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Dive deep into the tips, tricks and story behind all the gadgets we’ve curated in this Summer 24 box!


Luci Solar Site Lights


Create an atmosphere wherever you go. Another great product from MPOWERD. We love this solar light pod for two reasons: these lights are super bright, long lasting, versatile, well built, and stylish so you can use them to light up your campsite, yard, or even home. Second reason: MPOWERD products are not only high quality, but every purchase brings clean energy to those who need it most.

You'll feel the quality as soon as you get your hands on these. Weatherproof and shatterproof lights, super durable ABS stakes, and waterproof charging case means that we'll be using these for many, many years to come.

With 3 brightness settings, these lights will easily brighten everything from patio dinners, parkside picnics, and off-grid adventures with up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Recharge case via a high efficiency solar panel or USB-C for quick charging at home or from a generator. You can also charge all 6 lights twice on a full case charge to make sure you have enough light for any weekend getaway.

With hangable lights + ABS stakes included, easily switch from ground illumination to overhead lighting wherever you need.

Tip 1: Will last about 10 hours on full brightness, and to get a full 20 hours from the lights, use them on their low setting.

Tip 2: Not all lights may turn on upon unboxing, so make sure to remove the green stickers from the lights to make sure they charge properly!

Tip 3: Green silicone strip that comes in the box goes around the lid to help waterproof the case.


Pro+ Blender Bottle


Ever wanted to make a fresh frozen smoothie or a margarita right on the beach? The Bledi Pro+ lets you do exactly that. We were properly impressed by the power of this thing, and the clever design choices that easily convert it into a water bottle.

We were thoroughly surprised by how well this thing works! PRO+ has 120 watts of power and can crush about 6 ice cubes. Also, the blades are specifically designed to slice frozen fruit.

With some seriously tight and leak proof seals, the blender base is easily removed and the mix container attachment easily turns it into a perfect size BPA free water bottle.

We love this clever and efficient design, where the included handy storage container converts into a blade cover, and a water bottle base, meaning no extra accesories to drag around!

With enough battery capacity to blend up to 6 drinks, you'll be hydrated for the whole beach day on a single charge.

The Bledi team started in a college dorm in 2016, and is now headquartered in Buma, TX with over 100,000 customers worldwide!




We love a good power bank at BREO, and STATIK brings us the cutting edge of power bank tech this summer. Quality piece of tech through and through. With 6500 mAh of rated battery capacity, it'll be a great backup for your Luci Lights, Bledi Pro+, or your PANERGY Fan.

Built-in AC wall plug enables direct power bank charging straight from the outlet which means two things: it charges QUICKLY, and it cuts out the need for any extra loose cables or carrying bags.

Charge up to 3 different devices at once with the built-in Lightning, Micro-USB, or USB-C cables. It even has a bonus USB-C port for a fourth device.

We love the clean design of the tuck-In cables, and overall build of this thing. Its a quality items and you can tell as soon as you get your hands on it.

With built-in Discharge, Current, Voltage, and Short-Circuit protection - STATIK goes the extra mile, and this is why we love their gear.

Battery Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Rated Capacity: 6,500 mAh

USB-A Port Output: 15W
USB-C Port Output: 15W
USB-C Port Input: 13W
Lightning Output: 12W
Micro+USB-C Output: 12W


Auto-Oscillating Mountable Multi-Flex Fan


Keep yourself and your family cool in any weather. Powerful yet super quiet, this fan is ideal for use inside your tent on a trip, on a hot day over a baby stroller or crib, and even on a golf cart or wheelchair. 

With its high-performance motor, and well designed blades & Bearings, this portable fan is super quiet, especially on low setting, while still providing a strong breeze.

The multi-flex mountable legs are super sturdy, and it firmly held onto any pole or railing we attached it to. We were impressed by the quality of the build and the feel of the materials, especially for the price point.

The low speed on this portable fan is easily powerful enough on a hot day, but the medium and high option properly handles any heat or humidity.

Can last up to 9 hours on a full charge, depending on fan speed and use of oscillation. We found the low speed is easily powerful enough on a hot day, and our result was 3 hours on a full charge.

Designed with a 90° side-to-side auto oscillating function to enhance airflow, making it perfect for cooling off any area during hot summer days, especially inside of a tent.


Grooming Organizer Mat


We love all things TOOLETRIES and this mat is a travel essential to keep your toiletries hygienic when on the road.

This product is fully-washable, non-slip, heat-resistant, antimicrobial surface will keep your grooming essentials clean, safe, and secure.

Custom rests for Toothbrush, Razor, Phone, and Accessories.

Made with 100% Hygienic Silicone, it's easily washable and heat-resistant.

Do not discard the silicone ring that is attached to the top lip of the packaging!

Moso Natural

Mini Shoe Deodorizers


We love these natural, long lasting and non-toxic deodorizer bags. When we found these, it was a no-brainer to make the switch from traditional sprays.

Filled with bamboo charcoal, these deodorizer bags attract odor and humidity particles like a magnet, keeping your shoes odor free (and free of chemicals!)

With a simple "refresh routine" of placing them outside in the sun once a month for one hour, they can last up to two whole years. And afterwards? Just cut open the charcoal bag and sprinkle into your garden to promote plant growth. Super cool.

To help us keep making every BREO BOX Edition better, we'd love to hear your thoughts about this Summer 24 Box!

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