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Current Box: Winter 2021 Edition Pre-Order

*free shipping in contiguous US only, shipping timeframe does not apply to pre-orders. items picture above showcase past products. box value is apprx average, boxes may range between $200-300+ in value.

What's the difference between the Annual Plan and Seasonal Plan?

Both plans get you a new box every 3 months, but with the annual plan, you save money by pre-paying for 4 boxes (1 year worth) in advanced!

You still get a new box every 3 months, but are only charged 1x per year.

The annual plan is BY FAR the best value.

What happens when I subscribe now?

You will receive a confirmation in your email immediately. Depending on when your order is placed, your first box will either ship within a few business days or you will have a pre-order for the next season.

This will be detailed in the email and is also listed above the Choose Your Plan section on this page.

If it’s a pre-order, you have 2 options:

A) Wait until your box ships
B) Get the box from last season shipped immediately

Will my first box ship by Christmas?

It definitely should if you order by 12/15/22! If you're in the contigious US we nearly guarantee it.


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Hi! We’re Aleks & Chadi, life-long friends, and founders of BREO BOX.

Every time we’d come across a cool new product or latest life-hack, we’d share it with each other and it clicked — why not share this with the world?

We’re out to help you discover the coolest stuff you never knew you needed, one box at a time.

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