The best 20 birthday gifts for your wife

The best 20 birthday gifts for your wife

Showing your love, attention, and gratitude to your wife every day is the greatest gift for her. You are showing her how much she means to you and how much you love her, yet you want to give her something more specific than just words. Something special and unique for her birthday that she’ll keep and remember forever.

You must be the person who best knows his wife and knows what her greatest desires are. But despite this, you often wonder what is the best birthday gift for your wife? Happiness is not about expensive presents but in those who mean something. If you’re looking for creative and meaningful ideas for your wife’s birthday, check out what we’ve got for you!

1. Subscription box

If you fail to remember original ideas for your wife’s birthday or flowers, jewelry, and trips are something you’ve already given to her, you can always surprise her with a lifestyle subscription box! Subscription boxes are specially designed and made based on a person’s desires and things that everybody loves. For example, if your wife is interested in different products, you can surprise her with a few months box subscription. First, she will get amazing products every month or three on a lower price than purchased separately. Second, she will have the chance to be among the first to try new products. Besides, there are often surprise products or extra coupons that she will adore. You will make her feel like every month is her birthday.


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2. Scratch off - map of the world

You share the most beautiful memories with your wife from holiday trips. This gift will delight her. She can scratch off every country in the world that you have visited together. And every year she can scratch more until you’ve visited the whole world together! You can put this map on the wall because it also represents a beautiful decoration in your home.

3. Oxo Good Grips - Iced Coffee Maker – Black

Is your wife’s morning routine to start a day with a big mug of iced coffee? Does she rush to her job every morning to get a coffee at Starbucks? If it’s like this, why don’t you surprise her with brew coffee maker? She can make perfect coffee without the use of ice cubes and get a full flavor. If she prefers, she can add some wine, Irish liqueur or anything she likes with coffee. Looking forward to buying this? You can get it with other amazing products in our lifestyle subscription box.

4. Serene Life Natural Bamboo Shower Caddy Shelf Tray

Every woman likes to relax in a warm customer at a time of wine and a book. But it’s often hard to enjoy all these things at the same time if you don’t have where to put them. Serene life natural bamboo shower caddy shelf tray will help you to enjoy your bath like a queen. The stable tray is designed to adjust and fit the width of the tub with space for a cup or wine glass. This lux tray has a protective stand so she can hold her cell phone or tablet without the risk of dropping them into water. This is totally unique gift idea that will delight your wife.

5. Eternity Roses

Buying your wife flowers is a nice guest, but roses often last day or two. If your wife likes flowers to surprise her with eternity roses! This bouquet lasts up to a year! Isn’t that amazing and very romantic?

6. Sheepskin Slippers

Women like fashion whether it’s about wearing fashion outside or in their own house. When we buy slippers, we often look after some fancy and cozy slippers. Well, sheepskin sleepers are the latest fashion. These handmade slippers are 100% natural leather and finished with sheep wool. Besides being unique, they are very trendy and the ideal gift for any woman.

7. Wireless Headphones

Looking for the best tech gifts for your wife’s birthday? Does she like listening to music while traveling or going to work? Maybe she needs new headphones. Surprise her with wireless headphones. With this amazing gadget, she can walk around and go hands-free. While she enjoys her favorite songs, she can make dinner or ride a bicycle.

8. Travel Gift Set

Whether she’s traveling with you or goes on a business trip, provide your wife with maximum comfort. A travel gift set is something she will be using now and in the future too. It includes a cozy and warm blanket, pillow and eye mask so she can totally relax in an airplane and gets a beauty sleep wherever she is.

9. An Echo Dot

Searching for the best gadgets to surprise your wife? Try with Echo Dot. Echo Dot will act as her personal service. This device is using Alexa to answer your wife’s music requests, alarms, internet searches and checking the weather. She can place it near her bed and enjoy her personal service every morning.

10. A Mont Blanc Pen

If you were saving your money to surprise your wife with something luxurious and something valuable she will keep forever, think about purchasing A Mont Blanc pen. No matter her style, this pen is something that will fit every women’s accessories. She will look stylish and classy whether she’s taking notes or sign papers.

11. A Wine of the Month Club Subscription

Wine and flowers are the most romantic gift for every woman. You surely know what is your wife’s favorite wine. But imagine surprising her with a wine of the month club subscription! With a start price of $24, she will get a chance to enjoy the wine club every month.

12. A Time-Saving Blow Dryer

Women always worry about their hairstyles. And there is often little time to prepare our hairstyle before going to work. With a time-saving fast blow dryer, your wife will blow-dries her hair super-fast! And, she won’t be late anymore because of her hair problems!

13. A Makeup Palette

You don’t have to know everything about makeup to surprise your wife. It’s simple. You know what your wife uses the most. Does she like wearing eyeliner and drawing cat eyes? Does she like red rouges? Or using eye shadows to highlight her eyes? Just go to a local brand cosmetics store ask for a quality makeup palette. You can’t go wrong with a gift like that!

14. A Memorable Necklace

Buying a piece of jewelry for your wife is always a good option, but think about purchasing meaningful jewelry. Wearing a memorable necklace, your wife will never forget your anniversary date. A sapphire of the color you chose accents the special day.

15. Vintage Merlot Wine Soap

If your wife adores wine, this unique product will blow her mind! Using vintage Merlot wine soap she will be able to actually bath in wine! This extraordinary soap is made of real wine, so it contains minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are great for her skin. Besides, it has a wonderful scent and cleans skin really well.

16. A Personalized Necklace

Another great piece of jewelry that will surprise your wife is a personalized necklace. Celebrities have brought these necklaces into fashion and women just adore them. Personalized necklaces are a meaningful and romantic gift. You just need to choose among silver, gold or other material and the special word(s). With this gift, your wife will always wear your special quote, letter or date.

17. A Stylish Passport Holder

You surely know that women are crazy about those Victoria’s Secret fancy passport holders! If you want your wife to feel luxurious and like a celebrity, surprise her with a stylish passport holder. Make her vacations more special and luxurious.

18. A Zen Garden

Your wife doesn’t have to like flowers and planets to be delighted with a zen garden. Zen gardens are unique products which can serve as an accessory in your home or way to get your mind relaxed. When feeling stressed, your wife can play with zen garden and enjoy quality time arranging it.

19. A Cool Phone Case

Besides unique gadgets, you can purchase something that comes along and surprise your wife. Women like to wear fancy gadgets and care about how their smartphone look like, so they pick a fancy case for their tablets and phones. A cool phone case will protect your wife’s phone and make it look stylish and adorable.

20. What I Love About You Fill in The Love Journal

All women love books and journals! This is a very creative and unique gift for your wife’s birthday. What I love about you Journal is a fill-in-the-blank journal where she can write what she likes about you, your favorite moments together, jokes and put your pictures. This gift is far more meaningful than any before, and your wife will surely love it very much.

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