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Best gifts for Women’s Day: Unique and stylish present ideas 2021

Best gifts for Women’s Day: Unique and stylish present ideas 2021

Although we should dedicate every day to women we appreciate and love in our lives, we still celebrate one amazing day - Women's Day, to make them special and thank them for everything they have been doing for us.

Every mother, daughter, girlfriend, or wife will say that you are her greatest gift, still, they would also be delighted with a unique gift. If you want to give your special lady something really unique and useful this year, here are a few hints:

Get her a Polaroid mobile photo mini printer

Taking photos with a phone camera is common, but taking real photos is a unique experience for every woman. While Instant Photo Cameras can be expensive, there is something affordable and even better than that! A Polaroid Mobile Photo Mini Printer is the best traveling gadget you can get someone for Women’s Day. Every photo your lady takes with a phone can come alive with this amazing gadget. And it’s easy to carry around and print pictures. This way, you can automatically relive your romantic moments.

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash.


If your favorite lady loves to drink coffee and be stylish, then it is best to give her a CoffeeCookie. She probably already has a favorite coffee mug, but she doesn’t have something as cool as the CoffeeCookie to go with it. It’s the world’s first rechargeable gadget designed to keep coffee hot on the go.

This amazing product doubles the length of time your beverage stays at your preferred temperature, and it’s easy to use. Just place it under your favorite mug and you’re ready to go. CoffeeCookie is macaron-sized and is USB rechargeable. Your lady can use it multiple times during the day with a 1-hour charge. It fits most standard cups and no cleaning is necessary!

Smart plug.

Every woman would like to have a smart home. You may be surprised, but you don’t need a fortune to give this kind of enjoyment to your lady. Just get her a smart plug! Smart plugs will make your space smart, but also provide you with a fun environment by utilizing them and a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Your lady will be able to do amazing things in her home. She can schedule her coffee maker to start brewing before she even opens her eyes, turn on the lights, turn on the microwave from her office chair, and even use smart plugs to feed her pets.

If you are interested in smart plugs, check out the Casalink Smart Wifi Plugs.  Casalink Smart Wifi Plugs (2-pack), is a WiFi-enabled smart plug that is practical and designed to keep you connected to lamps, bulbs, fans, devices, and all the things you use often in your home. Plug the device you want into Casalink, turn on the mobile application, and set automatic schedules or manually control it. Check out subscription boxes for additional gadgets. 

Travel tickets. 

Let's be optimistic. You may not be able to travel at this time, but why not arrange a romantic vacation for the fall in advance? Planning a surprise travel trip for the most important lady in your life will make her feel special. A short trip after quarantine is great to reduce stress and relax.  

Although the situation with coronavirus is still drastic, it is important to remind ourselves that the coronavirus will not stay here forever. Take the time to learn how to prepare for a trip after quarantine. There are many beautiful covid-free destinations all over the world you can choose. Get tickets and surprise your lady!

Subscription box to surprise your woman.

Help your special person to discover the latest trends and use the best gadgets and home goods this year with a subscription box. The subscription box offers a cool collection of fun stuff every month. Your girl can get a new box every 3 months! Sign her up for BREO BOX and surprise the special lady of your life uniquely. She will basically get a mystery box with all sorts of unique gifts to bring a smile to her face!

Don’t forget to check BREO BOX and surprise your woman with our spring subscription box!

Smart gardens. 

Whether your girlfriend loves gardening or would like to grow her own healthy food, a Smart garden is the best gift for Women’s Day she can get. Smart gardens are great for indoor gardening, and you can start by planting some herbs like basil, which you can use later in cooking. They allow women to grow their fruits, vegetables, and flowers in any space.

Smart gardens are also easy to use - just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants and feature automatic watering. Organic, pesticide-free fresh food is guaranteed. Moreover, gardening is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. According to USA studies, gardening improves your mood and increases your self-esteem. When people spend time in a garden, their anxiety levels drop and they feel less depressed. 

SmartRope Rookie.

If your girlfriend likes fitness gadgets, consider getting her a SmartRope Rookie. What’s so special about jumping rope? Jumping rope is just as efficient and powerful as other gym equipment and is very affordable. However, if you’d like to own unique and tech-designed jump ropes, check this out.

SmartRope Rookie is the best fitness gadget you can have this spring. This smart rope syncs to your smartphone and uses magnetic sensors in the handle that automatically record your exercise data, calories, duration, goal achievements...

In addition to being lightweight and simple, SmartRope Rookie will automatically power on when you start your workout – no buttons! With the ability to connect to your devices and fitness trackers, this Smart Rope is the must-have item of the season! You can get it in the Spring 2021 BREO BOX and surprise your special woman. For more ideas also check here.

Warmies microwavable slippers.

Is your special Woman constantly complaining about cold feet? If that is the case, a pair of Warmies microwavable slippers is going to blow her away! You can actually put them in a microwave!

For real! Made with luxuriously soft faux fur and scented with real French lavender, these slippers can hold heat for 20 minutes after they’re microwaved and give off a subtle touch of aromatherapy. Besides, they are perfect for relieving stress and soothing tired feet and can be a perfect gift for women during cold days.


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