12 good reasons to give someone a gift

12 good reasons to give someone a gift

Have you thought about making someone happy with gifts even though it's not their birthday? Wonderful! Sometimes chocolate, a note, or just a phone call can make someone feel special and loved. Giving gifts outside holidays and special events is a wonderful practice and one that truly brings joy to the recipient.

If you want to strengthen the relationships you have in life or just to see someone smile, a gift is the best way. Here are 12 reasons to give someone a gift.

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1. To express your love 

There is no person who has not tried to show his love through some gift. Expressing our love through a gift is a common thing with any type of connection. Whether it is a romantic relationship, your love for children or parents, gifts are always a part of them. Sometimes words can’t express what we feel, but a thoughtful gift can.

One special gift can have the same effect of a thousand romantic words. Personalized gifts, especially, show how much you know someone you love and how much you know what that person really wants. Gifts out of love are usually kept as the most beautiful memories.

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2. To show how thankful you are

When you tell people that you are grateful for something they have done to you or that you are grateful to have them in your life, it means a lot to them. But when you show them that you are grateful, that’s what makes the moment very special.

Giving a gift to someone who helped you can show that you are truly thankful. He/She will feel your gratitude and see the effort you put forth to make them feel appreciated. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive. Their favorite chocolates or movie tickets are some of the good gift ideas.

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3. To help someone relieve stress and anxiety

Giving a gift to someone who has been through a difficult period or is struggling with depression, is a great way to help him. Gifts are proven to help people get rid of stress and anxiety. They can make people’s mood, lower stress, and blood pressure, and make them less anxious, therefore much happier.

According to an article in American Psychologist, a spa gift that includes massage reduces the level of stress hormones in the body. So, if you want to help someone get rid of stress, consider getting a spa gift card.

4. To show your appreciation

Another reason to give someone a gift is to show your appreciation. It’s nice to give someone a gift when it comes to birthdays or holidays, but a gift outside such occasions can show your appreciation and how much you care about someone. Show your appreciation to people in your life: your loved one, kids, family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers regardless if it’s a special event or not. They will be delighted and happy to have a person like you in their lives.

5. To celebrate special events

Gifts are an essential part of every celebration and special occasion. We often give gifts to others during birthdays, anniversaries, special events, weddings, Christmas, Easter, Valentines', and so. Gifts can be customizable, but only thoughtful gifts can make someone feel special. Moreover, the recipient should remember that event in the future, so let your gift be something memorable too!

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6. To surprise someone

Well, this part doesn't need much explanation. It's a great idea to give someone a gift to surprise them. All people love surprises. When it comes to birthdays or holidays, gifts are a favorite part of the celebration. One small surprise gift can fix someone's day or make that person happier when he is very sad.

7. To stay in touch

Gifts are often given to keep us in touch. If your friend is moving away, the gift can be a souvenir of you. If your family or loved ones live far away, sending gifts will show them that you think of them even if they are not next to you. Sending gifts to someone is the best way to keep in touch and strengthen your relationship. 

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8. To reward a job well done

Whether it’s your kids getting good grades in school, or someone’s getting a better job, or a coworker managed to solve a problem, a gift from you will support them and motivate them to continue to do well. A gift is a great way to acknowledge their efforts and achievements, therefore they will be happier.

Still, if you want to reward a job well done, you must choose something specific. Generic compliments like ‘good job’, ‘fantastic work’, or ‘well done’ is nice to hear, but an actual gift will remind them of their great success. 

9. To celebrate moving into a new home

Moving to a new home is a very special moment. Such events are usually celebrated with family and friends. It is an ideal opportunity to give someone something special that would remind them of that event. 

It doesn't have to be something expensive, but something that will remain a beautiful memory. You can give someone a gift for a new beginning. It is also customary to give a gift to the new homeowners or when moving in/out.

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10. To apologize

Well, sometimes when we run out of words, a gift is there to save us. The fact is that everybody makes mistakes. No one is perfect. But not everyone knows how to apologize. 

Of course, the person you hurt the most means hearing from you that you regret it and that you are sorry. But if you add a small gift with an apology, it will be an additional plus. The person will notice that you are willing to spend time, money, and effort to truly apologize.

11. For charitable contributions

It's nice when you have someone to give a gift to. It is also nice when someone gives you a gift. Unfortunately, there are people to whom there is no one to give a gift. Precisely for this reason, you can be the person who will give them something.

You can give money to charity or prepare gifts and give them to kids personally. Besides, humanitarian aid does not always mean money. The donation of your time is an incredible gift and most appreciated in voluntary organizations.

12. For no special reason

And finally, you can give a gift to someone for no reason at all. A gift, whether material or just a few nice words, will show people that they are loved and that someone is thinking of them.

In fact, the most beautiful thing about relationships is to give someone a gift without a reason. Just to see someone’s smile. That gesture shows how caring a person you are, and others will appreciate you more because of that.

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