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Anker SOLIX F2000 - 2048Wh|2400W|1000W Solar Panel

Power Station + 5 Solar Panels

Anker SOLIX F2000 - 2048Wh|2400W|1000W Solar Panel

Power Station + 5 Solar Panels
SOLIX F2000 is everything you'll ever need in a portable power station. Includes Anker PowerHouse 767 with 5x 200W solar panels. Engineered with InfiniPower™, adaptable waterproof solar panels, 2400W output for 12 devices, an exclusive RV port to cover your power needs in every outdoor and indoor situation. Combined with Anker's 5-year warranty and a 10-year lifespan, you are ensured you have a reliable, high-capacity energy companion for a decade to come.
$3,799 currentRegular price $4,744

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With our proprietary long-lasting technology InfiniPower™, combined with LiFePO4 batteries, ultra-durable electronic components, a smart temperature control system that monitors temperature up to 100 times per second, and impact-resistant structural design, Anker PowerHouse 767 is built to last over a decade, even with everyday use.

Seamlessly adjust 531 Solar Panel to 40°, 50°, or 60° via the adjustable kickstand for optimal solar power. The solar panel's IP67 waterproof protection allows it to withstand even the harshest weather and your adventurous lifestyle.

An exclusive RV port, 4 AC ports with a wattage of up to 2400W, 3 USB-C charging ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 car outlets power almost all your devices at once.

Instead of the average 2 years, Anker PowerHouse 767 is designed to reliably power your devices every day for 10 years. Additionally, it offers a superior 5-year full-device warranty for a guaranteed, worry-free experience.

Anker SOLIX F2000 - 2048Wh|2400W|1000W Solar Panel

$3,799 Regular price $4,744

Clean power, whenever you need it.

Convenient, easy to move around, and simple to use product that would be good for an RVer when paired with a gas/propane generator to fill the gaps.

Jason B. , Verified Buyer

Setup and use was simple and straight forward. (...) The solar panels worked great, charging 80% in seven hours on a cloudy November day with the sun lower in the sky.

Dennis P. , Verified Buyer

I don't have anything negative to say about these products. I mainly used the power station to power an electric cooler over the summer and used the panels along with dc charging from vehicle and everything worked well together.

Shane P. , Verified Buyer


Generator Specs

PowerHouse 767 x1

Rated Capacity

51.2V 40,000mAh/2048Wh

AC Input Voltage

120V~ 12A Max, 60Hz

AC Input Voltage (Charging)

1440W Max

XT60 Input

11-32V⎓ 10A; 32V-60V⎓ 20A (1000W Max)

USB-C Output

5V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/ 20V⎓3A/ 20V⎓5A (100W Max Per Port)

AC Output (Bypass mode)

120V~ 12A Max, 60Hz, 1440W Max

AC Output (Inverter mode)

120V~ 20A Max, 60Hz, 2400W Max

USB-A Output

5V⎓2.4A (2.4A Max Per Port)

Car Charger Output


Discharging Temperature

-4°F-104°F / -20°C-40°C

Charging Temperature

32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C

Solar Panel Specs

531 Solar Panel x5

Solar Rated Power


Open Circuit Voltage


Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Dimension (Folded)

22.44 × 23.70 × 2.36 in / 570 × 602 × 60 mm

Dimension (Unfolded)

23.70 × 83.85 × 0.78 in / 602 × 2130 × 20 mm

Net Weight

20.34 lb / 9.23 kg

Frequent Questions

Is Anker 531 Solar panel (200W) waterproof?

531 Solar Panel (200W) has IP67 certification. It is waterproof and can be used in wet weather. Do not expose the XT-60 output port to rain or water without the rubber plug.

How long can Anker 767 Portable Power Station charge your device via the AC ports?

Device run time = 2048Wh × 0.8/operating wattage of your device. (Applicable for devices greater than 200W)

Why does the portable power station’s battery drain even when no devices are connected?

When the AC and car socket control buttons are turned on, there will be a certain amount of no-load power consumption. To avoid this, make sure the AC and car socket control buttons are turned off or turn on Power Saving mode when not in use.

How long can Anker 767 Portable Power Station be fully recharged with 531 Solar Panels?

Under ideal sunlight conditions, the time to fully recharge the power station is 8 hours with 1 solar panel, 5.7 hours with 2 solar panels, 3.8 hours with 3 solar panels, 2.9 hours with 4 solar panels, and 2.5 hours with 5 solar panels.

How should I store and maintain the solar generator?

1. Turn off all outputs when not using the solar generator to avoid draining the battery.
2. Store in a dry and cool area.
3. Check the battery capacity weekly. If it is below 30%, charge the power station to 100%. Fully charge it once every 3 months.


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