

Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

Your car

Your car may not be a public place, but it goes everywhere and drives different people. Therefore, there is a chance that a trace of coronavirus can be found on the surfaces of your car. British car retailer Motorpoint discovered that the highest concentration of bacteria was in the back of the car, possibly because that’s where the dogs would sit when riding around.

Bacteria were also found around the driver’s feet area, along with the seat belt buttons and handbrakes. If you don’t wear gloves while driving, consider disinfecting the surfaces in your car every day, or use CleanKey from our subscription box to open the doors.





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