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9 reasons why you need a coffee grinder

9 reasons why you need a coffee grinder

Coffee grinders are the best solution for making great coffee at home. Especially now when we’re facing self-isolation at home during COVID-19. Most of us are not able to go to our favorite coffee shops right now, so why not get a coffee grinder to enjoy our favorite coffee at home! A coffee grinder, whether it’s manual or electric, will make your coffee taste more flavorful and delicious.

In addition, owning a coffee grinder has many benefits. It’s the best way to enjoy better coffee in the morning, it saves you time, money, but also offers a unique experience of developing your own coffee-making process. Grinding coffee is more than just simply pushing a button, it has meaning! We will show you reasons why you need a coffee grinder right now!

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It’s a must-have gadget for coffee fans

You can’t consider yourself a coffee lover unless you have a coffee grinder at home. Only true coffee fans know the power of fresh ground beans. Not just because of their taste and beautiful aroma, but also the ritual of making your own coffee itself. Generally, one thing is clear - if you want to invest in good coffee, you need to invest in a good coffee grinder. It doesn’t mean buying a $500 grinder, it just means you need to find a quality grinder that fits your budget.

Don't be upset if you cannot afford an electric mill right now, manual grinders a lot of the times are a better option. You can enjoy making your own coffee the way you like, even if you’re a beginner! If you’re not used to manual grinders, you can find some affordable electric grinders. They offer an effortless grinding experience and require minimal skills and time.

If you’re willing to try and get a quality coffee grinder, consider getting it from the BREO subscription box.

It’s the best way to get better coffee

If you want to enjoy better and tastier coffee than ever before, you should consider buying a coffee grinder. The main reason people decide to get coffee grinders, is because they provide better coffee. Owning a coffee grinder at home can enable you to brew better coffee every time. You’ll be able to make it taste how you like, and it will slowly improve your coffee making skills. You determine the amount of coffee you want yourself, and you design the grinding process yourself. Coffee grinders are both traditional and unique products that every coffee fan will like.

It’s a chance to have the best coffee wherever you are

Considering the chance of making your own coffee no matter where you are? Sous Shop Coffee Grinder is the manual coffee grinder that provides you with consistent and uniform coffee grounds. It’s a hand-held, durable and portable coffee grinder that will save you money and time. Unlike electric coffee grinders, you can bring Sous Shop Coffee Grinder with you wherever you go. It’s a great investment for both coffee addicts and travel-obsessed people.

Even beginners can learn and will quickly get used to it. Just undo it and load the whole beans into the hopper. Close the lid, put some elbow grease into turning the grinder, and your coffee is ground and ready to use! You are able to grind your favorite beans wherever you are, because Sous Shop Coffee Grinder is a portable stainless-steel grinder with no power needed. Get it fast within a BREO subscription box!

It saves time

You don't have time to go to the store, and you need fresh coffee urgently? No problem. Coffee grinders are the best way to get fine ground beans for the shortest time possible. Just put your favorite beans into a coffee grinder and they’ll be ready in a few minutes. This is the best gadget you can have in the kitchen and even on the go! It can even be used when you get to work or if you are running late.

It provides grind consistency

The aroma and taste of fresh coffee is irreplaceable. But a consistent fresh grind is equally important as fresh coffee. Coffee grinders let you get the most out of fresh coffee. They are breaking coffee down into evenly-sized pieces to ensure an even extraction. By using coffee grinders, you’ll be able to grind coffee to a consistent size and avoid under- and over-extracted grounds that give sour and bitter flavors to your coffee.

Hurry up and get our subscription box that includes the Sous Shop Coffee Grinder! You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have a consistent and fresh supply of coffee grinds at home.

No more heating up beans with a manual grinder

If the beans are heated up, it will change the taste of the coffee you used to like. You may think coffee has an odd taste because the beans are rotten or they have expired, but it’s actually because they have been exposed to high temperature. To avoid issues like this, get a manual coffee grinder!

Theoretically, manual coffee grinders produce slightly better-tasting coffee than automatic grinders because they don’t heat coffee beans during grinding. In practice, you may find it hard to identify the difference, but those people who are  used to the taste of coffee they have been using for years will surely notice that something is not right. With a coffee grinder, you’ll be able to control the process of making coffee from the very start, to be sure that it tastes fresh and delicious all the time.

Manual grinder is a money saver

Coffee addicts often spend too much money on coffee. Making your own coffee whether you’re at home or traveling, is much cheaper than buying expensive cups of coffee at coffee shops and hotels. And honestly, drinking hotel coffee is usually a bad experience.

So, why not consider buying a coffee grinder? For those with a tight budget, a manual coffee grinder is a great money saver. Luckily, manual models come in a variety of shapes and sizes and at several different price points, so you can find the one that fits your budget.

Enjoy less noisy mornings

Noisy coffee grinders and makers can really ruin your Sunday morning. You haven't gotten out of bed yet, and someone is making noise in the kitchen! It’s your electric coffee maker again! Don’t let it ruin your day,  get a manual coffee grinder! With a manual coffee grinder, you’ll enjoy less noisy mornings, but also much better coffee at home!

For example, electric grinders and coffee makers can be up to 10 times louder than manual grinders! Manual grinders are also quieter than automatic ones, because they don’t grind beans as rapidly. Using such grinders, you’ll be able to grind coffee without waking your children early.

Get the unique experience and freedom to grind your own coffee

Buying coffee on your commute to work because of a time crunch in the morning  is reasonable. But on those days when you're home, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy making your favorite coffee. The process of making coffee itself is a relaxing and satisfying experience.

The coffee grinder you choose has a great impact on the taste of your coffee. It offers consistent size in grinds, while also bringing you closer to the drink you love with manually grinding. Grind your beans at home and enjoy fresh and delicious tastes whenever you want. You will have all the freedom to grind coffee the way you want at any time. 


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