How to be kind to yourself

How to be kind to yourself

We often get compliments about how kind we are to our family, friends or strangers on the streets, but have you ever thought if you’re truly kind to yourself? For some reason, we tend to be much nicer to others than we are to ourselves. Instead of being grateful and appreciate who we are and what we’ve achieved, we’re stuck in chronic self-punishment. The mistakes we make, the guilt we feel, the unfulfilled dreams and desires, are just some of the reasons we punish ourselves instead of being kind to ourselves. Sometimes we yell at ourselves, call ourselves pathetic, stop believing that we deserve more or just pity ourselves. Thinking that someone else deserves kindness because he/she is better than you for some reason is not real and not true, but it’s really dangerous. Thinking that we must do certain things and that we mustn’t fail, can lead to serious mental issues but also physical harm on yourself. 

So, be honest to yourself now, are you kind to yourself? When was the last time you told yourself that you’re valuable and lovable? Do you still believe in yourself or you’re just self-attacking because you’re scared to risk and take important steps in your life? Think about whether you’re too cruel to yourself, because being kind to yourself helps your mind and body to be strong and healthy. Self-kindness includes self-care. You are important to others, but you are the most important to yourself. If you think that being kind to yourself is hard, our 7 how-to-be-kind tips will change your mind. And your life, if you try them out!

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Take some time for yourself

Giving someone your time is among the most precious things you can give to a person. We dedicate our love and time to our family and friends, but we often forget to take some time for ourselves. Being kind to others is wonderful, but if you’re forgetting to take time just for your body and mind, you’ll lose yourself. Spending some time alone can benefit your social relationships, make you feel happier, improve your creativity and help you feel less stressful. Slow down and carve out some time to do the things that make you happy. Be kind to yourself by giving yourself some alone time each day. You can read, meditate, do yoga, draw, write, enjoying a hot bath or do whatever you want.

Stop trying to be perfect 

Nobody is perfect. And the perfection doesn’t exist, no matter how much people try to achieve it. Just take a look at famous bloggers on Instagram and their “perfect” life through pictures. Do you think that they’re perfect? No, it’s just an illusion. They just create a perfect environment and use filters to make those pictures look amazing. Every person on this planet has its insecurities and issues. And no amount of money can change it. Just remember celebrities doing plastic surgeries to look prettier but the more things they change the worse they look. The problem is within YOU. Stop trying to be perfect, and accept who you are. People who have standards of perfection are just setting themselves up for failure. Remember that you’re healthy, smart, unique, and beautiful in your way. Be the best version of yourself is the answer.

Treat yourself

People often refer kindness to giving presents and gift to others. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A gift is a small sign of attention and affection. And it feels good to see someone smiling and being happy because you showed your kindness. But you are a person, too! Be kind to yourself and treat yourself sometimes. If there’s something you really want to treat yourself. No matter if that’s a chocolate, new suit or some trip. If it’s expensive, save up for it. Give a gift to yourself, because you deserve it. It’s important to reward yourself at times, and remind yourself how precious you are and how much you’re trying to be a good person, loved one, friend or employee.

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Surprise yourself

Want to be kind to yourself and buy YOU some gift? Think about putting some element of surprise in it. Did you know that the element of surprise delivers 4x the level of serotonin? Serotonin helps us to regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. This means that surprises can make you happier! Remember the feeling when you’re unwrapping a gift not knowing what’s inside? It’s because a surprise is like a mini fight-or-flight moment in our brains. So, when we experience a surprise, when we have a set of expectations and we get something else, our brain doesn't really know what to do with it. Forget about ordinary gifts, excite yourself! Subscription box delivers an element of surprise every month! With subscription boxes, you’ll feel like every month is your birthday. Choose our spring subscription box and surprise yourself with unique products and best gadgets in 2020! 

Believe in yourself

Studies have shown that people subconsciously self-sabotage what they think they don’t deserve. And the problems lie in the fact that people do not believe in themselves. Being kind to yourself means wanting the best for yourself, and believing in yourself. It’s actually pretty simple. If you want to get the best of your life, you have to believe in yourself. Just like you’re supporting your brother or your best friend and tell them they are able to achieve something, you need to do the same with yourself. You must have faith in your abilities, skills and you as a person. Don’t think that someone else is worthy than you. If you don’t think you’re worthy of love, happiness or success, how are you going to attract these things? Believe in yourself now, more than ever. Send out good vibes and positive thoughts and the good things will find you.

Forgive yourself

Forgiving others is difficult, but forgiving yourself is much worse. There must be million situations when you heard or said that you can’t forgive yourself because of something. And much worse than that, repeating the most meaningless phrase in the world – what if I… Being unable to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and thinking about what could happen if you were doing differently will lead to an infinite loop of misery and self-destruction. When you mess up, learn how to deal with it. Forget about grudges and self-punishment. It’s okay to make mistakes. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. If you’re feeling bad for years for something you’ve done, now is the time to get over it. Those things are just slowing you down physically and emotionally. Instead of being angry at yourself, show yourself kindness: forgive yourself, stop blaming yourself and move on.

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Reward yourself with a journey

The best way to show kindness to yourself is to say aloud how proud you are at yourself for achieving all the things you have now. Sometimes we people make great things and achieve amazing goals, and we find these things ordinary and nothing special. Every single thing that you put an effort into to achieve it and succeeded, deserves a reward. You deserve a reward. And when we say you, we mean your body and mind. But what is the best reward for both body and mind? A journey! Being outside in nature has positive effects on our thoughts and body. For example, green landscapes aren’t only beautiful, but also engage our parasympathetic nervous systems and lower our stress level. Think about someplace you’ve always wanted to visit. And if it’s too expensive, just a small picnic with your family or friends can help you relax, enjoy and be happy after some hard time you’ve passed.

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