Fall 2023 Edition Catalog
Fall 2023 Catalog


Wrap yourself in the comforts of autumn’s embrace.


RiddiaPress - Portable Iron

Your companion for wrinkle-free clothes on the go.

Introducing RiddiaPress, a compact and powerful iron designed to effortlessly remove wrinkles and creases, ensuring your clothes look perfectly pressed and presentable when you’re on the go.

This tiny but mighty iron uses a patented heating circuitry that allows it to reach operating temperature almost instantly. Teamed with its in-built sensors, RiddiaPress effortlessly adjusts to the perfect heat settings for your clothing. All of this is housed in a compact carry-on the size of an avocado!

Key Features:

  • Compact and Portable: The RiddiaPress portable iron is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your bag or luggage. Take it with you on business trips, vacations, or keep it handy in your car for quick ironing needs.
  • Advanced Heating Technology: Riddia's cutting-edge heating technology ensures rapid and even heat distribution, allowing the iron to reach the desired temperature in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to efficient ironing!
  • Quick Charge and Heat Time: The RiddiaPress charges fully in under 2 hours through its USB and heats in just 60 seconds when turned on.
  • Automatic Heat Adjusting: RiddiaPress uses patented technology that adjusts to your garment’s ideal heat profile by providing the optimal heat for every garment.

Experience the convenience of RiddiaPress, your go-to portable iron and where sophistication meets the palm of your hands! No more wrinkled clothes, no more hassle – just perfectly pressed garments wherever, whenever.

MSRP: $32

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Light up your reading world with a compact, rechargeable, and portable booklight.

Introducing the PageGlow™ - the rechargeable LED paperback book light with a detachable page clip. This compact and portable book light is designed to provide you with an unparalleled reading experience, ensuring you can immerse yourself in the world of books without disturbing others around you.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Bright LED Lights: The PageGlow™ paperback book light comes equipped with three LED lights that cast a gentle, even glow across your pages, eliminating any eye strain and allowing you to read for hours with ease.
  • Ergonomic Thumb Groove and Detachable Page Clip: The PageGlow™ was designed with your comfort in mind. The ergonomic thumb groove ensures a secure grip, while the detachable page clip lets you effortlessly attach the book light to your reading material - keeping it in place while you dive into the story!
  • Three-Stage Dimming Switch: Choose the perfect brightness level to suit your reading environment. The PageGlow™ features a three-stage dimming switch, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to your preferences.
  • USB-C Wall Adapter for Convenient Recharging: No need to worry about replacing batteries frequently. The PageGlow™ comes with a USB-C wall adapter, making it easy to recharge whenever needed, so you can always enjoy a well-illuminated read.

Discover a new level of reading comfort with PageGlow™! Whether you're curled up in bed, on a long journey, or simply unwinding after a busy day, this book light will become your go-to companion. Embrace the joy of reading without disturbing others, and let PageGlow™ illuminate your literary adventures.

MSRP: $40

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Power To Go

MagPak Dual Power Bank

A reliable companion for staying charged on the go.

This 5000mAh power pack offers a convenient and efficient solution for all your charging needs, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • Dual Charging: This power bank features unique dual capabilities -- it can charge devices 2 device at once via wired and wireless simultaneously, as well as output via USB-A and USB-C ports, for wider device compatibility. Charge the power bank via USB-C only.
  • 5000mAh Capacity: With a high-capacity 5000mAh battery, this power bank provides ample power to keep your devices charged throughout the day, eliminating the worry of running out of battery.
  • Magnetic Design: The magnetic back allows seamless attachment to your smartphone, making it convenient to carry both your phone and power bank together without the hassle of cords or extra accessories.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other USB-C/A powered gadgets, the Power 2 Go Power Bank ensures you have the flexibility to charge various devices with ease.

It’s the ultimate charging companion for life on the go. This sleek and powerful portable power bank ensures you stay connected and fully charged, keeping you powered up wherever your adventures take you. With its innovative design and high-performance features, it’s a must-have for those who value convenience and reliability!

