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How to relax and de-stress after the holidays

How to relax and de-stress after the holidays

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Are you tired of organizing holidays with your family? Decorating the house and yard, preparing a lot of food and drinks, rushing around for gifts and even the celebrations and parties until the late hours can exhaust a person, no matter how much happiness they bring.

According to The American Psychological Association research, more people in the United States find their stress increases rather than decreases during the holiday season for a variety of reasons: Lack of money for gifts, lack of time to shop and cook, and the overwhelming commercialism. Of 2,000 U.S. survey respondents, 43% reported feeling more stressed about the 2021 holiday season than in 2020. You don't have to feel this way, you deserve better! Check out our list below and learn how to relax and de-stress after the holidays!

Spend more time in nature.

After the holidays, going back to work may be very stressful. Going outside is usually a wonderful idea, but you need space and time to re-adjust, especially when switching from vacation to work. Every weekend or evening, schedule time for a lengthy walk in the woods or park when you get home.

Breathe the fresh air, and reset your mind for a new day. Practice forest bathing! A traditional Japanese technique for relaxation is called forest bathing. Both adults and children can naturally reduce stress and improve their health and wellness by taking a short, peaceful break among the trees and breathing deeply while doing so. 

Reset your priorities.

It's not easy to get back into a routine and fast-paced lifestyle after the holidays. Your current most crucial activities could not correspond to those from before your break. Your priorities need to be reconsidered. Make time for your family, begin a healthy diet, and everything else that makes you feel good. 

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Plan your summer vacation.

It may be cold outside, but you're sure to warm up by exploring warm summer vacation destinations. Start anticipating sunny skies and time away from the daily grind as one of the best methods to combat the post-holiday blues. Create a budget to help you save for your vacation and then start looking into potential destinations.

Make time for the Spa.

To relieve the stress from the holiday season, winter is the ideal time to attend a day spa for calming treatments. You can ask for a facial to purify and hydrate your face or try hot tubs or steam saunas. But the best effect on your body and mind will be produced by massage.  

However, you don't have to go straight to the spa every time you want a massage. With the Empower Massage Roller Ball, you can enjoy a massage at home whenever you feel down. The Empower Massager Roller Ball delivers 3 distinct degrees of vibration and it’s great for reducing soreness throughout the body. You may choose how much or how little pressure to apply using the Empower Massage Roller Ball. It can also glide in whatever direction you need because it is a 360-degree rolling massager.


This simple self-massage tool gives you the relief you require, right now or during the trip. Empower fits in the palm of your hand and can be conveniently stored in a backpack, drawer, or any small space. For maximum comfort, use it in conjunction with lotions or massage oils. Whether you want a more intense massage or just to improve circulation, this product will do its magic.

You can find this amazing gadget in a subscription box by BREO BOX. Take a chance to discover more unique products and surprise yourself even if it’s not a holiday! 

Meditate on the positive feeling. 

During the holidays, we are all in a good mood and surrounded by positive things. This is precisely why, when the holidays are over, people often feel exhausted, sad, and more depressed than usual. There are no emails, alarms, or deadlines and now you’re in chaos again. Even as the responsibilities pile up, try to focus on positive thoughts.

The year has just begun and there is time for many good things to happen. Take a few moments each day to close your eyes and improve your energy level by being grateful for the excellent time you had on your vacation. Keep in mind the wonderful times. 

Eat healthier.

It's normal to gain weight during the holidays. If you gained weight during the holidays, you may want to adjust your diet or go back to your regular eating schedule to shed a few pounds and feel less bloated. Throughout the holidays, you might have digested a lot of alcohol and unhealthy foods like cookies.

Stop stressing your central nervous system out with frequent doses of quick-fix substances like caffeine, sweets, and nicotine. Focus more on fruits and vegetables and avoid fast food and carbonated drinks. Try to reduce your coffee intake or replace it with green tea and detoxify your body.

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Keep engaging in the activities that brought you joy throughout the holidays.

You may not be able to decorate the Christmas tree, but there are certainly fun activities you did during the holidays that you can do again. Consider the activities you found enjoyable while away, and make an effort to continue doing as many of them as you can after you get home. Who knows, maybe this will lead to lovely new routines and habits that aid in your daily relaxation and stress reduction. Why not treat yourself to a gift again 

Do nothing!

What's wrong with doing nothing? At first, it might sound intimidating, but in our constantly connected, stimulating modern environments, taking a break from activity can be magical. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do nothing but sit and observe? Spend a few days without making any plans. Relax with your favorite beverage, watch movies, and just don't think about anything.


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