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All the tech & gadgets you need to transform your home into a sanctuary of rest, comfort and peace of mind.


Node Airplay Speaker


Dio Node is the ultimate Wi-Fi multi-room speaker offering a hassle-free and high-quality audio experience with unparalleled simplicity and privacy. Note: iOS device required for initial setup.

Utilizing sophisticated Wi-Fi, Dio Node ensures your music is delivered in its purest form from the original source to your ears, offering a pristine listening experience.

Unrestricted audio streaming from any app, including web browsers and social media platforms.

With no microphones and no need for a voice assistant, Dio Node prioritizes your privacy at every beat.

Allows seamless speaker access to everyone at home, supporting multiple devices without complicated pairing.

Directly manage your audio from your iOS control panel with no additional app downloads necessary.


Wall Outlet Shelf


Maximize your space with this convenient wall holder that turns a standard outlet into a sturdy platform for up to 10lbs of your household items.

Effortlessly install by replacing the existing outlet cover, no additional tools needed.

Maximize your space with this outlet shelf, perfect for holding smart devices and essentials, keeping them off of counters and floors.

Included in the kit are a shelf, a set of mounting hardware, and an instructional guide, providing everything needed for a straightforward setup.


Bloom Brew


Elevate your coffee game with the sleek, stainless steel Bloom Pour Over Brewer, designed to simplify and enhance your brewing experience at home or on the go.

Their patented 1502-hole spiral microfilter ensures even water distribution for a consistent and fuller-bodied brew, achieving barista-level flavor in just two minutes.

Easily measure the perfect amount of coffee grounds with the built-in dot system, whether you're making a single cup or enough to share.

Enjoy your coffee hot and your hands cool with a protective thermal sleeve, providing comfort and heat retention.

Tailor your coffee's clarity by using the optional paper filters included for those who prefer an extra level of filtration.


NanoFoamer V2


Transform your home coffee experience with the NanoFoamer V2, the ultimate tool for coffee aficionados seeking to create café-quality microfoam milk for latte art.

Utilize advanced foaming technology to produce fine and rich microfoam, perfect for latte art creations right in your kitchen.

Choose from different NanoScreens to tailor the foam's density to your taste, whether you prefer superfine, fine, or ordinary foam.

Enjoy a simple foaming process followed by an easy clean-up, thanks to the NanoFoamer's waterproof design.

Operate anywhere with AA batteries, ensuring your milk frothing is not confined to the proximity of electrical outlets.


LED Headlamp


This 2-strip LED Rechargeable Headlamp offer hands-free, powerful illumination, engineered for outdoor enthusiasts. They're ultra-bright, lightweight, waterproof, and ready to accompany you on any activity.

Using its dual LED strip design, this headlamp provides a surge of lumens for intense brightness, paired with a sweeping wide beam, casting extensive and reliable light for heightened visibility and safety.

Six lighting modes provide tailored brightness for any situation, while the motion sensor allows for quick, gesture-based operation.

Benefit from several hours of battery life with a comfortable, pressure-free headband, ensuring long-lasting wear without discomfort.

Easily attach this headlamp to a hardhat with included buckles, making it a great gift for workers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


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