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Making these resolutions can improve a relationship

Making these resolutions can improve a relationship

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Good communication is the key to a successful relationship. Whether you are in a short or long-term relationship, a long-distance relationship, or just going on a date, you seem to communicate every day. So how does it happen that people break up or fight?

Just because you talk to someone doesn't mean you listen to and understand them carefully. This does not mean that you express your opinion, what bothers you, or what you would like to change in a relationship. In addition, these days, people look at their mobile phones while "communicating" with their partners.

In the same way, phones keep us connected and help maintain relationships, but they can create a big gap between us and our partners. If you’re prioritizing your cell phone over your partner, your relationship may be in trouble. 

Sometimes it is necessary to make certain decisions to take a step forward and save the relationship. Whatever problem you have with your partner, making these resolutions can improve your relationship:

Admit that no one is perfect.

Nobody is perfect, and therefore no relationship is perfect. Do you take your partner for granted? The fact that you love and want someone in your life does not mean that that person needs to change and be perfect. The sooner you accept that the perfect person does not exist and that you are not perfect, the better for your relationship.

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Keep expectations realistic. 

One of the most common problems when it comes to relationships is that one partner has unrealistic expectations of the other.

Why did you enter into a relationship if you wanted the person to change completely? If you've fallen in love with someone who hates horror movies and ice cream, but you adore them, don't expect that to change because of you. Be realistic and on your own. You love your partner just as he is.

Be supportive, not a rival. 

Insecure people can often act as competitors in a relationship instead of being a partner and providing support. Just because you have your insecurities doesn't mean you have to prove yourself to your partner, or worse, compete with your partner. It doesn't matter who has a better job, a higher salary, or looks better; you must be equal in a relationship.

Get out of your comfort zone: organize a date once a week.

A big problem with long relationships is the comfort zone. Mostly, one of the partners enters the comfort zone and does not want to do things that are new or require a change in routine. When that happens, couples stop making time to be together as a couple. Plan to go out at least once a week. Do something new or visit some exciting places.

According to a study by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, married couples who date each other at least once a week are three times as likely to be satisfied in love, and roughly half as likely to consider divorce.

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Flirt with your partner even if you are in a long-term relationship.

If you do not work on intimacy, your feelings of closeness and passion will slowly fade away. Indeed, if you are in a long-term relationship, you should flirt with your partner. Don’t let yourself get bored and monotonous in a relationship. Take your partner's hand, hug or kiss him when he doesn't expect it, send him sweet messages, invite him on a date, or do something you did at the beginning of the relationship when you attracted his attention.

Decide to give attention and gifts for no reason.

We all expect gifts for birthdays, new year, Christmas, and anniversaries, but should there be a reason to surprise your partner? A small gift for no reason can improve your relationship. The gift does not have to be anything spectacular to show that you meant it for your partner. The only reason for that is love, not an event.

Send printed messages and drawings to your loved ones.

Do you remember the time when letters were sent? Do you remember the time before social networks, when we talked for hours on the phone with a loved one and sent text messages? We can feel butterflies in our stomachs when we remember the SMS message on the screen of sympathy. There is less and less of that today. The very fact that everything is digital and can be erased in a second loses its magic.

That is why you should send printed messages and drawings to your loved ones! Using the amazing gadget Cubinote, you can print text, love notes, handwriting, and even photos from any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop! Without the need for ink, your messenger and note send and receive paper messages, adding your personal touch to every message you send to your loved ones. Simply download the Cubinote app on your smartphone, create an account and sign in, then press the button for 6 seconds to set Wi-Fi and start printing!

Besides, you can print from any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with or without an Internet connection. Print text, hand-writing, photos, pictures, stickers, and even secret messages: It’s up to you to surprise your partner! Find it in the spring subscription box by BREO BOX.



Be optimistic and focus on positive things.

The fact that your partner has made some mistakes in the past or that you have had a difficult period does not mean that you should sit down and think about it forever. Staying in the past can't improve your relationship. You should be optimistic and focus on positive things. Nobody benefited from ruminating on the past or suffering from it.

Turn off your phone when you are next to a loved one.

According to today's research, the mobile phone plays a very important role in the relationship. For many reasons, people today spend almost all their free time on the phone, even when they are next to a loved one.

Studies have shown that having a phone out and present during a conversation interferes with your sense of connection to the other person, the feelings of closeness experienced, and the quality of the conversation.

Meanwhile, according to these studies, conversations with no smartphones present are rated as significantly higher quality than those with smartphones around. Another survey, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2017, found that those who had their phones on the table during dinner with family or friends felt more distracted, which made them enjoy their time with others less. If you want to improve a relationship, remember to put your phone down or turn it off so you can be present and devote your time to your partner.


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