The list of best corporate gift ideas that your clients and customers will love

The list of best corporate gift ideas that your clients and customers will love

Showing your employees, clients, and customers how much you appreciate them, can strengthen your relationship, motivate them and improve customer trust and loyalty. Kind words can do much, but actions speak louder than kind words.

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Corporate gifts are not just a sign of attention and appreciation. They are encouraging job satisfaction, work efficiency and making every single person in your company feel special. If you want to build and keep a strong bond between you and your customers, think about corporate gifting. Satisfied customers and employees will be proud to wear a T-shirt, badge or coffee mug with a company logo. But if you’re thinking about unique ideas for best corporate gifts, check out our cool list of best corporate gift ideas that your clients and customers will love!

Ring video Doorbells

Always on the move? Do you work from home? You have a virtual team member? If you have clients like this, then the Ring is a perfect corporate gift for them. The Ring represents a Wi-Fi video doorbell that you can control and use with your smartphone, tablet or PC so you can always see and speak to visitors that stand on your office doorsteps, no matter where you are. With tech gift ideas like Ring, the client’s sense of security will rise. For more information see here.

 Ring video doorbells

Universal travel adapter

Admit it, whether you're at work or walking down the street, you notice that most of the people holding mobile phones. If the internet is constantly turned on on the phone, the battery is consumed faster. Whether clients are in the business office or on a business trip, a universal travel adapter is something that every business person needs. A universal adapter is compatible with outlets in more than 180 countries worldwide. This device often comes with USB ports that are compatible with USB or micro USB devices. With a corporate gift like this, clients and customers will be pleasantly surprised.

A deluxe basket of gourmet coffee for clients

Coffee is truly an inseparable part of the business environment. The vast majority of employee’s drink coffee. But in the ocean of various different coffee blends and tastes, most employees don’t really like the breakroom coffee. Instead, you can send your client and employees a deluxe basket of gourmet coffee or a set with things all connected with coffee. You can even make a personalized gift box by adding gift cards with the logo of your company or creating the whole box and items in it.

Coffee items

Coffee mugs

Speaking of coffee as a corporate gift, you must have seen various cups with the company's logo. Have you ever thought about giving your clients coffee mugs? You can design mugs and add a company’s logo or motivational message! This can be a unique gift for your clients and customers and it will delight them!

coffee mug 
Customizable subscription box

Surprising gift box for a company’s anniversary or holidays and team buildings are truly the right things to give to clients and customers. Customizable subscription boxes can be a perfect corporative gift for holidays. You can add a company logo on the box or personalized gift cards to make this gift more special. Make the business atmosphere interesting!

Book an Escape room

A corporative gift doesn’t always have to be a material thing. You can bring more adrenaline and good energy for your business. Book an Escape room! You can take your clients and employees on a fun trip! To win and escape the room, they will need to act like a team. Exchanging opinions, problem-solving and improving team spirit are some of the benefits of gifts like this. You will create amazing memories – a gift that will last forever.

If your company is about to celebrate an anniversary and you’re thinking of the best anniversary presents, consider booking an escape room here.

Escape room

Branded jackets

Among unique gift ideas that you may like when it comes to corporate gifting, are branded jackets and clothes with a logo of your company. You know how big corporations take care of motivation and unity, so you can often see their customers and clients wearing clothes with a company's logo? Personalized gifts like this are something your clients will love and gladly use. Your employees can use branded jackets when the office is cold. Pick some nice material and color, use a company’s logo and a gift like this won’t be forgotten.

The Onnit Mace

Physical activity is very important for both clients and employees. Show them how much you value their health and give them the Onnit mace. This amazing workout tool provides a new way to build full-body strength. Beside many products that help increase physical performance and including supplements, the onnit mace is a great corporate gift to give. Many employees and clients often like going to the gym, and with onnit mace they will have to compensate for the uneven weight by using their own internal body force to work with it.

onnit mace

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Interesting ideas. Corporate gifting has changed a lot since last few years. They are now also seen as a strategic relationship builder. Here is an article which talks about corporate gift evolution, its trends and future.


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