MSRP: $49

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Stagg Stovetop Tea Kettle

The perfect union of style and function to elevate your pour-over experience.

Crafted with a stunning finish, this kettle not only looks good on your stove, but also ensures a precise pour - thanks to its counterbalanced handle and gooseneck design. It’s a must-have for any coffee or tea enthusiast!

Key Features:

  • Beautiful Finish: The Fellow Stagg copper finish adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor, making it a stylish statement piece and an eye-catching addition to your brewing setup.
  • Precise Pour: The gooseneck spout allows for a precise and steady pour, ensuring that you have full control over the water flow during your pour-over coffee preparation.
  • Built-In Thermometer: With a built-in thermometer, you can easily monitor the water temperature, helping you achieve the ideal brewing range of 195 to 205 degrees for the perfect cup of coffee or tea.
  • Gas and Electric Compatible: Suitable for use with both gas and electric stovetops, providing you with versatility and convenience in your brewing process.

Rest easy knowing that Pura scents are safe for your family and pets. Elevate your home scents and enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and convenience - as captivating fragrances and cutting-edge technology unite to create an ambiance like no other in your home.

MSRP: $85

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Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb

Better quality sleep starts here.

Introducing Swanwick Anti-Blue Light LED Bulbs – your solution for better sleep and sweeter dreams. Designed to reduce exposure to harmful blue light, these LED bulbs create a soothing environment, promoting relaxation, and enhancing your sleep quality.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Blue Light Technology: Swanwick Anti-Blue LED Bulbs are specially crafted to filter out harmful blue light, which can disrupt your natural sleep patterns and impact your overall sleep quality.
  • Versatile and Easy to Install: Compatible with most standard light fixtures, these bulbs are simple to install, making it effortless to transform your bedroom into a sleep haven - allowing you to experience the benefits of better sleep without any complicated setup.
  • Blue Light Filtering: The anti-blue light LED bulbs are designed with a special filtering system that absorbs or scatters blue light wavelengths, reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the bulb. This filtering process helps to create a warm, amber glow that is less stimulating to our eyes and less likely to interfere with our sleep.
  • Sleep-Friendly Lighting: By emitting a sleep-friendly warm glow, these LED bulbs mimic the natural sunset, signaling to our body that it's time to wind down and prepare for sleep. This gradual transition from bright blue light during the day to softer warm light in the evening helps to support our natural sleep-wake cycle.

Anti-blue light technology is particularly beneficial for people who spend extended hours using digital devices, such as computers and smartphones, before bedtime. By incorporating LED bulbs with anti-blue light technology in the bedroom environment, you’ll take control of your sleep environment and get to enjoy improved sleep quality, night after night. Say hello to better nights and wake up feeling refreshed!

MSRP: $25

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The Scalp Massager

The ultimate head and scalp TLC.

Introducing the relaxation tool for your daily self-care routine you never knew you needed - Tooletries Scalp Massager. Designed to bring the spa experience right to your fingertips, this massager is perfect for all hair types (dry or wet). A new addition to your routine that your scalp will thank you for!

Key Features:

  • Soothing Scalp Massage: An ergonomically designed massager providing gentle vibrations to stimulate blood circulation (and relaxation!).
  • Waterproof and Portable: Fully waterproof, making it perfect for use in the shower or bath. Its compact and portable design allows for taking it on trips so you can keep up with your routine even on the go.
  • Silicone Bristles: Crafted with soft silicone bristles, this massager provides a gentle touch that's ideal for all hair types.
  • Deeper Clean: This massager helps clean deep into the roots and exfoliates the scalp - helping to remove impurities and promote healthier hair growth.
  • Reduction of headaches: The scalp massager can alleviate tension headaches and migraines by relaxing the scalp muscles and easing tension around the head and neck area.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate self-care experience and elevate your hair care routine to new heights! Treat yourself to new soothing sensations and embrace a moment of tranquility in your busy day.

MSRP: $20

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