Things to do with family at Easter

Things to do with family at Easter

Spring is finally here and besides the beautiful sunny days, it brings us one of the family's most beloved holidays – Easter. Easter is a time of family gatherings. The time when we give our loved ones the attention, love and unforgettable moments. As Easter weekend falls during spring break, it’s a perfect time for family holiday trips and activities! During Easter, people usually spend time with their families having Easter lunch, preparing weekend trips, hunting eggs, playing games and others. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for Easter gifting, surprising your family members with a bunch of unique products could be just perfect!

We are sure that like all families in the world, you have your own habits and activities for Easter holidays. If you still want to try something new, we have a few interesting suggestions for amazing Easter family time. Enjoy!

Plant an Easter Garden

Children adore nature and outdoor activities. As Easter comes in spring, it’s a perfect time to spend time in your garden with the family. Celebrate together the arrival of sunny and warm days by planting a garden! If this sounds like a good idea to you, but you don’t have much experience gardening, you can find some hints on the Internet or use a gardening guide to choose the appropriate plant.

Make Easter Baskets with Your Children

Kids adore making Easter baskets! Their tradition dates back to the 7th century and it’s traditionally lined with a white linen napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood, the typical Easter evergreen. Baskets full of treats, eggs and fun decorations are things kids enjoy most. Encourage your child to make its own Easter basket and have fun.

Hosting an Easter Brunch

Holidays are the time when the most delicious and favorite family meals are being prepared. During Easter, we mostly welcome guests, most often relatives, so it’s time to host an Easter Brunch! It’s not just about food, it’s about encouraging the family to spend time around the table. If you lack motivation for Easter Brunch ideas, you can search for Easter brunch recipes that children adore! Decorate meals with chocolate eggs or bunny-shaped toast and delight them!

Hunting Easter Eggs

This is the kids’ favorite Easter game. You probably played it many times with your family. It’s a simple and funny game to play. You can place eggs around your backyard or in the house, and invite your kids’ friends to hunt them together! You can even make a small competition. The child who finds the most eggs will get a chocolate bunny as a reward.

Playing Fun and Creative Easter Games

What can be more fun for the Easter holidays then playing dun and creative games with your kids? Of course, hunting Easter eggs is among kids favorite games but we have more suggestions for you to surprise them with new games! Unique gadgets and board games are perfect for all ages. But you can surprise your kids with more:

  • play together scratch-off Easter egg game
  • hunting Easter eggs in the dark? Of course, with amazing glow-in-the-dark eggs. Find it here:
  • making plastic egg tower
  • playing potato sack race
  • creating Easter bunny piñata

Easter family trip

No material gift can replace a family trip and a time spent with your family. So, this is why Easter is the perfect holiday for gift giving and our proposal for the Easter holidays. Prepare the Easter family trip at some of the numerous beautiful destinations in the Southeastern United States. Having fun on the beach, taking mountain strolls and breathing fresh air, or maybe visiting some of America’s best children's museums will create amazing family memories, that your kids will never forget. Consider this option as the nm43best gift for a family for Easter.

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