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Spring Fatigue– The best ways to deal with it!

Spring Fatigue– The best ways to deal with it!

Spring fatigue deal with itPhoto by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

Spring fatigue is also known as spring lethargy, it represents a very common syndrome among people. If you expected to be in a better mood this spring due to the sun and warm days, but you feel tired and depressed for no reason instead, then you probably have spring fatigue syndrome.

You may not know the specific reason why you feel this way, but your body does. It happens because people are generally lacking the vitamins and micro/macro elements they need after winter – they’re eating fewer fresh fruits and vegetables. Spring fatigue can make our lives harder, but if you follow our tips below, you can successfully deal with this annoying syndrome and enjoy spring!

Get out in the sunshine and breathe some fresh air.

Sunlight and fresh air are ideal in helping your body fight against spring fatigue. Take advantage of the warmer weather during spring and spend more time outside. Spending time outdoors helps boost your serotonin levels. Also, the more sunlight we get, the better, this means your melatonin concentration will decrease as well.

The thing about the fresh air is that it gets your brain going and eliminates fatigue. According to oriental medicine specialists, the lack of fresh air is one of the main causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Get outside more often, but stay safe and wear a mask.

Don't forget about physical activity.

Physical activity is crucial when it comes to fighting spring fatigue and tiredness. Just walking outdoors can help your body increase its levels of vitamin D. Physical activity does not only mean exercising in the gym. You can walk, run, bike, skate, swim, or do yoga in nature. Anything that includes movement will be good for you. Every type of exercise enhances the immune system. Even skipping rope can be a great thing in the fight against spring fatigue.

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girl jumping rope

Eat healthier foods.

It is known that we do not eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter, which is why we have some vitamin deficits.  Now that spring is here, we feel the consequences from the lack of those same vitamins. To fight spring fatigue, you should eat healthier. The more healthy food included in your daily meals, the better your body feels and the more nourished it becomes.

The first rule is to NEVER skip your breakfast. You can eat fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, or cornflakes to boost your energy in the morning and get all the necessary vitamins. Eating herbs is a good measure to combat fatigue and tiredness if you’re a woman. Herbs are full of nutrients that are especially beneficial to women. By eating healthier, your body will become stronger and you’ll forget about spring fatigue. If you feel your body still doesn’t get enough vitamins, try talking to a nutritionist who can prepare a personalized meal plan for you, or you can get some books with healthy recipes.

Stay hydrated.

To avoid tiredness this spring, make sure you’re hydrated. But first, try to limit drinking just one cup of coffee a day. Two or more won’t help you to combat spring fatigue and may dehydrate you. Instead of coffee, try to drink enough water or a small glass of juice. Water cleanses toxins from our bodies and boosts metabolism.

Not drinking enough water can lead to headaches and fatigue. Besides, a small glass of orange juice covers half the daily requirement of vitamin C and that helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.

stay hydrated
Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash

Naps are good!

Don’t worry – a nap is good! People think it's not good to nap if they fight against the lethargy of the spring, but quite the contrary. It is recommended to take a power nap after lunch. Your nap should last between 20-30 minutes to avoid producing more melatonin, which makes us sleepy again.

An adequate supply of vitamins is important.

Although staying outdoors when it is sunny can provide us with some vitamins as well as healthy food, sometimes that is not enough. An adequate supply of vitamins is important for dealing with spring fatigue. Try to first figure out which vitamins are deficient in your body.

Not consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables during cold months can lead to chronic tiredness by spring. Additionally, folic acid and Vitamin B12 are very beneficial for the formation of mood-boosting serotonin. Make sure to cover needed vitamins with supplements.

Photo by Adél Grőber on Unsplash


Relaxation is a great way to calm your body and soul to help you cope with spring fatigue. First of all, you must get well, as we have already mentioned. Also, a spa day or taking a warm bath is a great way to relax at home. Prepare scented candles, essential oils, a face mask, a warm bath, and a glass of your favorite drink and you are ready for complete relaxation.

Spend at least half an hour a day focused only on yourself. Whether you are lying in the bathtub or on the bed, get rid of all thoughts and just breathe. Turn off your phone and your mood will improve. Focusing on yourself will allow your body to regenerate and gain some more strength. 

Reduce stress.

Stress greatly affects our physical and mental condition. People who are depressed complain that they are sleepy and tired. Imagine how spring fatigue affects such people? For instance, stress drains vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E from your body.

To fight spring fatigue, try to reduce stress and stimulate your happiness hormone. You can start exercising as it releases endorphins and improves sleep. Drinking green tea might help. Green tea contains polyphenol antioxidants so it lowers stress and increases serotonin. Aromatherapy is also great since essential oils have a calming effect on our body.

reduce stressPhoto by JD Mason on Unsplash

Listen to your body.

These were some common tips on how to beat fatigue. The truth is – everyone is a different person, and you should listen to your own body. Your body often gives you signs that it needs something. When you feel and know you are thirsty, hungry, or sleepy, it is because of your body sending you signals.

If you started to feel sleepy or you suddenly crave fruits, listen to your body and act accordingly. Also, if your body tells you that you are tired, take a break or take a nap. If you go against your body, you will not have benefits.

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