12 Tips to make your phone battery last longer

12 Tips to make your phone battery last longer

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Insufficient battery life is one of the major issues that many people today face with their cell phones. Poor battery life may be caused by many variables, including screen brightness, camera, the number of background operations, screen refresh rate, etc.
No one wants their phone to die while they are watching a video or their iPad to die while they are reading a presentation, no matter the reason. Not to mention serious situations, like when your battery is at 2% and you need to make an emergency call or become lost in the wilderness. Understanding how to save battery on your phone is quite helpful.
Do you wonder how to extend the life of your phone battery? Here are 12 actions you can take:

Reduce the brightness.

The battery life of your phone is significantly reduced by screen brightness. The lowest level that is still readable is the one to use if you need to conserve battery life. The screen has a bigger impact on battery life than any other program or operation your phone is now using. It used to be, according to Android, the function that used the most battery.

Apply a dark theme.

Applying a dark theme for all of your device's interface may significantly increase battery life, especially if your screen is made of an AMOLED panel. In addition to reducing screen brightness, use the quick settings panel to activate the dark theme if your phone runs Android 10 or later. The newest Samsung smartphones, such as the Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 foldable and the Galaxy S22, also include a Dark mode that is intended to save battery life and be easier on the eyes later in the day.

Turn on battery-saving mode. 

Today's Android and iOS smartphones each have a power-saving or low-power mode. These are particularly useful because they automatically reduce battery-draining features including CPU utilization, notifications, mail fetching, and screen brightness. You can try this option to see how much extra battery life you'll get as a result.

Solar energy may be used to power your phone.

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Don't charge your battery to more than 100%.

Well, it's not good to not fully charge your phone, but it's also not good to charge over 100% as well. Although it's a popular practice to leave your phone charging overnight, doing so can reduce the life of the battery. Your battery endures stress from the higher voltage when it is maintained fully charged, and over time, heat is also generated.
While mobile phone batteries won't overheat to the point where they pose a risk to the user, it is one of the quickest ways to reduce their lifespan to expose them to intense heat. If you must leave your phone charging overnight, place it in a cool, well-ventilated area so that the heat can be released more readily. For instance, not in your bed.

Don’t use the phone while charging. 

The amount of power passed to the battery when using a phone while it is charging tends to decrease since the phone tends to draw power directly from the charger. Take your time to let the battery fully charge before continuing to use it, as most modern phones have enormous batteries built in.

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Use only the original charger. 

It is already known that fake chargers can damage your phone's battery. The charger that comes included with your phone is the ideal one to use when charging it. To ensure that your phone's battery lasts longer, use the original charger. Some fake chargers may not even charge the phone.

If you're not using WiFi or Bluetooth, turn them off.

It seems, your phone battery will have a longer lifespan if it receives fewer charges. Leaving your phone's WiFi or Bluetooth on while not in use might reduce battery life because these features utilize power when searching for networks or other devices to connect to.

When you're actively using the Bluetooth connection, like when you're streaming audio to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, Bluetooth does have a notable effect on battery life.
When not actively used, Bluetooth uses less than 4% more battery life. On the other side, when Wi-Fi is enabled, your battery drains even if you aren't using it. However, when connected to a wireless network, Wi-Fi uses less power than cellular data, so if possible, use Wi-Fi to avoid draining your phone's battery.

Turn off the location.

Have you noticed how quickly your phone's battery drains if your location is turned on? Turning on the Location while not in use could cause the battery to discharge more quickly, along with turning off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Therefore, think about turning off your location to enjoy a longer battery life when not in use. You can also configure the number of apps that can use your location in the background. 

Reduce the amount of time before your screen turns off.

Here's another simple way you can save your phone battery when you need it. By turning off your screen while not in use, you can save battery. Additionally, this also helps prevent pocket unintentional screen touches. You can adjust the screen timeout to anything from 10 minutes to a few seconds.

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Use Airplane mode if necessary.

Your phone cannot connect to Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular networks when it is in airplane mode. As a result, you are unable to send messages, make or receive phone calls, or access the internet. Airplane mode can make your phone use up to 5% of its typical energy consumption with the screen off if all such auxiliary operations are turned off. Comparatively, leaving your smartphone idle can still consume more than 15% of its power.

Avoid using the phone when it's hot. 

In comparison to when it's at a normal temperature, the battery loses more power in hot temperature. Try to avoid using your phone in hot weather, especially while out in the sun. If you use your phone while on the beach, try not to keep it in direct sunlight. Having cool pictures from the beach is great, but using the camera in direct sunlight heats the phone and shortens the battery life.

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