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How your shoes reflect your personality

How your shoes reflect your personality

Ever wonder what your shoes tell about your personality? 
Shoes don’t make the man. But shoes reflect a person’s personality. And we don’t talk about prejudices and popular psychology. We talk about we're talking about real researches. The University of Kansas study has shown that we can judge a person by their shoes. The participants were shown photos of individuals wearing different kinds of shoes and were asked to guess their age, gender, income, social status, political views, personality, etc. The result has shocked researchers. About 90% of respondents gave the correct answer! 

We assume you are now wondering what someone thinks of you based on the footwear you wear. If you want to find out, check the article below and see if we’ve guessed your personality! 


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Flat shoes – A hidden leader

If you love wearing flat shoes, you’re the person behind the scenes who ensures that everything’s going well. Wearing flat shoes means you’re a humble person that doesn’t require any attention or applause and a standing ovation for your efforts. Flat shoes don’t attract attention and they’re comfortable, so many people like to wear them. Are you one of the fashion-obsessed persons? If so, check our subscription box and get amazing lifestyle products every three months!

High heels – I’m in charge here

High heels attract attention, no matter if you’re wearing them at the party or at work. The person who loves wearing high-heels is the one that always to takes control of the situation. This person makes rational decisions and sees things very clearly. Simply, if a person wears high heels, which shows her confidence and tells others that he/she is in charge. High-heels-obsessed persons also love being center stage. Just remember Victoria’s Secret models dominating the catwalk with high-heels.

high heels

Flashy shoes – An extrovert

Flashy shoes can’t stay unnoticed. This is why a shy, reserved and introvert person would never wear them. Wearing shoes like that tells people you are an extrovert. You like to be odd, different and to shock people around you. You like to attract attention, but you’re also a brave person who shows its style without fear. If your wife is an extrovert, surprise her with the best gadgets and the coolest products from our subscription boxes. 

Flip flops - Laid back person

This one was easy to guess. Remember how you feel while walking on the beach or in your house with flip flops? Most people feel relaxed, chill and a bit lazy. The person who wears flip flops goes with the flow in life and does what makes him/her happy. These persons are outgoing, friendly, and spontaneous. Your lifestyle also reflects your personality. Find the best lifestyle subscription boxes and shows people your style and who you are.

Always shiny and clean shoes – Great impression every day

No matter how handsome you are, dirty shoes will say a lot of negative things about you. Style, condition, but most importantly, cleanliness of your shoes is something other people will include in a great impression of you. Wearing a new suit with shoes that you forgot to clean can only indicate that you aren’t taking care of yourself. Be sure to remove dust because there are no excuses for dirty shoes. So, make sure you have shoes in the best condition for your first date with unique products from our fall subscription box! You’ll get an amazing Lave classic shoe kit, to make your shoes shine. This premium shoe cleaning kit includes a 4 oz. bottle of our Premium Shoe Cleaning solution and Classic Premium Brush. The kit is provided with a classic nice scent and it’s safe on all colors and materials. Besides, this kit is 98.9% natural and effectively cleans all conditions when used with handcrafted, 100% Maplewood handle, with horsehair bristle.

Ankle boots – An aggressive person. 

Wow, did you think that people who wear ankle boots are considered aggressive? According to researches, that’s true. Wearing ankle boots gives the person strong confidence and refers to a fast lifestyle. 

Work boots – A good planer

Do you like wearing work boots or dr Martin’s? If so, you are a good planner. People who wear them usually love to plan everything ahead and analyze situations to create a strategy. They like to be prepared for unexpected situations. They are practical and hard-working. 
Old but well-cared shoes – A conscientious type 
To be honest, we all have those favorite shoes that are not new but well-cared. If you own shoes like that, you belong to conscientious people. You are a kind, confident person who likes to take care of others. A perfect example of this personality is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She likes wearing the same shoes over and over again. But she makes sure they are always clean and good-looking. Find boxes to subscribe to and get the best cleaning products for your favorite shoes.
Designer shoes – You’re showing the power
They are the type of shoes that not everyone can afford. It is logical that by wearing designer footwear we show our power. Designer shoes are a status symbol, but they don’t just show how the money you have. Designer shoes show that you’re into fashion pretty much. You have your own style and you are comfortable being in your own skin. So, you are not afraid to show your high level of success. Designer shoes are considered one of the best anniversary gifts for the latest fashion-obsessed persons.

Sporty shoes – A goal-oriented person

People who like wearing sporty shoes are, logically, sporty type. But they are also confident, organized and goal-oriented. Although they may have a busy day, they are always ready to go. They are great at multitasking, arranging things and focusing on achieving the goal. These persons are curious and open to exploring interesting ideas. They have a lot of energy no matter the age.

Boring shoes – unable to make a relationship 

You must have seen someone recently and thought about how boring their shoes are. Who would like to wear them? Who would even buy that? The person who wears boring shoes is someone who finds it hard to make a relationship. Boring shoes are the tricky ones since no one of the participants in the study was able to guess what’s hiding behind them. People who wear boring shoes are called “aloof” and “repressive”. They also don’t care what other people think.

Photos by: David LezcanoAlexandra GornAmanda Vick on Unsplash

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