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With our gift options, you can send a single box as a gift, or up to 4-seasons (4 boxes) prepaid - it's the gift that keeps on giving!  

Simply select how many boxes you want to give, and the recipient will receive the current edition, and then a new box, every 3 months, until they've received all the boxes in your plan. 

Each box contains a hand-packed, curated box with 5-8 items that revolve around everyday essentials, fitness/health, and tech, curated to fit the season - the perfect gift for anyone!

QUICK TIP:  Use the buyer's email address so that the recipient doesn't get notified of the order!

All Gift Purchases will receive the Spring 2021 Edition as their first box

Select Number of Season (Boxes) To Send As Gifts

1 Season - $159

(1 Box)

2 Season - $318 $309

(2 Boxes)

3 Season - $477 $449

(3 Boxes)

Buy & Save $47

4 Season - $636 $589

(4 Boxes)

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