How To Pack A Gift Like A Pro

How To Pack A Gift Like A Pro

In case you’re going home for holidays, and you plan to bring your gifts with you, there’s that age-old dilemma: How can I pack my gifts without breaking them or getting them smushed? Well, we have some gift packing tips that may turn you into a pro gift packer.

how to pack a gift

Don't jazz them up with ribbons and bows just yet.

You should consider packing gifts and ribbons separately. This is due to the fact they get snagged, crushed, and just generally ruined when they're tightly packed into carryons and even bigger pieces of luggage.

But if you can avoid it, don't even wrap your gifts at all.

Hitha Palepu, founder of Hitha On The Go, a site dedicated to smart packing has this tip for you:

"Don't wrap your gifts before traveling. That goes for both checked and carry on gifts alike. [TSA may] open them for screening, so save yourself the time and energy."

Use your sweaters like bubble wrap.

You should utilize soft clothing as a bubble wrap. This will keep safe anything fragile.

Forget the boxes.

One should always remove gifts from boxes, as this saves you space and you can figure out the safest transportation tactic for your gift (like wrapping them in sweaters).

Go easy on the footwear.

Everyone can agree that packing shoes lightly is the best way to save space in a suitcase. This way you’ll have more space for your gifts and less chance of the gift being smashed by a high heeled pump or a boot.



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