Winter 2022 Edition Catalog
Winter 2022 Catalog

Lets Get LIT.

It's the holiday season after all...


7” Smart Photo Frame

A photo frame with limitless memories.

Keep your treasured photos always on display and stay connected with your friends and family through a single frame. Share all of life's best moments with just a few clicks!

With so many forgotten photos stored away on our phones or hard drives, you can upload and stream photos and videos straight from your camera roll and have your AiMOR Smart Photo Frame play them all day. There isn’t ever enough wall space to share hundreds of photos and memories - but now there is through a single frame.

Key Features:

  • This photo frame works with the AiMOR App available for iOS and Android.
  • Frame needs Wi-Fi to receive photos, but it can play slideshows to display photos when no Wi-Fi is connected!
  • AiMOR allows an unlimited amount of people to send photos to a single frame, just get the required app!
  • 8GB of built-in memory
  • Cloud compression to save space, while not compromising on quality

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Set up frame and connect to Wi-Fi
  • Step 2: Download the AiAmor App
  • Step 3: Pair the frame with your phone
  • Step 4: Invite family and friends - share photos instantly!

**AiMOR app available on both iOS and Android. No hidden fees or subscription charge for using the app.

With just a few clicks and some modern and convenient touchscreen controls, you can swipe through your slide show and browse and manage photos in your gallery! It’s the perfect way to always reminisce and never forget life’s best moments.

MSRP: $69

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AA USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

Say goodbye to single use batteries for ones that’ll last you for years to come.

The Paleblue AA Rechargeable Batteries are fast-charging, help reduce waste, last over 1,000 charge cycles, and save you money over time. These AA batteries are designed for convenience, reliability, and performance.

Key Features:

  • Fast Charging Lithium Battery - under 1 hour charge time, 12x faster than conventional rechargeable batteries!
  • Convenient USB C-Charge Port - charge up to 2 batteries at once with any USB port.
  • Built-IN LED Charging Indicator - know exactly when Paleblue batteries are low and full via light indicator.
  • On-board Smart Technology Provides Safe Charging - never worry about leaking batteries. The modern lithium ion chemistry allows safe charging at all times.

These batteries can be charged hundreds of times over and result in way less waste - providing long lasting performance in comparison to many single-use conventional brands! Perfect to use for hundreds of household devices, these Paleblue AA rechargeable batteries can be used in wireless computer devices, remotes, toys, game controllers, and more.

What’s Included:

  • 2 PaleBlue AA batteries
  • 1 USB-C to Dual USB-C Charging Cable

MSRP: $20

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One Start & Stop Steeping Infuser Lock Top Travel Mug

Changing your tea experience one brew at a time.

Control your daily brew with The Mennä Start & Stop Steeping Infuser Travel Mug to get the exact flavor and brew strength you want. Whether it's your coffee or tea, you can start and stop your brewing at any point!

This wonderful travel mug can keep your hot or cold drinks at the perfect drinking temperature for up to 6 hours! With the turn of the Mennä ring, you can steep, stop, and re-steep with ease. How about that convenience!?

How To Use:

  • Step 1: Twist the Mennä ring to the open position
  • Step 2: Remove and unscrew both infuser baskets
  • Step 3: Fill the infuser with your favorite tea (loose or bagged), herbs, coffee, or fruit.
  • Step 4: Screw the inner infuser to the cap (make sure the marks align)
  • Step 5: Screw the outer basket to the cap (once the marks align, you will feel a click)
  • Step 5: Fill the bottle to the ‘MAX’ line with hot or cold water
  • Step 5: Screw on the Mennä cap and enjoy!

No more oversteeping or overbrewing your drink during morning commutes or early meetings. You can steep to your liking, wherever and whenever. The Mennä is safe, spill free, easy to disassemble, and dishwasher safe.

MSRP: $70

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Massage Roller Ball

Pain relief in the palm of your hand.

The Empower Massager Roller Ball provides 3 different levels of vibration in those aching areas whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re at home, the gym, the office, or even traveling, this convenient and portable massager makes daily relief from tension easier than ever before.

Empower Helps To:

  • Alleviate Sore Muscles: great for reducing soreness throughout the body. Ideally to be used in conjunction with lotions or massage oils for ultimate comfort.
  • Improve Blood Circulation: An excellent way to create blood circulation by providing tense muscles the oxygen they need to feel good and heal.
  • Eliminate Fatigue: After a long day, Empower can be used for a deep or light tissue massage to alleviate stress from your muscles and eliminate fatigue.
  • Portable and Easy to Use/Clean: Empower fits in the palm of your hand and can be conveniently stored in a backpack, drawer, or any small space. With 3 intensity levels to choose from, it's all within just one click. Wipe clean with just a cloth or sanitizing wipe.

With the Empower Massage Roller Ball, you have control over how much or how little pressure you want applied. As a 360° degree rolling massager, it can also glide in every direction you need. Strong enough to roll out knots, yet gentle enough to use all over your body, this easy to use self-massage tool gives you the relief you need, when you need it!

MSRP: $39

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Fabric Shaver

Easily remove lint, fuzz, and pills from your favorite fabrics and garments.

Whether it’s your favorite sweater, linens, or even your sofa, almost any type of fabric can be covered with lint and pill balls over time. So when your fabric is in need of some TLC, the Smartek Fabric Shaver is just the tool to get it back into shape.

Key Features:

  • Multi-sized holes to remove all kinds of fuzz and pills
  • Sharp and durable blades
  • Safety blades & locks
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cordless
  • Can be used for light, medium, and heavy fabrics

Doing what no lint roller can do, the Smartek Fabric Shaver removes stubborn pill-prone areas of clothes, linens, and upholstery - leaving behind only smooth, fresh fabric. The handle is comfortable to hold and lightweight enough to keep with you on the go, or take it on your next travels! The Smartek Fabric Shaver is also safe to use for finer fibers and won’t stretch out your fabric - it's ideal for wool, cashmere, and silk!

MSRP: $40

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