Ways to express your gratitude this Thanksgiving

Ways to express your gratitude this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is right around the corner - have you thought about who you want to express your gratitude to? If so, but you don't know how to show how you feel, it's high time to take a look at our tips and get ready for this wonderful holiday!


1. Just say it!
2. Write personalized notes
3. Say ‘thank you’ to someone far away
4. Give flowers
5. Share your Thanksgiving meals
6. Donate leftover food to man's best friend
7. Express your gratitude through gifts
8. Support and thank your local small businesses by sharing their posts online
9. Dedicate your time or money to charity

Just say it!

It may sound silly and obvious, but one of the best ways to express gratitude is to just say it to someone. It’s the quickest and easiest way to show gratitude to others. Sometimes words are more valuable than any gift!

Many people do not have the opportunity, or have not had the opportunity, to thank someone for everything. If you have the opportunity to tell someone how much he/she means to you, don't think, do it. Kind words will help everyone to feel special on this holiday.

Write personalized notes

 Are you too shy or want a special way to express gratitude to someone? No worries! You can be creative and design personalized cards. What can replace a hand-written letter from the heart? According to studies, writing and delivering gratitude letters increases happiness significantly for the person writing the letters.

So, in this way, you will not only surprise the person but also make them happier! You don't have to be Shakespeare to delight someone - just spend a few minutes writing a message expressing what you feel and why you are grateful.

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Say ‘thank you’ to someone far away

There must be some dear people who live far away, and you want to thank them this holiday. What to do in that case? Say ‘thank you’ via a phone call or Zoom call. A written message via Facebook cannot replace someone's voice, to be honest. It’s much more personal than an email or a note.

It doesn’t matter if you both are short on time, a call on Thanksgiving will brighten everyone's day. Also, one minute dedicated to a dear person is a million times better than not remembering that person on Thanksgiving.

Give flowers

Do you think that flowers are no longer in fashion? If so, you are very wrong. A bouquet is a cheery way to express your gratitude. You can give flowers to your loved ones, parents, family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who loves flowers to show how much you appreciate them.

This type of gift is even more perfect now that you can't gather all the dear people for the holiday because of the coronavirus. You can send flowers to anyone, and the bouquet will be delivered right to their door. But don't forget about one thing. Write a ‘thank you’ message to the person you are sending flowers to!

Share your Thanksgiving meals

Sharing delicious Thanksgiving meals with others is a great way to show your gratitude and kindness. And, now, truly, who wouldn’t be delighted to get delicious turkey, pie, and cookies?

If you have extra meat or pie, surprise your neighbors! That’s a wonderful way to show your gratitude for your neighborhood. It may be a small sign of attention on your part, but your neighbors will appreciate it. Besides, this is another way not to waste food, and everyone will enjoy it.

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Donate leftover food to man's best friend

Pets deserve our gratitude as well. They are there for us both in happy and sad situations. But what is the best way to thank them? Through food! After the Thanksgiving feast, don’t waste leftovers, give them to dogs! Just make sure that you are only feeding your dogs turkey or ham and not people-food that is bad for them. Why would you throw away good food? We already know that an astounding amount of food in America goes to waste. Most wasted food is consumed around the holidays.

Americans discarding nearly 40 million tons of food every year, approximately 219 pounds of waste per person, and around 40 percent of the US food supply! So why throwing half-eaten turkey when dogs will be happy to it! Check if there is some shelter in your area and donate Thanksgiving leftovers to the man’s best friend this year!

Express your gratitude through gifts

A gift is one of the best means of showing gratitude and love. When it comes to Thanksgiving gifts, they have to be something special and meaningful. It does not matter how much that gift costs, focus on the message. What would you like to express? Opt for personalized gifts or something unique and already dedicated to a particular person.

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Support and thank your local small businesses by sharing their posts online

Take it a step further this year and show your gratitude to the people in your community as well. You don’t need money to support local small businesses. One of the best ways to express your gratitude is to share your posts or profile online.

Today, everyone has profiles on social networks, so a few posts or pictures of a restaurant or small business can help them a lot. If you are satisfied with the service of a restaurant, post it on your profile or give them a five-star rating on the top search engines. It will only take a few minutes or less, but owners and employees will be surprised and happy about your act. 

Dedicate your time or money to charity

Many people have someone to thank on Thanksgiving, but some don’t. You can be the one who will make this holiday special for them. You can express your gratitude to the local community and charity through your time, energy, or money.

There will be various volunteer opportunities you can participate in or if you don’t have time, express your gratitude through money. The amount is not important as your gesture, if you just buy groceries for the meals that the church will donate, or donate food to the pet shelters, that will be enough.

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