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Ways to surprise partner while we are stuck in quarantine

Ways to surprise partner while we are stuck in quarantine

Does your relationship suffer because you and your partner are stuck in quarantine? How can we celebrate our anniversaries or birthdays if we are separated from our partner, even not being able to buy a gift in a store just in time for those special moments? Celebrating a birthday or anniversary during lockdown is something that people throughout America are experiencing for the first time. Finding the best gift idea was difficult in normal circumstances, not to mention our current situation in quarantine. 

Moments like this are where you have to be extremely creative. Explore the various ways you can surprise your partner without going outside. Fortunately, food delivery, as well as other kinds of delivery services work, which can make things easier for you. Here are some romantic ideas you can choose to surprise a partner while being in quarantine!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

1. Turn your living room into a restaurant

There are many ways to go on a date if you’re a self-quarantined couple. While you may be sad that you can't go to your favorite places together, there are ways to enjoy romantic moments at home. If you want to surprise your partner with a Friday date night, turn your living room into a restaurant!

You can make dinner at home and prepare delicious dishes or even order some take-out for delivery. Rearrange the furniture, set the table with romantic details, put candlelights around, incense and scents, and everything’s ready for romantic dinner. Make a romantic playlist of songs you both love and dress for the occasion!

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Send a bouquet to your girlfriend via flower delivery service 

Wondering how to surprise a girl or woman during quarantine? Think about bouquets! Women love flowers, so why not sending them a bouquet via flower delivery services. It’s a classic way to put a smile on your partner’s face and surprise her. If you’re unable to go outside and buy flowers yourself, you can choose among many flower delivery services across the US and surprise your love with gorgeous plants or flowers.

Buy him the video game he wants and make a Game Night 

If you’re searching for gift ideas for your partner who is a gamer, consider surprising him with the best gadgets for playing games, or even with a new video game. In addition to being stress relievers, video games are a great way to spend fun time with your partner while stuck in quarantine. Check some new video games and make a game night at home. Your partner will be surprised and excited!

Surprise your partner with a personalized message from his/her favorite celebrity 

Personalized birthday message from his/her favorite celebrity is one of the best birthday gift ideas you can find! Your partner must adore some singer, athlete, or celebrity. Cameo lets you book personalized videos from celebrities. It’s a platform that connects celebrities from music, sports, and film, with their fans who’d like to send their friends personalized video messages. This way, you can surprise your partner with his favorite basketball player or her favorite model, wishing him/her happy birthday! Imagine that! 

Get a Subscription box

How to gift the best gadgets and unique products if you’re stuck at home? Get a subscription box! Gifting subscription boxes are an amazing way to surprise a partner while stuck in quarantine. Personalized or lifestyle boxes can be used for any holiday or occasion.

BREO BOX offers a unique subscription box, delivered quarterly and free at your door! BREO BOX is a seasonal subscription service for both men & women, delivering cool and unique high-end products. Whether an anniversary or birthday is near, the recipient will be delighted with a custom-made hand-packed wooden box with items that revolve around everyday essentials like fitness/health and tech curated to fit the season.

Check out BREO BOX summer 2020 edition pre-order and surprise your partner!

Gift a frame with your favorite photo

Although our smartphones are full of photos and videos with our partner, real photos are still something we love to have at home. It’s a fact that a framed photo is a sentimental reminder of your relationship. When you miss your partner, you are touching and holding the frame with their photo. Framed photos of our partner, family, friends, and pets are something that makes us smile and remind us of beautiful memories. Put your favorite photo in a nice frame and place it over your partner’s desk. It will be a very sentimental surprise. A big frame with a message of love can be the best anniversary gift.

Make a spa day at home for your partner

Being stuck in quarantine can be very stressful for your partner. If you want to surprise your partner and help him/her reduce stress, make a spa day at home! The two of you can enjoy an intimate spa day at home and have a wonderful time together. Throw on some slippers and bathrobes. Put on mud masks. Arrange candles and flowers around you and make a hot bubble bath. Make sure to do everything that’s relaxing. Give your partner some nice relaxing massages. And don’t forget to drink some champagne! 

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and let your partner read his favorite book on any device 

If your partner is a bookworm, quarantine time is the best time to read tons of books and magazines. This is why Kindle Unlimited is the best gift for your partner. Just subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and let your partner read his favorite book on any device! With just $9.99 per month, you will provide your partner with an amazing service, so he/she can read books on any iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC. There’s no need to use a physical Kindle. Really useful and unique gift idea!

Try acrobatic couples’ yoga 

While being stuck in quarantine, it’s important to stay physically active. Since we’re unable to go to the gym, we must find other ways to keep our bodies fit. You can't ride a bike and do all the exercises you used to do at the gym, but you can try acrobatic couples’ yoga with your partner.

The acrobatic couples’ yoga poses will improve your flexibility and strength. Besides, you can do it in your living room and have fun! Ask your partner to try it together and experience both therapeutic release and acrobatic fun. You can take photos while exercising and surprise your friends!

Photo by Lior Shapira on Unsplash

Start an online class together

One of the nice things during the quarantine is spending more time with your partner. Finally, you can do all the things you have ever wanted to do together. Consider starting an online class together! That’s the way to spend some quality time together and learn some new skills. Besides, it’s a better experience when you share such things with someone you love.

Talk to your partner and choose among amazing online courses such as learning a new language, learning to paint, improving your photography skills, making origami, or even try cooking something exotic. There are plenty of courses that can be the best gift for your boyfriend or the best gift for your girlfriend during the quarantine.

Stick to the old-fashioned ways: send love through the post

You can't go wrong with old-fashioned ways of expressing love. All people love greeting cards and letters, as well as personalized cards with motivational messages. Sending love through the post will surprise your partner while stuck in quarantine. Luckily mail works like other delivery methods, so you can easily surprise your loved one through the post. You can use this as one of the best ideas for your wife's birthday, in addition to flowers or perfumes, of course.


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Jorel motley

Hi my name is jorel motley. I have been in a one year relationship with my gf who means the world to me and her 2 year old son . I want to surprise her romantically but having a hard time cause of COVID any ideas or tips.

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