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Why the electronic lighter is the last lighter you will ever need?

Why the electronic lighter is the last lighter you will ever need?

Many didn’t know they needed it, and now they can’t imagine a day without it!

Have you ever tried to light a cigarette or a candle, but the lighter doesn’t work? You forgot to buy a new lighter, and in the old one, there is no fuel anymore? You tried to start up the grill outside, but the wind doesn't allow it? With an electric lighter, all these problems become a past!

Electric Lighter


Forget about fuel, they are recharging over USB. The electrical coils are creating heat, instead of an open flame, so the lighters become wind-resistant! You can charge it over USB which usually takes about 1-1.5 hours. Until next charging, you can use it 100-300 times depends on the strength of the battery.

They work by creating an electrical arc between two ceramic electrodes. This arc may be small but it’s a way hotter than an open flame. That provides faster ignition. With these lighters you can light pretty much anything, starting from candles, fireworks, grill, cigarettes, gas stovetops, incense and others.

These lighters are wind-resistant and moisture-proof and work perfectly for outdoor activities. We'll help you decide about the model. “Because fire is for cavemen.”

TeslaX Arc Candle Lighter is an amazing product that will blow you away! Its simple, eco-friendly and windproof design, is what distinguishes it from others on the market. This multipurpose lighter works perfectly whenever you need to fire candles, start up the grill or other outdoor activities. This will definitely be the last lighter you’ll need and we had it inside the Fall 2017 Edition box.

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