Small things we’ve learned from lockdown

Small things we’ve learned from lockdown

The lockdown has brought a lot of bad things to people all over the world, but just like yin and yang, there is always something good in bad. The Coronavirus crisis gave us so many lessons to learn, starting with developing a healthy lifestyle, prioritizing our health, and developing good family relations.

This crisis has shown us what is really important in life and truly has connected us with nature. If you feel depressed, lonely, or hopeless, here are some small things we’ve learned from lockdown to keep you motivated and help you to appreciate the things you have. 

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Prioritize our health

When the new virus appeared, it became deadly, especially since we still have no cure, it made us realize how important it is to keep healthy. Health has become a priority. “Better safe than sorry” is much more meaningful now. We have learned to take all the necessary precautions whenever we go out for a walk, shopping, or anything else.

Taking daily vitamins became a must for everyone. People tend to rest and sleep more, eat fresh fruits and vegetables more than ever, and prepare healthy meals for our family. We have learned that health is most important and that nothing is possible if we lose it. 

Appreciate family time at home

Quarantine is not that bad. People can have family time more than ever. Parents are mostly working from home and they have more time to spend with their kids. Whether it’s watching movies, or cartoons, playing some board games, or having dinner together, the lockdown made us appreciate family time at home. Quarantine brought families closer, and taught us to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. 

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Respect nature

Only now, when we spend most of our time at home, do we realize how much nature and being outside mean to us. Spending time indoors made us understand how much nature means to us. We learned to embrace and respect nature. Watching nature from a window and its wildlife helps us realize that we have to protect and appreciate it like never before. Some statistics have shown that reduced traffic and pollution had a big impact on our environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 3 million people die each year from ailments caused by air pollution. But, since the coronavirus outbreak, measurements from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P satellite show that during late January and early February 2020, levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) over cities and industrial areas in Asia and Europe were lower than in the same period in 2019, by as much as 40%. Also, NASA revealed that NO₂ pollution over New York and other major metropolitan areas in the north-eastern USA was 30% lower in March 2020, compared to last year.

Help others

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, helping others was considered an extraordinary virtue. But the economic crisis caused by the new virus has taught us that it is more important than ever to help each other. People, especially the elderly, need your help more than ever. We have learned that even small things like buying groceries for our neighbors mean a lot.

Helping others creates a feeling of something great in us and develops our compassion and love for the community. A small service or donation you made, having shown your kindness to others may go a long way and one day maybe someone might help you in trouble.

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Develop a cleaning routine

Keeping hygiene at the highest possible level is the most important thing while we are in quarantine. Washing hands, disinfecting shoes, and clothes are not enough. It is desirable to clean our home now. Coronavirus aided in helping us develop a cleaning routine.

Many of us have also learned how to make our own tinctures and mixes for domestic cleaning. We used to dust and clean thoroughly with products from the store, but now we also use products such as vinegar, elbow grease, castile soap, and baking soda, for disinfection and to keep our home clean.

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Learn the benefits of cycling

During the lockdown, people tend to avoid going to the supermarkets every day. Because of this, most people go grocery shopping once a week. As they buy a lot of things, it is harder to go on foot, so using a car or other means of transportation was needed. But finding a parking space in crowded areas is really complicated these days. This is why most people have learned to appreciate the benefits of cycling!

In addition to making people active, bicycles are a great way of transportation. You won’t have to fight for a parking lot space and you’ll get to your local store faster! Besides, cycling is a great way to get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety. This fun outdoor activity can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. We are sure that many people will continue to ride bicycles when all this is over. After all, they are environmentally friendly unlike cars.

Support small and local businesses

Due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, many people lost their jobs and many businesses failed. Many businesses were required to temporarily shut down. Local businesses are essential for our economy and community because they bring growth to them, so buying from local producers, farmers, and businesses can help us rebuild our community.

While big supermarkets work, many local shops suffer because people often buy groceries in large supermarkets. Such issues made us support small and local businesses. There are many ways to help local businesses and support your community. Instead of going to some big supermarket, shop at your local store. Support your local restaurants, flower shops, bookstores, toy stores, childcare providers, and others. This way you will get your supplies but also help someone not lose their job.

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