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The complete guide to storing your sneakers

The complete guide to storing your sneakers

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A large collection of footwear is awesome, but where can you put them in such a small apartment? One of the biggest challenges for any serious sneaker collector, whether they have five pairs or a thousand, is storing their collection of sneakers.

Usually, people keep sneakers in original or plastic boxes, shelves, or piles at the bottom of wardrobes and even forget about having them. However, storing shoes incorrectly can harm them, draw dust and moths, and even cause the color to fade, or you might simply not know where to keep them. It's high time you read our complete guide to storing your sneakers and organizing your space.

Find a perfect location.

When you have one room, you don't have many choices, but the more space you have, the harder it will be to choose a place to store your sneakers. Depending on where you live, the garage, basement, attic, or any additional space in your house may seem like the ideal location for your footwear. However, there are certain factors that will affect the appearance of your shoes, and you must take them into account when choosing a location: 

  • no direct sunlight
  • dust-free environment
  • cool and humid-free environment
  • dark
  • away from food
  • clean 

Think about temperature-controlled storage.

You want dry, temperate conditions if you want to keep your shoes for the long term; heat and humidity are your enemies. Because extreme temperature swings and high humidity can degrade materials, stiffen leather, and destroy glue, it is ideal to store your shoes in a climate-controlled location.

Keep them between 55 and 85 degrees to help reduce any harm caused by humidity if possible. However, given that for many people, that is not an option, here is an alternative: an installed dehumidifier. In addition, there are special boxes for storing sneakers if the listed options are too expensive for you.

Always clean your shoes before storing them.

Before organizing the sneakers, cleaning them is crucial. One of the worst things you can do to them is to store them unclean. Your sneakers will continue to accumulate dirt and residue with time, only for it to become more difficult to remove.

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Use the advantages of the insert 

You must have noticed that sneakers contain inserts when you visited a store or purchased them. It's not a coincidence. You should stuff your shoes with acid-free tissue to absorb extra moisture or use a shoe tree to keep their shape (avoid using newspapers). Additionally, silica packets can be placed in lightweight shoes to help minimize moisture and provide humidity protection. Plastic or cardboard inserts are also a great option.

Store sneakers in original boxes.

There are good reasons why shoe firms package their footwear in cardboard cartons. They work well and are affordable. Then why wouldn't you do the same? Storing sneakers in original boxes is probably the most popular method of storing sneakers.

Unfortunately, after a year and maybe a few months, the cardboard boxes will begin to suffer from the weight of the shoes as they begin to dent and break. Also, the shoes in the boxes could dent soon and develop pressure imprints from lying in them. Still, for sneaker collectors, owning the original box provides significant value if you ever plan to part with a pair of shoes, whether through trading or selling.

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Make sure the box is big enough for the sneakers. 

If two pairs of sneakers can fit in one box, that's terrific, but you'll quickly come to regret that arrangement. In this way, you can completely destroy the shape of the sneakers, make them messy, or tear them. Left like that for a few months, they can get spots or a shape that you will no longer be able to correct. Always make sure the box you choose has enough space for your shoes to guard against thread damage and scratches.

Plastic boxes, why not?

Stacking sneakers in the original boxes are cheaper but not as efficient in the long run. Plastic boxes cost a little more but are an ideal solution for long-term storage. There are still some things you need to be careful of even if you decide to use plastic boxes and spend a lot of money.

Boxes with sharp edges have the potential to rip and even damage some materials – so make sure you buy quality boxes. It might also be harmful to keep your new plastic storage containers in an area with a lot of sunshine because the color will fade. Keep your sneakers in a cool, dark area to protect them from sun damage such as color fading and breaking.

Let them breathe.

Your sneakers want to breathe too. Take the sneakers out of the boxes from time to time. Don't let them sit without being aired for more than a month. They can certainly endure longer, but if you can, give them at least 24 hours to breathe, especially if you've worn them. You certainly don't want to open a box of sneakers after a year or more and be shocked by the smell. Additionally, if you want to get rid of the smell, you can put natural and non-toxic inserts in your sneakers or boxes.

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Mark all boxes and organize them.

In the end, whatever you choose, don't forget to label the boxes or you won't know where anything is. Your stored boxes can be arranged according to color, style, brand, collaboration, or even price range, it’s up to you. Properly labeled boxes will save you time and stress the next time you want to find something.


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