Make your car smart with these 5 fabulous gadgets

Make your car smart with these 5 fabulous gadgets

Whether you are driving a luxury car, a delivery car, or you have just got a driver’s license, cool car accessories can improve driving quality, make your ride safer, and help you enjoy the time spent in a car. You don’t have to buy a new car to keep up with the latest automotive technology.

With the best car gadgets, you can have the ultimate comfort and experience the latest innovations in any car! Here are 5 fabulous gadgets that will make your car smart and your ride more enjoyable this summer! Choose the one that fits your style.

1. Shiatsu Massage Cushion

What is the best gadget you can have in your car when it comes to long trips? GPS device? Food organizer? No. It’s the Shiatsu massage cushion! This product will make any car smart and luxurious. Just attach it on the seat and it will adjust to your body. With a wide range of massage options, Shiatsu massage cushion allows you to adjust the position and intensity.

This massage cushion will provide you with ultimate comfort with its 5 vibration motors, and help you relieve fatigue, muscle tension, and soreness. The 5 vibration system targets 4 areas of your body: upper back, lower back, hips, and thighs. This is the best gift for father, husband, or all your loved ones who travel far or just want the ultimate comfort during any trip.

2. Veho TA-8 in-car cradle + charger

There are many interesting gadgets that can make your car smart. But when they start looking for the best gadgets for their car, people usually buy some common devices like chargers, holders, and organizers first. Having so many gadgets takes up a lot of space in the car, right?

If you just bought a new car, or you’re about to go on vacation, consider getting The Veho TA-8 in-car cradle and charger. Veho TA-8 is 2 in 1 gadget is designed to make any car smarter. It’s a universal in-car smartphone holder and charger, compatible with all smartphones via Qi wireless technology. It features an infrared sensor enabling one-handed mounting, which automatically opens and closes the clamp to grip your device.

Veho TA-8 will charge your phone without getting tangled in wires, just being plugged into an electrical source via USB-C. You can mount it on your windshield or air vent as it requires nothing but a quick and easy installation. Veho TA-8 will allow you to always have enough battery and stay in touch with family wherever you go.

Get it in our summer subscription box along with many cool gadgets that you will adore.

Handpresso auto coffee maker

Even if we go to work by car, it often happens that we don't have time to make coffee, or we’re too late to stop at a coffee shop. In that case, make your car smart to make your coffee! Whether you’re going to work or on a road trip, Handpresso Auto will brew your coffee in just 2 minutes! Handpresso Auto is a compact and portable gadget designed for any car. To make coffee, plug in it into the cigarette lighter, and wait 2 minutes. This smart gadget is compact enough to fit in the cup holder and brews using ground coffee or E.S.E. pods. Handpresso Auto is definitely one of the best gift ideas for wife this summer.

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Resqme – car life saver

One should not invoke bad luck, but one should always be cautious. Whether you ever experienced a car accident or not, in addition to the first aid kit, you should always have a rescue tool in a car. Resqme is the car lifesaver gadget no.1. Resqme Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker 2 in 1 is made in the USA and recommended for all drivers.

This is a safety and survival tool that allows you to escape from your car in case of an accident, by cutting a jammed seatbelt or breaking a side window. This helpful device can save your life and is one of the must-have car gadgets in 2020. RESQME has a stainless-steel razor blade, and it’s effective in breaking any tempered glass commonly used in side windows. This fabulous gadget fits your pocket, but you can also attach it to your keychain. It is one of the best gadgets that will make your car smart.

5. HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display

Each GPS device regardless of the features has the same flaw: it distracts drivers from the wheel. Inattention while driving can be extremely dangerous, especially for beginners. For this reason, we have decided to recommend you HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display. This fabulous gadget is the first car gadget of its kind because it turns any smartphone into a heads-up display (HUD) for your vehicle.

But that’s not all. Instead of being placed next to your wheel, HUDWAY Cast projects the GPS onto a transparent screen in front of you! This smart device assists without distracting. You get a clear path view and display right in your line of sight. It’s supported by both Android and iOS devices and has a discernible image equally during the day and night. Also, you can use HUDWAY Cast to receive calls, read texts, and control music. This is one of the latest gadgets in automotive technology that can make any car smarter than ever!

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