Ultimate things you should know in life

Ultimate things you should know in life

We all know the famous one “Life is short, you need to…blah blah..", but what is important to know in life? Most of the things you already know, such as – how to love truly, how to show you care, how to respect family and friends, how to stand up for yourself, and more.

However, there are useful and really important things you should know and be aware of every day in your life. Here’s our ultimate list of things you should use as a nice reminder and improve your life today!

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Know that you’re unique: There is only one you.

One of the ultimate things everyone should know in life is: there is only one you. Every person is unique. Many people do not feel good in their skin and compare themselves to other people. Other people are always better and more beautiful. It is true that these better and more beautiful people also think that someone is better and more beautiful than them, too!

This is how we come to a vicious circle. The only real truth is that you are unique and the best you are. You should accept yourself as you are and love yourself. Focus on not caring what people think about you. Dare to feel confident and happy in your own skin!

Trouble is always near: You should know basic survival skills.

There is only one you, and you have only one life. Although we will all die one day, there is no need for that to happen too soon. Therefore, you must know basic survival skills. If you get lost outside and need to survive, you must know how to find water, how to build shelter, what you can and cannot eat, how to swim, and more. You never know when you might need it. 

Still, you should know that “the limits of the human body tend to follow a rule of three”.

You may have learned basic survival skills, but you must also know your limits. Simply, remember to follow a “rule of three”: people can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in extreme weather environments, three days without water, three weeks without food, and more. Always take care of your health and know the limits of your body.

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You should know how to say “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong” if you have done something bad.

There is only one you, but other people are an important part of your life, too. Family and friends are enhancing our quality of life. Our life would be different without them. Although we spend most of our time together in happiness and laughter, sometimes we have bad fights.

One of the most important things you can know in life is how to forgive someone or apologize. Be able to admit your fault and save your relationships. Knowing how to say “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong” can change your life.

The world is big: you should know how to speak at least one or two languages besides English.

If you were born in a country where English is the native language, you are the lucky ones, but even though you have the impression that the whole world speaks English, it is not so.

Did you know that almost 75% of the world doesn’t speak English? Imagine how many beautiful destinations on the planet earth you want to visit with knowledge of the English language only? That’s a lot of people you won’t be able to communicate with. You should know how to speak at least one or two languages besides English. Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, or maybe Italian, it all depends on your desire. 

An emergency fund can save your life.

One thing is for sure: life is unpredictable. You just never know what might happen tomorrow. But knowing that the future can bring us bad things, it can make us aware of how important an emergency fund is. It doesn’t have to be much. Start by saving a percentage of every paycheck and set it aside. Make sure your emergency fund is in a safe place. Therefore, if you lose a job or get sick, an emergency fund can save your life.

You should know how to defend yourself against attackers.

Well, we all have just one life. What is more important than knowing how to defend ourselves from an attacker? Learning self-defense will make you able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone physically attacks you. Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world, so the basics of self-defense can save your life.

Basic first aid and some tricks!

Many people know how to use very complicated applications, but they do not know the basics of first aid. If you know the basics of first aid, you can save someone’s life. This is something that every person should know. Learn how to act if someone has a heart attack, how to disinfect and dress a wound, and how to stay safe until you get to a Doctor.

Also, a few tricks to know might be cool. If you get stabbed by a sharp object, leave it. Pulling an object out of the body will increase the rate of blood loss. Cover the wound and go to the nearest hospital. You can use another trick, if there’s no first aid kit nearby, use super glue to seal an open wound. It will irritate the skin but it will stop the bleeding instantly.

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You should know how to back up your data.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we keep many precious memories in digital storage. Imagine losing all the pictures from your trips or with loved ones because you didn't secure your computer? You should know how to back up your data. Whether it’s a cloud storage location or your own physical external hard drive, a copy of your data is something essential. Make sure your computer is safe and your personal data is private.

But when you think it's all over: You always have a choice.

People often have moments in life when they think that everything is lost and that there is no hope. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to believe that we have no choice because it’s over. Sometimes it’s not the best choice or not the choice we prefer, but it’s still a choice.

Thinking about choices we don’t have is taking so much time and energy. You should know that you always have a choice, and it’s always better than just sitting and doing nothing with your life. It's not always easy to make a choice, but it can change your life.

And last but not least: You should know how to be happy.

The most important thing you should know in life is how to be happy. Start each day by acknowledging one thing you’re grateful for. Be thankful for everything you have, but dare to want more. No matter how busy you are, as the day goes by, try to keep an eye out for pleasant things in your life.

Do what makes you happy. Even the smallest things can make your day happier such as a warm bath, favorite ice cream, going to movies, spend time with your friends, etc. Happiness is the most important goal you should have in life. 

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