Just follow these steps to find lost/misplaced items

Just follow these steps to find lost/misplaced items

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Did you know that 50% of Americans admitted that they are regularly late for work, looking for their stuff? The things they most often look for are right in their environment. According to a study from the University of Aberdeen, the stuff we lose the most is probably in the most cluttered parts of our house. If you are one of those who lose keys or phones every day, just follow these top 10 ways to find lost items.

What We Lose The Most? 

It is very helpful if you know what things people usually lose. This way you will pay more attention to certain items at home or work. According to surveys done in the US and UK, the top 5 items we lose are the same no matter where we live: keys, wallet, phone, TV remote, and glasses.

The item people in the US lose the most is the TV remote, as over 71% of Americans lose it at least once a month. Americans also tend to lose TV remotes, phones, car & house keys, glasses, wallets, and bags. However, both people in the US and UK will also search for their money, charger, bank cards, umbrella, socks, hats, etc.

Where do we usually lose items?

Now that you know what items are lost the most by people, it's time to find out WHERE people lose them the most. In the US, taxies, busses, metros, and subways are the most common places where people forget their things such as phone, cards, bags, shoppers, and other.

Undoubtedly, cell phones are the thing we lose most on public transport. Following one interesting statistic, we can see that Chicago taxi drivers report 120.000 lost phones every year! Furthermore, one of the latest Uber’s Lost & Found reports revealed that in the US, the top items most frequently left behind in Ubers are: phone, camera, wallet, keys, purse, glasses, Vapes, and more.

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Keep calm.

The things we have mentioned so far have served as precautionary measures. If you have already lost an important item, you should not panic but calm down. You don't want to make it even harder to find your missing item. Of course, you will panic if you can't find your wallet, but that's just a moment of realizing it's gone. Calm down and think rationally. Maybe the wallet is not lost at all, but you put it in another bag. So, sit down, take a few deep breaths and you’re ready to go!

Check yourself first.

This one may sound stupid, but sometimes people forget that the keys are actually in their pockets. This happens because people in a panic do not check themselves first, but their surroundings. Therefore, check yourself first.

Try to remember the place and time when you used the lost item.

If you have calmed down and checked your pockets and still cannot find the missing item, then move on to the next step. It's time to think about when and where you last used the item. Thinking back like this can guide you to the lost item. If you can't remember right away, don't stress, you'll remember when you least expect it.

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Use cool tracking gadgets.

We all sometimes face the fact that our brain is not functioning and we cannot remember some things. In that case, it is best to get a gadget like a tracker that will be able to find a certain item for you at any time. If you feel like you’re always losing something, BREO BOX has the right gadget for you.

This popular gadget subscription box features a tracking gadget in the fall 2021 box -Tracmo CubiTag, a small Bluetooth tracker you can attach to your keys, your dog’s collar, your purse, or just about anything else you tend to put down and forget about. Simply connect to an app on your phone and you can ring your Tracmo so you can hear where it is. This way you can easily locate items, but also set up alerts when you’re out of range and motion alerts in case someone tries to walk off with your valuables. Moreover, it is water-resistant and can be linked to your Amazon Alexa. 

Clean the mess first.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, the stuff we lose the most is probably in the most cluttered parts of our house. On the other hand, people have a habit of looking for lost items in rooms where everything is kept in place. On the contrary, look at the pile of things on the work chair, maybe the charger is right there. Remember for the future, clean up your surroundings to make it easier to find things.

Use the power of social media - ask others for help.

There is nothing wrong with asking other people for help. Two people will search the living room faster and more efficiently to find the keys. You can ask your family members, friends, or coworkers.

If you feel you have lost an item on the way to work, you can ask bus or taxi drivers to help you, and even strangers. Also, use the power of social media to ask others for help. Post a picture of the item you lost and additional information so that people around you can be notified and return the item to you in case they find it. 

Visit the lost-and-found in public locations.

If you forgot the umbrella on the park bench and it is no longer there, it does not mean that someone stole it from you. Maybe your umbrella ended up in the lost-and-found in public locations. Maybe you’re lucky enough that someone else has found it for you and give it to the lost-and-found. If you can’t find your item, consider posting fliers around a certain area. Hang the fliers with all important details and a reward if the item means a lot to you.  

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