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Tips for traveling in style

Tips for traveling in style

Wonder how you always travel in a rush and nervous, while others travel in style? Ever thought how they can manage it? If you’re planning your next trip, we’ll show you some useful tips for traveling in style. Besides, you’ll see one amazing product from our fall subscription box to help you pack your suitcase like a pro.

Wear flats

You may have seen celebrities walking around the airport in high heels and pumps, but they have service for carrying her baggage, and you don’t. Wearing over-packed suitcase, laptop, carry-on bag, phone and jacket in heeled sandals can only lead to injuries. To avoid possible issues, make sure to fly in flats. You don’t have to travel in sneakers if you don’t like it. You can travel in style with cute loafers or ankle booties.

Wear a good watch

Yes, we all use smartphones these days, but you can’t use them all the time during the flight. Instead, wear a good watch. A good watch is basics for traveling in style, especially a multi-time zone watch. By having a multi-functional watch, you’ll be able to do the things comfortably. These watches may be pricey, but you can find some on budget, too. A good watch can be the best gift for a husband who travels often.

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Take old currency and cash with you

There are always travelers who keep foreign currencies at home. The banks won’t exchange that money, and it just lays in their wallets for no reason. If you travel abroad with foreign currency, don’t forget to take old currency with you! Why letting foreign currency lying around when you can use it again? Besides, make sure to carry small bills of US Dollars and Euros with you. Also, credit cards can be used all over the world, but make sure to carry some cash.

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Pack your carry-on bag 

As most airlines charge for carrying a checked bag, it’s easier and cheaper to bring a carry-on bag with you. However, there are some weight and liquid restrictions for carry-on bags. The first thing you need to pack is your documents, passport, wallet, and cards. When you pack a carry-on bag, put some warm sweater or pair of socks as temperatures in the plain can often drop.

Pack your gadgets and electronics but keep them well-protected. Read the liquids airline requirements and pack them into a clear, zip-top bag. Pack lip balm, mini toothpaste, and toothbrush, hand cream, face wipes, deodorant, shampoo, basically anything small size. As they may be snoring people and crying babies during flight, carry a pair of earplugs or some headphones.

Mark and decorate your bags and suitcase

There are certainly thousands of people carrying suitcases at the airport. At least a dozen of them have a suitcase that looks like yours. You may take the wrong suitcase easily. It may also be possible for someone to accidentally take your suitcase. Mark your bags with a tag with your information, or put a colorful ribbon, unique patch or decorate it with stickers. Your suitcase will look stylish, and you’ll find it easily.

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Load books and music onto your phone and Ipad

For traveling in style, don’t forget to update your phone or iPad with the latest music and books. Don’t rely on the “entertainment” system on the flight. Mostly, it’s pretty boring. You can download your favorite TV series and enjoy your flight. Interested in fancy suitcases and gadgets? Check our lifestyle subscription boxes.

Don’t forget to wear a warm jacket

No matter where you go and how warm it is there, it's always 10 to 20 degrees colder in the actual plane. Avoid catching a cold and bring a warm jacket or any cozy sweater with you.

Minimize the shoes in your suitcase

Traveling in style for women usually means packing tons of stylish clothes and shoes. And, of course, they don’t wear half of what they’ve packed. To avoid this, don’t pack more than 3 pairs of shoes. You’ll need comfortable sneakers, low boots or sandals, and high heels if you plan to enjoy some nightlife.

Minimize the clothes, too!

You won’t travel in style if you carry an over-packed suitcase and carry heavy luggage everywhere. Wear something sporty and comfortable during the trip and pack one daily outfit, one event/evening outfit, nightwear, and few socks. But, if you are planning a long trip, you’re going to need more.

Learn some basic words of the local language

If you learn some basic words and most common phrases in the foreign language of the country you’re traveling to, it’ll make a huge difference in how you will experience a country. It’s not hard to learn phrases such as “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “Please”, “My name is..” or “Nice to meet you”. People will be delighted as you showed them respect and kindness. Be friendly and stay open to learning about different cultures.

Take insurance and travel in style

Even if you’re just traveling for a couple of days, don’t forget to take insurance. You never know what can go wrong. You may get sick, your bags can go missing, accidents can occur and ruin your vacation. To fully travel in style, insurance is a must-have.

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