Is it okay to “regift”?

Is it okay to “regift”?

Gifts are a wonderful thing, yet, we've all been in a situation once to get a gift that we don’t want. Or we don’t need it. Or we don’t like it. It’s not the custom and it is not polite to refuse a gift, of course, but what to do with those gifts in this case?


Have you thought about “regifting” of those unique products you’ve got last year? Cause a unique gift idea is the only thing you need in some situations... If the answer is yes, you must have wondered if it’s OK to regift something. Well, you’re not the only one. This is one of the most commonly asked questions around the holidays.

Whether you like the gift or not, regifting has many advantages. You can save money and get rid of something collecting dust in your house, while already having best anniversary presents for your beloved ones or the best tech gift for your young cousin! But before you regift you should know what’s cool and what is not so cool about regifting.

So, if you are preparing to regift, take a look at some basic rules for regifting to avoid beginner’s mistakes!


Knowing what to regift.

First rule about regifting is knowing WHAT can be regifted. It’s not cool to regift everything that comes to your mind. It’s not okay to regift food. Regifting drinks, such as a bottle of wine is okay, but don’t try to regift old cookies or chocolate. This also applies to dated technology, opened CDs and something really bad. New household items, bath products, unopened gift boxes, new books, clothes with tags, unopened perfume are some of the cool things for regifting. And if you have a few brand new products you don’t need, you can make an amazing personalized gift box of them.

Saving money!

Let’s be honest. Regifting is a great way to save some money, and cool thing if you don’t have enough budget to buy a gift. You don’t need to feel bad about regifting because it’s totally cool and okay to regift! And imagine this. You have received a gift you don’t like, for example, some board game, but your friend adores board games. Why not regifting it? You will save money and your friend will be delighted. Various unique products can be regifted, but make sure your friend didn’t see that you received that product!

Rewrapping the gift.

If you want to regift something you’ve received, make sure you rewrap it first. Rewrap the whole present – the box, the gift paper, and the packaging. This is important because you never know what is hiding inside the box. Maybe there are some cool unique gadgets, but maybe there is a special message for you, and it’s not cool letting your friend see it.

Tailoring the gift.

If you are already saving money on a gift, try some tricks on regifting unique gift ideas! Be creative and if you need, spend some money on cool package or tailoring. Don’t just regift without meaning. Show someone that you care about him, write a gift card or make a personalized package or a box. Don’t leave the gift in the same gift paper, buy a new one, it’s not costly.

Regifting only new items.

Always regift something that is brand new or unopened. Don’t try to regift something that is damaged, broken or from second hand. But if you have a perfume, which package is damaged, try to make personalized one or buy some cool box. Yet, if you have something that is partly used, but in good condition, you can regift it to charity. 

Regifting to charity.

It’s not cool to regift something your friend won’t like. Imagine how would you feel if you got something really meaningless? If you are not sure that your friend is going to like the gift, you can regift it to charity. It’s a great thing to regift to someone who needs it and put a smile on his face.

Admitting if you screwed up.

Well, we can’t predict everything. Mistakes happen. Sometimes we forget to take off price tag or signed card. Sometimes we forget to change the gift paper or the worst, forget about who gave us that gift and regift it back! If you find yourself in this situation, don’t try to justify yourself. Apologize and admit that you screwed up. That’s cool.

Not cool 

Leaving the gift/price tags.

Leaving price tags happens often, and it’s bad, but not the worst thing that could happen. It’s not cool regifting something with gift or signed card/tags. Imagine giving your friend a book with a note to you from your aunt Mary. That’s really awkward, isn’t it?

Regifting in the same circle of friends.

If you want to regift something you’ve got from one cycle of friends, make sure you regift it to another circle of friends or family. Don’t try to regift something in the same circle of friends or family. You don’t want to be embarrassed and hurt someone’s feelings. Even if you don’t like the gift, imagine how someone would feel to see that you regifted something he bought for you.

Waiting for years to regift something.

Everything has an expiration date. Gifts too. So, don’t wait for years to regift something. Trends just come and go, and who wants an old CD or a 3-year old version of iPod? And if you’re keeping something you don’t like for years, you are probably going to forget from whom you got it. And in the worst scenario, you will regift it to the same person who bought it for you.

Regifting something meaningful or handmade.

It’s not okay to regift something meaningful or handmade especially for you. If someone has made a personalized gift for you, don’t think about regifting even if you don’t like it. Just, think about it, someone worked hard and spend a lot of time to make it for you. And if there is a chance that person will see that gift as regifted to another person, that can really hurt his feelings. Appreciate gifts like that and the effort used for making it.

Regifting food.

Remember, never regift food! It’s okay to regift a bottle of wine or champagne if it’s unopened, but regifting a cake or old chocolate is just huge NO. First of all, everything has an expiration date. Second, the food can be spoiled, thanks to moisture and temperature. You better find something else to regift.

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