Travel after quarantine - When we will travel again?

Travel after quarantine - When we will travel again?

Coronavirus has ruined many people's plans for spring trips and now when summer is almost here, we wonder if we will be able to go on any summer vacations. These days, the whole world wants to know How, When, and Where would be safe to travel after Coronavirus pandemic is over? As the situation changes from day to day, it is difficult to predict what awaits us in a month. Most countries in the Northern Hemisphere have completely banned travel once the pandemic was declared, yet nowadays many countries, especially in Europe, are slowly opening their borders and announcing possible summer trips.

Although the situation is still dramatic, it is important to remind ourselves that the coronavirus will not stay here forever. It's important to be patient, and keep up with the latest coronavirus related news, and soon we will return to our normal life. This includes traveling. Instead of constantly thinking about when we will travel again, take the time to learn how to prepare for the trip after quarantine. We will provide you with useful tips to help you travel safely when the pandemic ends.

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Why you need to travel after quarantine?

Coronavirus(COVID-19) is an absolutely new and unknown thing to humanity. To stay safe and healthy, we are forced to quarantine until the pandemic is over. Quarantine and social distancing is something that most people have experienced for the first time. Being stuck in the house all day for weeks and months has a negative impact on our psyche. We are separated from our friends and family, we can’t go to the movies or restaurants, and we just can’t live a normal life. All these things can easily lead to depression and anxiety.

The most obvious health benefit of traveling is stress reduction. This is why, more than ever, people will need to go out and travel, to relax their body and mind. Studies have shown that traveling increases the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Consider taking a short trip after quarantine to reduce stress and relax. For further stress relief, treat yourself to cool products from our upcoming summer subscription box!

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When will it be safe to travel again?

If you are wondering when it will be safe to travel again, you should stay informed and check the news every day, since no one can precisely predict the date. At the moment, it’s best to check the latest coronavirus travel advice before you plan your summer holiday. Although you may not like it, this is the time when you should be prepared to think about last-minute offers and be ready for possible changes. If you are worried about your summer vacation, experts claim that the situation could be under control just like it was in China. China has overcome the Coronavirus crisis in around 2 months. Stay safe and patient, we really hope you don’t have to cancel your summer vacation. Until summer starts, make sure to follow Coronavirus updates and travel advice from your local authorities and governments, as well as the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO).

What kinds of travel will be possible after Coronavirus is over?

Coronavirus won’t last forever, and we will be able to travel again. Still, this year not all kinds of travel will be available. It will take a while for the things to get back to normal. Maybe you’ll have to postpone your trip to India or go around-the-world traveling next year. Unfortunately, international travel won’t be possible for at least a few months after the lockdown is lifted. Even if your country allows traveling, there will be a lot of other countries in lockdown. But you still have a lot of other options when it comes to summer vacation.

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If you can’t travel far from home and you need to stay in the country, you can choose simple road trips, family weekend getaways, going on a picnic, wellness holidays, spa days, and camping or even cruising. There are certainly many great places in your state that you haven't visited yet!

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Why wellness travel is the best option when coronavirus ends?

Due to coronavirus pandemic, international trips won’t be promoted by travel agencies as before, so people will have to find an alternative in their environment. Since coronavirus made us think about the importance of our health, experts predict that wellness travel will experience a boom. During quarantine, people were struggling with stress and they weren’t physically active. Many of them became depressed and anxious.

What can be a better option than wellness and spa travel? You will go out and travel but also you will do something great for your health. Wellness travel offers real relaxation, massages, and treatments after the stress. People can swim, enjoy a great spa, enroll in a yoga or sports program, or just enjoy nature peacefully. Are you a yoga fan? Don’t miss the latest fitness subscription boxes.  

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How to stay safe when traveling and avoid COVID-19 contagion?

Whether you’re traveling in-state or someplace nearby, it’s more important than ever to stay safe and to keep hygiene at the highest level. First of all, you will probably have to wear a mask (maybe some gloves too), regularly wash your hands (with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand gel), avoid touching your face, and keep a social distance of 1-meter minimum. If you’re going to use public transportation, it’s a good idea to bring some alcohol wipes. You’ll have to avoid personal contact with strangers and avoid being in a large group of people. One smart thing you can do is get travel insurance.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a “cancel for any reason” policy, which allows travelers to cancel their plans for any reason? Although it’s usually 40% pricier than standard policies, this could be the best option for traveling after quarantine. Experts recommend purchasing not only emergency medical coverage but also emergency medical transportation coverage.

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