Summer 2023 Edition Catalog
Summer 2023 Catalog


Embrace the warmth and adventure of the season.


Bottle Filtered (25oz Insulated)

An Insulated and portable water filtration system that provides clean and great tasting water on the go.

With advanced Nano Zero filter technology and zerovalent iron, this bottle offers a seamless drinking experience. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and enjoy the convenience and sustainability of LARQ!

Key Features:

  • Advanced Nano Zero filter technology for improved taste, removing any lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and particulates that meet NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 401 standards
  • Filters up to 40(151L) gallons of water, equivalent to 300 single-use plastic bottles!
  • Easy-to-use and low-pressure straw for effortless sipping
  • Insulated stainless steel keeping water cold for up to 24 hours
  • Detachable carabiner
  • TIME Best Inventions 2022 Winner

Aging water infrastructures and mistrust of tap water are common reasons why people choose to purchase single-use bottled water. It is time for a change. Why not experience pure and refreshing hydration on the go, without the carbon footprint? The LARQ advanced filtration system removes impurities and harmful pollutants, ensuring clean and great tasting water all day long. With a long-lasting filter, insulated stainless steel design, and a silicone-coated detachable carabiner, it’s the only water bottle you’ll ever need!

MSRP: $68

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Smart Fragrance Diffuser + 2 scents

Where sophistication meets convenience in scented harmony

Pura combines non-toxic fragrances and smart phone features to effortlessly fill your living space with premium high-end fragrances and clean aromas. Infuse your living space with 100 hours of long-lasting scents all at the palm of your hand. Simply adjust intensities, create personalized schedules, set timers, and more - all from the convenience of your phone!

Key Features:

  • Clean and safe ingredients for pets and kids
  • Long-lasting scents that can fill your space for up to 100 hours with regular use
  • Capable of diffusing any high-end fragrances from your favorite popular brands
  • Smart features let you adjust intensity, create schedules, and set timers

Rest easy knowing that Pura scents are safe for your family and pets. Elevate your home scents and enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and convenience - as captivating fragrances and cutting-edge technology unite to create an ambiance like no other in your home.

MSRP: $68

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Draft Top

Lift Ghost Edition

Take your can-drinking game to the next level with the limited edition Draft Top Lift - Ghost Edition

Say goodbye to messy pours, excessive foam, and the inconvenience of not experiencing the full aroma of what you are drinking. Crafted in the USA, Draft Top Lift is the ultimate bar tool that safely removes and lifts the top off beverage cans. Now you can fully enjoy the enticing aroma and indulge in a smooth pour of your favorite drink, whether it's an IPA, RTD, seltzer, or canned coffee. No glass needed, no plastic cup wasted!

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly remove and lift the top off beverage cans for a superior drinking experience
  • Proudly made in the USA with high-quality materials
  • Versatile design, perfect for any drink in a can
  • Easy-to-use functionality that is safe for anyone to use
  • Allows the ability to customize your drink by adding garnishes, ice, or your preferred spirits

Experience the ingenuity of the Draft Top Lift, a revolutionary tool designed to ensure a smooth pour every single time. Whether you're a beer aficionado seeking the perfect pour, or someone who appreciates the refreshing taste of seltzers and iced coffee, this innovative gadget is here to cater to your needs. Get ready to take your Summer gatherings to new heights and embrace a fresh, exciting way of savoring your favorite beverages like never before!

MSRP: $25

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KeySmart™ iPro

The Smart key organizer you need that works seamlessly with ‘Find My’ app

Keep track of your keys effortlessly through the palm of your hand. The KeySmart iPro is a game-changer when it comes to managing your keys - it seamlessly works with the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone, ensuring that you can quickly find your misplaced keys around the house or check their last location on a map instantaneously.

Key Features:

  • Apple Find My Network Compatibility: Once connected to the app, you can play a sound to locate it nearby or tap into the extensive network of Apple devices worldwide to find your missing keys.
  • Locate Your Missing Items: If your iPro goes missing, track its last location on a map and activate “Lost Mode” to display your contact information.
  • Never Leave Your Keys Behind: The ‘Find My’ app proactively prevents key loss by sending notifications to your iPhone, AirPods, and CarPlay if you accidentally leave your keys behind.
  • Quiet, Compact & Comfortable: Organize up to 14 of your existing keys and your car fob. No tools required and fits all types of keys.
  • Rechargeable Battery with Long Life: The iPro is powered by a long-lasting lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 30 days. Check the battery level in the ‘Find My’ app and recharge it using the included cable.

Enjoy a new level of convenience and peace of mind with the KeySmart iPro. Its seamless integration with ‘Find My’ app ensures that finding your keys is a breeze - no more frantic searches or worrying about them being misplaced again! The compact and organized design holds up to 14 keys, providing easy access whenever and wherever you need them.

Say goodbye to key-related headaches and embrace a smarter way of managing your keys with KeySmart iPro.

*Package includes KeySmart iPro with LED Flashlight, Bottle Opener with Car Fob Loop, USB-A to Micro-USB Charge Cord, and Setup Instructions.

MSRP: $50

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Deluxe Oil Mister

Flavorful cooking made healthy easy, and safe

Elevate your culinary creations with the Prepara Deluxe Oil Mister - a versatile kitchen tool that’s perfect for seasoning salads, misting cookie trays, grilling meats, or even making pancakes. Customize any oil blend with your favorite herbs and experience the convenience of adding more flavor to your dishes while reducing fat intake!

Key Features:

  • Even Coating of Oil: The Deluxe Oil Mister ensures a thin and even coating of oil, providing an enhanced flavor experience.
  • Clog-Free Filter: Enjoy a smooth and consistent spray every time, thanks to the built-in filter that prevents oil-clogging.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Utilizing air instead of harmful CFCs, making it a safe and eco-conscious choice.
  • Durable Glass Body: Featuring a high-quality glass body, adding durability and a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
  • Extra-Large Capacity: With a generous 4.5 oz. capacity, you can enjoy continuous use without the need for frequent refills.
  • Materials: Crafted from high-quality glass and BPA-free plastic, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply place the Deluxe Oil Mister on the top rack of your dishwasher for effortless and hassle-free cleaning.

The Prepara Deluxe Oil Mister will revolutionize your cooking routine - especially for all the Summer gatherings and outdoor grilling that’s to come! From salads to grilled meats, this handy tool allows you to enhance flavor while keeping your meals healthy. Create your own custom oil blends and use them with ease knowing its clog-free filter ensures a consistent spray - every time! With its durable glass body and extra-large capacity, this oil mister is an essential addition to any kitchen.

MSRP: $17.50

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