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Why choose lifestyle subscription boxes?

Why choose lifestyle subscription boxes?

You've heard that people often talk about some cool boxes that contain interesting products and arrive every month delivered to their door. You searched for information on the Internet and learned that it was about lifestyle subscription boxes. And you became very curious, didn’t you?

If so, then you asked yourself another question – Why choose lifestyle subscription boxes? Are they worth my money? What if I get random products that I don’t like? My friend told me it’s not as amazing as it is said to be.

subscription boxe

Forget about all the prejudices you have. We are going to show you why you should choose lifestyle subscription boxes! Besides getting fabulous products every month, you will save a lot of money and get a chance to be among first to try some cool items. If you are interested in amazing service like this, check out our article and choose your own lifestyle subscription box!

What are lifestyle subscription boxes?

For those not familiar with services like this, we will try to briefly explain what lifestyle subscription boxes are. A subscription box represents the physical delivery of niche-oriented products packaged as a unique experience for customers with various amazing products they can receive every month. There is no one definition of a subscription box because each company and its experts are creating their own and unique box, but people usually say that subscription boxes as “a monthly delivery of cool stuff I like in a box”. If you try with Wikipedia, you’ll see that subscription box is “a package of retail products sent directly to a customer on a recurring basis.” We are just going to say that subscription box needs to contain the following in order to be defined as a subscription box:

  • Physical delivery
  • Subscription/membership options
  • Surprise factor
  • Discovery factors
  • Money savings
  • Original and unique products presentations / specially designed box

How do subscription boxes work?

If you want to subscribe to lifestyle subscription boxes, you need to know how it works. First, it’s not complicated and anyone can be a member or a subscriber. As a new user, you can sign up for a monthly fee that goes usually from $10 to hundreds depending on products and services. You will need to fill basic information about you and some kind of a short survey about your taste and preferences. You can choose among 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. And often happens that you can have a free trial box or first month for a low price. When you make your order, your box will be prepared and delivered to you for a certain amount of time. Just subscribe and wait for your surprise!

Are lifestyle subscription boxes worth your money?

There are many prejudices and false information that lifestyle subscription boxes are too expensive and not worth your money.  Of course, there are exceptions, but they relate to very luxurious products and high fashion brands. BUT, let's talk about the most common situations.

For many subscription boxes, usually, you can choose among options for 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. Imagine getting amazing lifestyle products with a total real price of $250 for $130? And every month or three months you will receive lifestyle subscription boxes with quality products for the fixed price of the box, so when you check your monthly/quarterly payment on individual products, you will realize that you’re saving your money. If you see how much each individual item from within a box cost separately, you’ll know how much you will save from signing up for a box.

value of subscription box

Curiosity and surprise factor?

The surprise is the main characteristic of many lifestyle subscription boxes. People are addicted to surprises and excitement when they see gift boxes and mystery boxes. Besides, people adore unboxing, and you can see millions of videos on the YouTube of people unboxing their stuff.

Imagine receiving a box on your name and feeling like it’s your birthday every month! Lifestyle subscription boxes create a “curiosity gap” which makes receiving the box each month more satisfying. And to be honest, we are all curious when it comes to unboxing our gift or something unknown within a box. Of course, you can go shopping and buy what you want but there is no surprise factor in that. And a little extra, you will usually receive teaser products or sneak peeks’ that will stimulate your anticipation and curiosity of being a customer. More satisfaction!

Why are lifestyle subscription boxes so popular?

Subscription boxes are popular because they offer their customers to try amazing various products for less money than they would pay if they bought them separately. Besides, you’re saving your money, every month you will feel the excitement when your box arrives. You will feel surprised and excited to unbox products, and you will often get secret, extra or teaser products that will increase your satisfaction.

The lifestyle subscription boxes provide their users with a wide range of articles and represent a great addition to their hobby or fandom they have. Items are chosen and based on their preferences and wishes. And imagine having a bad day and your subscription box arrives! Or you need some help with a gift for your friend? Then lifestyle subscription boxes are your lifesaver.

Can I buy lifestyle subscription boxes as a gift?

The most exciting parts of birthdays and anniversaries are unboxing the gift. It’s great when you buy something you’re your friend always wanted, but if you add some surprise and curiosity factor, you will delight your friend more and he/she will be more excited. So, the answer is YES.

You can definitely get lifestyle subscription boxes as a gift. They will be provided with an amazing service, fabulous products all wrapped up in a specially designed lifestyle box. And every time you don’t have an original idea and imagination to create a cool gift, you can choose subscription boxes! A company will do the job for you and deliver it straight to your door. You can relax while your perfect gift box is being created. And also, these boxes will come with a card detailing each item in the box, why it was selected, something about each product and instructions on how to use products.

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