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Choose your membership.  Join our community with an annual or seasonal subscription.  Both ways get you a box every 3 months, but the annual pre-pay keeps a few dollars in your pocket.  Skip a box or cancel at anytime!

How It Works

Every edition, we hand pack a custom wood brēō box with 5-8 premium essentials centered around everyday lifestyle, fitness and tech, curated to fit the season.

We love loyalty!  The longer you’re with us, the more we can reward you.  Earn discounted rates and exclusive perks the longer you stay part of the brēō family.  Starts Fall 2018.

1st box | $159
2nd box | $139 brēō bronze
3rd box  | $134 brēō silver
4th box  | $129 brēō gold
5th+ box | $129 + perks brēō platinum

How It Lasts

Discover an array of brands & long-lasting products that enhance your daily life as you welcome a new brēō box each season.  Join our ambassador program to help spread our brand awareness and earn credits toward future boxes!

I’m so impressed with the quality and curation of this box – every single item is impressive. And the wooden box itself is really well made and a great storage box.

Liz Cadman,

Winter 2017 edition unboxing

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