What to do at home while under quarantine

What to do at home while under quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people around the world to deal with “social distancing” and life under quarantine. This merciless virus has caused almost everything to close all across the countries, forcing us to stay at home, and forget about outside activities.

No more shopping with your best friends, drinking beer at a bar, using public transport, watching a movie at a cinema, attending concert and other things you used to do. Being unable to do all these things and being stuck at home can easily lead to anxiety, panic, and depression. This is why is important to find interesting things to do and get negative thoughts out of your head. If you’re out of ideas for spending your quarantine time at home, follow our list and stay strong and safe.

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Order some pizza

If you are considering what to do first while in quarantine, whether to disinfect the entire home, organize items or complete food supplies, take a second to calm down. No need to rush and burden yourself with tasks. On the contrary, get a power nap first. Forget about cleaning and cooking. Once you feel refreshed, play some funny TV shows and order pizza! Many local restaurants are offering delivery services and you can enjoy your favorite food at home.

Disinfect your gadgets

Now with a COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, cleanliness and hygiene at the highest possible level were always crucial for our health. You must have already disinfected your apartment and car, but what about your gadgets? People often forget that both gadgets and cell phones need to be cleaned. To realize how important it is to disinfect your gadgets, we’ll mention that your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet! Surprised?

Although one of the simplest prevention measures you can take is proper hand-washing, that won’t be of much help if you are using a dirty smartphone with clean hands. Everything your hand touches, touches your phone too! If you’ve reached out for wet wipes, stop immediately. That won’t clean your gadgets thoroughly. But the PhoneSoap Pro will! PhoneSoap Pro uses UV light to sanitize smartphones and gadgets and kill 99% bacteria on their surfaces! This gadget is almost sold out, so hurry up, subscribe to our spring subscription box and get this amazing product.

Make spa day at home

Spa time helps us to de-stress and relax our body and mind. Unfortunately, during quarantine time, we are not able to go to spa centers. Still, you can make a small spa from your bathroom. Make a bubble bath, spill some scented oils, put candles all over and play some nice music. To enjoy the moment to the fullest, add a glass of wine. A real paradise!

Read a lot

No more excuses “I don’t have time to read” while under quarantine! Take your eyes off social media, and discover amazing books. Start with reading a few books that you’ve always wanted to but you just didn’t have time. If libraries and book shops are closed, you can always search for some digital libraries, e-books, comic books, and others online. Reading means spending quality time, which can help you to expand your interests, enrich your vocabulary and reduce stress.

Chat with friends

You’re not allowed to go to your favorite bar with your best friend, but you can make some coffee and chat with him/her on Skype. Just because you’re separated physically from someone, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t phone him/her or chat online. Send funny videos, photos and plan outdoor activities once quarantine is over. Today, more than ever is possible to talk to anyone anywhere in the world. Stay connected with your family and friends via phone calls, video calls, messages or any other digital way you find.

Work out at home 

For those who like to train and go to the gym every day, quarantine is a real nightmare. But if you can't leave the house, you can still work out in your room, on the terrace or in the backyard. Cycle, calf extensions on the steps, pushups, planks, and yoga exercises are just some of the amazing work out things you can do at home.

Netflix (and chill)

Watching TV all day while under quarantine will negatively affect your psyche and mind. Although it’s important to keep with the news and latest info, it’s more important to take your mind off the coronavirus news and videos. So, how about some movie night time? If you’re solo during the quarantine period, you can enjoy the movie classics and your favorite movies all day. But if you’re with your special person under quarantine, it’s a perfect time for some Netflix (and chill).

Keep Zen and meditate

Facing the quarantine for the first time is difficult for many people. Not just physically, not being able to go outside for a month or two, can hit you hard mentally. Social distancing will make you anxious, sad and stressful more than ever before. Therefore, you need to stay relaxed and peaceful. And the best way to achieve that ZEN state of mind is through meditation. There are amazing yoga online classes and YouTube videos. Start with basic yoga poses and get rid of stress every day.

Cook delicious meals

While you are unable to visit your favorite restaurants and bars, you have plenty of free time to spend cooking your favorite dishes. If you’re an amateur, just follow some YouTube recipe videos and you’ll become professional in a week! For example, you can attend some free video lessons and learn to prepare Chinese dishes, or how to cook perfect pasta, pizza, and others. Surprise your family with delicious meals during the quarantine period.

Play board games

If you’re at home under quarantine with a whole family, you definitely won’t be bored. In fact, now is the best time to evoke happy family memories, watch old photos and videos, but also play family board games! We’ve all played classic board games when we were kids, games such as Scrabble, Pictionary, Monopoly, Risk, Chess... so why not playing board games again? It would be fun for everyone!

Go on a virtual tour

Although you are disappointed because your summer trip to Paris has failed due to coronavirus outbreak, it doesn’t mean you can see the Louvre! While under quarantine, you can go on a virtual tour and visit amazing places all over the world! You’re able to explore the world, and even The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, Houston Zoo and more. You can visit a new place every day, very exciting, isn’t it?

Camp out

Extroverts find it very difficult to be isolated in a home for a couple of weeks. They naturally need to go outside. Now, when the spring has just begun, people find it harder to stay at home, especially when they’re ordered to stay. If you miss the sun, nature and being outside, try to spend as much time as you can on your balcony. Also, if you own a backyard, you’re a lucky one! You can make a barbecue or pretend to go camping somewhere with your family. Instead, you’ll be camping in your own backyard! Just pitch a tent, bring blankets and food with you and enjoy fresh air.

Shop online

Many of you will miss shopping while in quarantine. Whether it’s about clothes, video games, beauty products or cool gadgets, it all comes down to the shopping needs. Fortunately for you, thanks to the internet and the best gadgets available, people can go shopping virtually, just using their smartphone, PC or tablet. Today, almost every reputable brand in the world has its website where you can discover various products and buy them online. With just a few clicks, the item will be ordered and shipped to your address, even if you’re under quarantine.

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