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Send a Gift Card

4.6 Stars / 70,000+ boxes shipped

Step 1

Purchase Gift Card

Select how many seasons (boxes) you'd like to gift as a dollar amount.

Step 2

Schedule Notification

The gift card gets sent via email to the recipient.

Step 3

Recipient Redeems

The recipient will get a gift card in their inbox, they’ll have instructions on how to use the card!

Gift TypeGift card for 1 season’s BREO box.
Most Popular



Gift the gift of the coolest tech & gadgets with this gift card for 1 season’s box!

eCredit Card Delivered By Email



Gift 2 seasonal boxes with this gift card. The second box will arrive 3 months after the first.

eCredit Card Delivered By Email
Best Value



Pamper them through the whole year and gift 4 seasonal boxes of mega surprises ($100+ in savings)

eCredit Card Delivered By Email
Gift Recipient Information
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Frequent Questions

How does the gift card work?

Our BREO Gift cards allow you to send a specific gift amount which the recipient can apply to their own BREO BOX subscription purchase, allowing them to be notified about their upcoming shipments, update their address, or skip a seasons box. You will only be charged once, there are no additional shipping or subscription charges outside of the gift card purchase & applicable taxes.

When will the eGift card get delivered?

You can specify the date of delivery, gift recipients name, and a gift message which will be included in their notification email.

How to send gift card?

Just fill out the Gift Card form, and complete the purchase of the gift card. The recipient will be notified via email and will be able to easily redeem the card on our website for their own BREO BOX subscription.

Is a gift card refundable?

Gift card purchases can be refunded to the original purchaser, but cannot be redeemed for “cash” to the recipient.

Is there a physical gift card?

There is not physical gift card mailed, but we do our best to create an outstanding digital-only gifting experience with your personalized gift message, and your proffered date of delivery.

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Looking to deliver a gift box?

You can send a physical box instead of purchasing a gift card.

Gift a Box

4.6 Stars / 70,000+ boxes shipped


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