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Why you need to stop using your phone in bed right now!

Why you need to stop using your phone in bed right now!

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Many people visit the doctor complaining of insomnia, but they do not know that it is caused by excessive exposure to blue light, because they use their phone every night before going to bed. Using your cell phone before sleeping at night will make you sleep-deprived and tired.

This problem is becoming more common and unfortunately, people do not realize how important quality sleep is for their mental and physical health because using the phone in bed is becoming a “normal” thing. If you have a few minutes, take a look at our list of reasons why you should stop using your phone in bed at night and do something good for yourself.

It will take you longer to fall asleep.

It is known that the blue light from the phone screens suppresses melatonin - the chemical that helps you fall asleep and regulates your sleep cycle. Therefore, it will take you longer to fall asleep. Also, a low melatonin level means an increased chance of having insomnia, tiredness during the day, and anxiety. If you must look at a screen, turn it way down and use “night shift” on an iPhone or any night mode, which will decrease the component of blue light.

You will feel groggy in the morning.

If you are looking at the screen before sleeping, you will feel groggy in the morning. Also, waking up will make you feel more tired and less concentrated at work. If you have to use the phone before bed to study or solve problems at work, make sure to protect your eyes well.

Swanwick's Classic Night Swannies are the one-and-done best life hack for improving your sleep health. These glasses are suitable for people of all ages and block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm (as tested by a third-party laboratory), ensuring you the optimal conditions for falling asleep quickly and more deeply. Beyond the sleep benefits, Night Swannies can help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain such as sore eyes, headaches, and fatigue when worn before bed. 

According to a 2020 study by the University of Washington and Indiana University, people who wore Night Swannies in the hours before bed slept 6% longer and improved the quality of their sleep by 11%. Participants also recorded a 9% improvement in task performance and an 8.5% improvement in work engagement the following day.

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Low phone hygiene: cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. 

Before we start, be honest with yourself, how do you feel when you know that your phone is probably 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat? So why would you sleep with your phone? These days it has become normal for people to carry their phones to the bathroom.

This is why cell phones tend to get pretty gross. It's simple, using a mobile phone before bed is not hygienic. You can easily transfer bacteria from your phone screen to your skin or eyes. Just in case, make sure you disinfect your phone every day, using a combination of 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol. 

Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

You may develop nomophobia.

Nomophobia is shortened from “no mobile phone phobia” extreme fear of not using/having a phone. According to a survey by Deloitte, Americas check their phones about 47 times per day which is a lot of course. 

How to know if you have a real fear of being without a phone? If you feel anxious every time you have to put your phone down or whenever you have to leave your phone for a while - you most likely have symptoms of this phobia.

Also, if you have the habit of carrying the phone and using it in bed, you’ll probably not be far from having nomophobia. To prevent this from happening, turn off your phone an hour before sleeping and place your device at least 15 feet away from your bed.

You may become vulnerable to feelings of depression. 

We have already mentioned that using the phone before going to bed can lead to a bad mood, insomnia, and other negative states. Unfortunately, this bad habit can also lead to depression. Staring at your phone during late hours can harm your mental health.

The blue light from the mobile screens disrupts your hormones so you may become vulnerable to feelings of depression. In addition, disrupted sleep combined with low energy levels and fast food can trigger a mental weakness. Chronic sleep disruptions also lead your body to experience a neurotoxin buildup that can have long-term effects on your mood.

Photo by Abbat on Unsplash

Phones may cause cancer.

Why has there been concern that cell phones may cause cancer? First, cell phones emit radiation (in the form of radiofrequency radiation), and cell phone use is widespread. Brain and central nervous system cancers have been of particular concern because cell phones are used close to the head so people may be at risk of getting brain cancer.

In 2011, The World Health Association stated that cell phones could be carcinogenic to humans since they emit electromagnetic radiation that has been linked to certain types of cancer. Although the cancer risk of cell phones is still being studied, overexposure to blue light can increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Overexposure to cell phones can affect your brain.

We have already mentioned above that some studies show that excessive phone use can lead to brain cancer, but that’s not all. Overexposure to cell phones can negatively affect your memory. Precisely speaking, night phone usage and disrupted sleep make it impossible for your brain to rest well and repair for tomorrow. Just remember why you cannot think clearly after a night without sleep. To avoid this, keep your phone away from your bed and have at least 7 hours of sleep. 

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

You can set fire.

Did you know that your phone can cause a fire? Most cell phone fires are caused by what's known as “thermal runaway” in the lithium-ion battery cell. The New York Police Department is warning against keeping your phone at night under your pillow because there are many cases where they caught fire. If you must keep your phone near you, make sure to leave it on a hard surface so that the heat can dissipate. Stay safe.


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