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Steamer vs. iron: Which is better for your clothes?

Steamer vs. iron: Which is better for your clothes?

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We all sometimes ask ourselves - is it better to use an iron or a steamer, and even if you “google” this question, you will not find one correct answer. However, the closest answer to that question would be - it depends on your lifestyle and preferences

This is especially true for the older generations. The first commercially available electric steam iron was introduced in 1926 by the Eldec Company of New York, while commercial steamers have been available since the early 1900s and are considered a modern innovation.
If your grandmother has been using an iron for decades, you will surely have a hard time convincing her to buy a steamer. Therefore, before you start reading, think about whether you are a more modern or a classic type of person. 
What do you think can work better for you: a classic iron or modern handheld steamer? If still in doubt, check it out now!

Steamers won’t burn your clothes.

The biggest advantage of a steamer over iron is that the chances of destroying clothes are minimal. Everyone who uses an iron regularly has destroyed something with it at least once in their life. This is the most common issue when it comes to using irons. Leaving an iron on one spot can burn your clothes, meanwhile incorrect iron temperature can also burn your clothes.
You have to set it to the correct temperature based on the care label of your clothing. On the other side, it is almost impossible for a steamer to damage your clothes. Irons have hot metal plates that can burn fabrics, whereas clothes steamers only use a steamer to remove creases.

Irons give your clothes a more professional look.

Steamers can relax clothes and remove creases, but your clothes will have a professional look only with the help of an iron. You won’t be able to get your garments as crisp as with an iron. Quality steamers can remove wrinkles, but not completely like an iron. You may be disappointed when you see small wrinkles in the light.

Steamers are perfect for traveling.

No matter how well you iron things and precisely put them in a suitcase, they will always crumble. We have to agree that it is almost impossible to carry an iron on every trip. Unlike heavy irons, portable steamers are perfect for traveling.
The Portable Handheld Garment Steamer by Smartek represents a revolution in garment care, featuring the electromagnetic pump that releases efficient steam without spilling a drop at any angle. Whether your curtains need a clean look or your dress got wrinkles in the closet, you can achieve professional-grade garment care at home or during travel, using this portable device.
The Portable Handheld Garment Steamer heats up in less than 1 minute. Once you begin steaming, there is no worries, it’s almost impossible to damage any material using a clothes steamer. Besides, the Smartek steamer is perfect for trips because it is portable and a small convenient size so it easily fits in a suitcase. Hurry and get it along with more unique products in the winter subscription box by BREO BOX.

Steamers take less space.

A huge advantage of a steamer is that you don’t need the ironing board and you can store it everywhere. People who live in a small space certainly do not want to keep an iron, ironing board, and accessories if they do not have to. That's why steamers are a better option for them. You can put the handheld steamer in a drawer or closet without any worries.

As already mentioned above, easy storage also means a steamer is easier to travel with. Portable steamers are the perfect device for traveling and keeping in small apartments.

Irons simply give better results on some fabrics.

While it is known that steamers are suitable for all fabrics, irons simply give better results on some of them. If you need to iron heavy fabrics or clothes such as a jacket or towel, then the steamer is not for you. Irons simply give better results when it comes to heavy fabrics.

Also, irons are the best for fabrics like denim, cotton, polyester, and nylon. If your jeans have a lot of creases, using a steamer will cost you a lot of time and nerves, and you will not get as good a result as with an iron.

assorted-color clothes lot hanging on wooden wall rackPhoto by Lucas Hoang on Unsplash

Irons require skill, and steamers are great for beginners.

Some say ironing is an art, some say it's a complicated thing. Some people are bored of ironing, and some people think that this skill is too difficult to master. Well, one thing is for sure: irons require skill, and steamers are great for beginners.
Steamers are great because you will quickly understand how they are used and you will not be afraid of destroying clothes. Because you're not afraid to use a steamer, trying out an iron will make you relaxed and you will have more fun. Do not be afraid- beginners, as well as people who have never been able to master ironing, can use a steamer like a pro.

Irons have one purpose, but steamers have multiple uses around the house.

Yes, that’s right! While irons have one purpose, steamers have multiple uses around the house. Clothes steamers are great for curtains and drapes. You can simply steam them whilst hung up. We all know how difficult it is to iron curtains on the ironing board.

Steam from a steamer is also great for cleaning up your mirrors and windows. Also, you can use steamers to soft furnish sofas, beds, and armchairs as steam removes mild odors and refreshes fabrics. Can you do this with an iron? No way!

Steamers can kill bugs!

There is one interesting thing about clothes steamers: they can remove bacteria and even kill bugs! It’s simple: the high temperature of the steam eliminates bacteria. Also, odors causing bacteria on clothes and furniture can be eliminated with hot steam. Isn't this great?

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