What might our new normal life look like

What might our new normal life look like

Ready or not, the coronavirus crisis is going to face us with new life challenges and habits.

If you look back at the previous year, you will realize that you are already living a completely different life, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. One thing is for sure, one way or another, we will have to adapt to change. Lifestyle change is inevitable, but adjusting to it can be challenging. 

Today, a simple trip to the grocery store requires preparation and self-protection in the form of face masks and gloves. What used to be unimaginable, is now common. But once lockdown ends and coronavirus pandemic is over, what might our new normal life look like? 

It seems that we are already living our new normal life, but here are some of the things you might face soon. Get ready! 

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Physical (social) distancing

Perhaps the hardest part of our new life was social distancing. For the first time, many people had to be completely separated from their friends or family for a longer period. No more waiting in line, going to concerts, or anywhere that involves large crowds. Until we return to our old normal life, we will consider physical (at least 1m) distancing normal.

Face masks and gloves everywhere you go

Most of the time gloves were only worn by doctors, or we wore them when it was cold. Today, gloves and face masks have become a part of our everyday life. Basically, wherever you go, to the store, the post office, the bank, the hospital, everyone wears gloves. Even if the pandemic is over, we might include wearing gloves and masks in our new normal life.

For example, ever since China reopened, citizens are required to respect social distancing rules and the mandated wearing of face masks. If you haven't already, prepare to match masks and gloves with your outfit every day.

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Personal hygiene

Exceptional personal hygiene is one of the best precaution measurements. That’s why personal hygiene will stay a concern even after the pandemic is over. Because of the coronavirus, you will never forget to wash your hands again. 

Washing our hands frequently and to avoid touching our faces unnecessarily, will be our new normal. Many of us will never leave the house without hand sanitizers, or some disinfectant products. It is crazy, handshakes are almost forgotten, don’t be surprised if they stay completely in the past. 

Not touching the world

Because of the coronavirus, we must be careful not to touch surfaces or things in public places unless necessary. Even if you wear gloves, it is desirable not to touch anything. Basically, we are faced with not touching the world in our new normal life. Still, we have to open the door, touch money, use a public toilet, or pick some groceries.



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Delivery and online shopping

In the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, online grocery stores in the US were overloaded. But since staying in crowded spaces or ill-ventilated spaces for longer periods can leave people vulnerable to infection, delivery and online shopping became very popular and used.

Instead of going to the restaurant, people order pizza and food at home. Instead of going to shopping malls, clothes are ordered online. Our new normal will include more online shopping and delivery services of everything, even if the pandemic is over. If you’re looking for the best gift for your husband, stay at home and order a summer subscription box full of gadgets and unique products! It will be delivered right at your door!

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Remote working

Everywhere in the world, it is recommended that workers work from home if they can. In this way, workers will be less exposed to the risk of infection. Due to the coronavirus, remote working is already a part of our new normal life. Many experts are convinced that working from home will continue to be the normal way of working even after the virus ends.

For example, Facebook and Google have announced that their employees will be allowed to work from home until the end of the year. Twitter announced that it will allow its employees to work at home forever!

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Public transport

The coronavirus outbreak had a big impact on public transportation. Many bus lines have been reduced and some types of transport have been canceled. If you are one of those many people who don’t own a car, your new life might include extra protection every time you catch a bus or train.

To stay safe from infection on public transport, you’ll have to distance yourself at least one meter from passengers and avoid air ventilation. You shouldn’t touch the surfaces, and you should always wear a face mask and gloves. Make sure you carry a hand sanitizer with you and avoid touching your face. Bicycles became very popular during the coronavirus pandemic, and we hope it will stay like that once the pandemic ends. 

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We are not happy to announce this, but travel increases your chances of getting and spreading the coronavirus. Yet, people are eager to travel and spend time outside. But to stay safe and healthy, they should follow state and local travel restrictions. Because of the risk of infection, many will avoid interstate or overseas trips.

Also, many local, state, and national public parks, are already temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Because of that, our new normal life will be full of holidays in our backyards until everything gets back to normal. Picnics and a barbecues in the backyard will become the choice of many people rather than traveling to an exotic destination.

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