Corporate Gifting Made Easy

The best way to tell your employees they're doing a great job, send a gift to a potential client or even thank existing ones. BREO BOX is here to make sure you look good


01. The Start

Choose how many boxes you need & make the purchase. BREO BOX will hand-pack a curated box with 5-8 of the coolest tech, home goods, fitness and lifestyle products.

02. The Information

We'll personally send you a easy-to-use spreadsheet so that you may send us back your recipient address details.

03. The Experience

Your recipients will receive a box full of the trendiest products & brands that you never knew you needed.

How many boxes do you need?

BREO BOX can work with budgets big or small.

Get ahead of your gift giving by placing an order with BREO BOX.

At $159 per box, I will need boxes.

5 box minimum per order

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BREO BOX is great for...

  • Onboarding new clients
  • Membership welcomes
  • Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Client thank you's
  • Sales Kits
  • Events
  • VIP Outreach

Custom orders

Need a really large order? Would you like to customize your box? BREO BOX's dedicated corporate team will help you put together the most unique box of your dreams. Fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

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