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Up in the middle of the night? How to get back to sleep

Up in the middle of the night? How to get back to sleep

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What to do if you wake up during the night? See what's new on Instagram? Absolutely no. Did you know that according to some research, getting out of bed and exercising can help you fall asleep faster than lying still in bed watching the phone or TV? If you are struggling with similar problems every night, be sure to read our text below and learn how to get back to sleep.

Keep your room at a cooler temperature.

Many people often wake up at night and can't find the right reason. Think about the temperature in the room where you sleep. Is it too hot? Keeping your room at a cool temperature (between 60-67 degrees) can help you sleep better. Also, if you’re experiencing insomnia often, take a warm bath or shower before bed.

Use aromatherapy or lavender oil.

Some studies have shown that using certain scents in a room can help you sleep better or fall asleep again. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, try some aromatherapy. Aromatherapy creates an atmosphere that is relaxing and calming, which can help you to fall asleep.

The recommended scents to use are lavender and vanilla. Lavender has long been considered a scent that has calming properties and it slows down the nervous system. Some studies have shown that the scent of lavender can increase 20% sleep quality. You can sprinkle a few drops on your pillow or cloth or use a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser.


Don’t check your phone.

Checking your phone as soon as you are awake is very tempting, but because of that, you will not sleep well. As you probably know, smartphones emit blue light that may suppress your body’s melatonin production.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles. If you start to check the news or your inbox, you will probably become too stimulated to sleep again. Additionally, the blue light can affect your body and make you feel like it is time to wake up! 

man using mobile phone while covering his body of blanketPhoto by Dipqi Ghozali on Unsplash

Use Better Nights Anti-Blue LED Night Light.

Too much light or brightness can easily wake you up at night. Higher light levels can suppress melatonin, interrupt the sleep cycle, and cause repeated awakenings which can harm the health of adults, especially the health of children.

However, it often happens that we wake up during the night and have to go to the toilet or get some water. Turning on all the lights on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night will disrupt your sleep cycle and reduce the time you spend ‘deep’ sleeping. 

So, check out BREO BOX now and consider getting a Better Nights Anti-Blue LED Night Light. Better Nights Anti-Blue LED Night Light is a simple yet powerful device that will support your sleep and reduce your exposure to blue light. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room in your home and allows you to be less exposed to blue light.

You can use an adjustable dimmer switch to control the brightness or dim the light. The dim option is great for bathrooms or kid’s rooms because kids tend to have nighttime scares and nightmares. Make sure to check this subscription box and get this amazing gadget.

Don’t stare at the TV.

If you wake up during the night, don't stare at the TV. Chances are you will watch a show or a movie and it will be even harder for you to fall asleep. For the same reasons, you shouldn't have a TV or computer in your bedroom.

Besides, a TV also emits a great deal of blue light, which can be potentially harmful to the eyes and disrupt your sleep. If you need to watch TV late, consider buying newer TVs that may have an internal blue-light filter that you can switch on.

Don't drink alcohol before bed.

Generally, if you drink a lot of fluids before going to bed, you will likely wake up at night to go to the toilet. However, if you drink alcohol before bed, the consequences will be much worse.

The alcohol forms acetaldehyde and in about four hours it is converted to aldehyde which can disrupt sleep and wake you up. Moreover, alcohol can cause "frequent trips to the bathroom because it inhibits a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), resulting in increased urination. 

group of people tossing wine glassPhoto by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Make your bed cozy. 

If you’re waking up many times at night tired, in a bad mood, and your neck and back hurt, maybe your bed is not comfortable enough. Maybe you should replace your pillow or mattress, or you should simply make your bed cozy. Think about your sleeping habits and the positions in which you like to sleep. Maybe cotton bedding suits you better than silk. Arrange soft pillows around you and create the perfect sleeping environment.

What if your partner snores and wakes you up? 

People whose partners often snore, wake up several times at night. Snoring can have a very bad effect on the quality of sleep and health in general. What can you do to not wake up at night if your partner is snoring?

First, you can try to train yourself not to focus on the sound of snoring — or at least tune it out enough to fall asleep. Also, one of the easiest solutions is to stuff your ears with earplugs to eliminate the sound of your partner snoring. If nothing helps, encourage your partner to visit a doctor, maybe he suffers from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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What if the pet wakes you up several times a night? 

We all love to cuddle with pets, but not all pets are calm when you need to sleep. According to one study, 20% of participants labeled their pets as disruptive when sleeping in the same room as them.

So, if you’re thinking about sharing your bed, it may disrupt your sleep. Another study has shown that people are also over four times as likely to be awake while a dog they share the bed with is active. If you want to improve your sleep quality and not wake up at night, consider the dog sleeping elsewhere in the house, and not in the bedroom.



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