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How to strengthen your family relationship staying at home

How to strengthen your family relationship staying at home

Wondering how to strengthen your family relationship when you are staying at home and avoid unnecessary tension and anxiety? Spending quality time with your family is a precious thing, as long as you actually pay attention to each other. Although we naturally feel when family relationships are shaken, it’s always the right time to try ways to improve those relationships. Here are some helpful tips to help you strengthen your family relationship.

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Support your family

The support of family members is what is important to every person. It represents one of the most important elements of building strong family bonds. It’s important to support each other through the good and the bad times. Turn off your cell phones and become a good listener for your family maybe someone in the family has a problem and thinks you don't have enough time to listen

Supportive parents help their kids to be open and honest with them. Listening to their problems and helping them to overcome obstacles can prevent teenage depression. Also, many adults have become depressed due to social distancing.

Have fun with your family

The best way to strengthen your family relationship when you are staying at home is by having fun together. Suggest to your family to play board games or watch a movie. Together, you can make a list of new activities you’d like to try. And if you haven’t already, gather your family and make a movie night!

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Eat together

Many studies have shown that teens are happier in families who regularly eat together. An article published in Pediatrics by the University of Minnesota stated that 25% of teens are skipping breakfast.  

If you are having breakfast in the morning, you’ll set a good example for your kids. Some studies have shown that kids who ate breakfast had higher test scores than those who didn’t. Even if you don’t have kids, start your day with your loved one by having breakfast together.

It’s a simple way to spend some quality time with your family. You can discuss anything and make plans together over breakfast. Just make sure to turn off electronics and listen to each other. Starting to eat breakfast together will improve your family’s healthy lifestyle and strengthen bonds among family members.

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Make them feel special

You don't have to wait for a birthday to surprise a member of your family. One little surprise can strengthen relationships in your family. Whether someone in the family is sad, sick or you are in a fight with someone, a surprise can fix everything. An element of surprise delivers 4x the level of serotonin - which helps us improve our mood, appetite, sleep, and memory.

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Share responsibilities

Nobody likes to do housework, so it all ends up usually being done by one single member of the family. You may change your mind when you hear that cleaning and washing can help you improve family relationships! Doing everything alone can be exhausting and frustrating for that person. And it can lead to unnecessary fights and arguments. To avoid such things, make cleaning your home activity for the whole family. Set up a time during the week and responsibilities for every family member and pin it on a family board.  

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Plan small family vacations

Don't despair if you can't travel to an exotic destination with your family. Instead, plan a little trip for a weekend or a picnic in your backyard. Picnic is an amazing experience for all generations. It’s not about location, it’s about family time. 

Ask all family members what sounds fun for them, and plan the trip in advance. Even if it's just a picnic in your yard, all family members, especially children, will be super excited. Play some music, make a barbecue, and put a picnic blanket for sitting. It takes so little to strengthen relationships in your family.

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Get involved in your family’s interests

When all family members are working, there is always too little time to get involved in each other’s interests. Now that working remotely is recommended due to COVID-19, family members have more time to spend together. Strong families are those who spend time together, support their family member’s passions and interests, and share their hobbies.

Whether it's making Italian food, playing board games, reading books, watching a football game, painting, or making clay figurines with kids, it is your job to participate in family activities. Your family members will appreciate your support and desire to get involved in such activities.

Plant a garden

Planting your garden and teaching your kids how to take care of plants, herbs, and vegetables, can teach them responsibility and strengthen your family relationship. Gardening is a wonderful hobby for all generations and a great way for the family to spend quality time together. Kids can expand their knowledge and learn new skills, while the whole family can grow their own food.

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