The great beverage debate: cans vs. glass bottles

The great beverage debate: cans vs. glass bottles

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Have you ever debated between purchasing a drink in a can or a glass bottle? Does the flavor of the same beverage change based on the packaging?

You've probably heard from friends that Coca-Cola in a glass bottle tastes better than Coca-Cola in a can. However, it is only a subjective impression because according to the company - Coca‑Cola is always the same. It's the same recipe, the same ingredients, and the same manufacturing process.

However, the Coca-Cola's temperature and whether you drink it straight from the can or pour it into a glass can affect how you perceive its flavor. Many drink experts believe that soda in cans has a "milder" flavor. Cans for soda are constructed of aluminum. After cans are put together, a water-based polymer is applied to the interior of each one. The polymer layer prevents corrosion by keeping the soda and aluminum molecules apart.

So what's better: a can or a glass bottle? Check out our pros and cons below and find out who won The Great Beverage Debate: cans vs. glass bottles!

Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can?

Just because bottled beer is more expensive doesn't mean it's better, sometimes it's just because of the packaging. Everyone is aware that light is bad for beer, and oxidation's effects are well known. Amber bottles are unquestionably a superior choice when it comes to shielding beer from UV light, but they aren't perfect.

Cans are considered a better option for beer because they are designed to keep the alcohol inside safe. If the end goal is to ensure that the beer in your hand tastes as fresh as possible, the can offers an advantage because light, oxygen, and heat are beer's biggest enemies.

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Chilling a bottle or can in the fridge on a hot summer day?

Are you having a summer party this weekend? Don't forget to chill your drinks in time. Between beer bottles and cans, which keeps beer colder for longer? Glass made up the majority of beer bottles. Glass is a poor heat conductor and an insulator. Due to the thickness of the glass, beer in glass bottles stays cooler for longer thanks to insulation.

Compared to an aluminum can, there is a natural heat resistance that can keep your beverage colder for longer. Unless you have a large fridge where you can put all those bottles up on one shelf, the portability of cans provides it the advantage in this situation where fridge space is at a minimum.

Cans are portable and great for traveling.

A six-pack of 12oz canned beer weighs about 5 lbs.

A six-pack of 12oz bottled beer weighs roughly 7.5 lbs.

Glass is difficult to carry and store, which increases the risk of shattering. A can can hardly hurt you like broken glass, which can cause serious injuries. Bottles have several serious problems in this area. They weigh too much. It is much easier to carry 10 cans on a trip than 10 bottles, for which you need a good crate and protection from breakage during transport. They are therefore prohibited from most beaches and campers. You can also easily pack small cans in your bag or fridge as they don't take up much space and are not heavy.

Cans or glass bottles for celebrations?

Honestly, drinking from bottles can make us feel glamorous while drinking from cans does not provide a feeling of luxury. Opening champagne bottles at celebrations for example, shows that bottles are a more sophisticated choice than cans. Birthdays, holidays, and all other celebrations cannot go without a good drink from a bottle.

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Is it easier to open the can or the bottle?

Cans are definitely on top of the debate when it comes to opening. To open a bottle, whether you're at the beach, on a walk, at work, or just lounging at home, you need an opener, which we don't always have on hand. On the other hand, you only need your thumb to open a can no matter where you are.

Also, you often need experience to open bottles because you can easily break the glass or injure yourself when opening the glass or champagne. Therefore, another important factor in determining whether a beverage is best consumed in a can or bottle is how simple it is to open the container.  

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What is environmentally friendly?

There has been discussion regarding the sustainability of cans versus bottles for some time. Cans are usually made from aluminum and beer is still packed in such cans, but there have been recyclable cans lately as people are trying to become eco-concious.

However, cans are not much worse than bottles when it comes to sustainability. Cans weigh up to 10 lbs less in each case, significantly reducing the amount of gasoline required for shipping. Additionally, because of their lower physical size, more cans are sent at once. Also, recycling cans makes handling them simpler in many locations, which is why around 70% of all cans are recycled. Aluminum is more expensive to mine, refine, and produce into cans than glass and that’s why people recycle cans often.  

The bottom line is that both bottles and cans pollute, but if you recycle both, you will take a big step to preserve your environment.

What to choose for brewing?

Today, glass bottles are very popular for brewing. In the past, beer was usually stored in dark glass bottles to avoid excessive exposure to light and oxygen, which can both mess up the delicate brewing process and cause the beer to spoil.

Aluminum cans' complete opaque exterior shell and airtight seal make them particularly effective at keeping out sunlight and oxygen. Dark glass bottles, however, work just as well. Since both hold the liquid effectively, there isn't a clear winner in this category.

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