Special gift ideas for Father’s Day according to a dad type

Special gift ideas for Father’s Day according to a dad type

Father’s Day is almost here and you're still not sure what to give your dad? Although we know our fathers well, it’s not always easy to figure out what to get them, especially for occasions like birthdays and Father’s Day. Like all men, he might have everything he wants already, or he simply doesn’t openly speak about his wishes. Even if he doesn't talk about what he wants, he probably has some special interests or hobbies. If you're just looking for cool gifts related to your father's hobbies, or a general gift idea for your father, it could be a double-edged sword.

Not all fathers are the same, and there’s not just one type of father. Before choosing a gift for your father, consider what type of group he belongs to - whether he is a bibliophile, tech-savvy, or an active type of father!? If you are not sure, or you still don’t know what type of group your father belongs to, take a look at our article with suggestions for the best gifts for Father's Day according to a dad type! Good luck!

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The high-tech dad

If your dad is one of the high-tech dads, he will be thrilled with any of the latest gadgets related to cameras, smartphones, computers, and such. No matter what you choose, your dad would be happy to get it and play with it.

If your father has any of the popular gadgets already, try to find out which one he would like to add to his collection. It might not even be something expensive or big, but something simple, like the latest memory card or a wireless phone charger. If you’re interested in getting your dad the best gadgets, check out our summer subscription box!

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For the dad gamer

If your dad is a gamer, don’t think too much. Try to find out which game interests him the most and buy it! If you have a big budget, buy him a new console such as an Xbox or PlayStation. But if you want to be a little more creative, get your father an action figure, a T-shirt, or a book related to his favorite game. You can't go wrong.

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The adrenaline dad

Adrenaline is not necessarily a bad thing. If your dad is often exposed to stress at work, adrenaline may improve his ability to fight off infections, boost his immune system, and help him be more focused.

If your dad loves adrenaline (or needs some), consider giving him such gift. You can get tickets to his favorite sports event such as Nascar races, tennis tournaments, basketball, or any other sport he likes. You can even make him feel super excited going on a go-kart ride!

Projector for the movie obsessed dad

The movie-obsessed dads are hard to surprise. Besides, they probably have all the best and latest movies, as well as a big flat- screen TV. So, what should we give them? Think about making a special movie night for your father! Get the whole family, order pizza, make popcorn, and play your father’s favorite movie. But, this time, take the movie night on a whole new level! Instead of playing it on a flat-screen TV, surprise your father with an Ace of Spade Portable LED Projector!

With a projector, he can have the cinema at home! Ace of Spade Portable LED Projector is the ultimate entertainment device that will make watching movies and tv shows more enjoyable. Ace of Spade Portable LED Projector features HDMI (up to 1080P), MMC, and AV inputs, therefore, this unit can project all your favorite movies up to a 60-inch screen!

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Phone charger for the driving dad

If your father is a businessman or is constantly traveling for work, consider buying the best car gadgets as a gift for Father’s Day. For complete safety, but also being sure your dad’s phone always has enough battery during the trip, buy a wireless charger. The wireless charger, such as Veho TA-8, is a unique product that works like an extension of your car and ultra-fast wireless charger.

Veho TA-8 features Qi fast wireless charging and infrared sensor enabling one-handed mounting, which allows you to focus on driving while it takes care of the rest. It’s compatible with all iPhones and Android smartphones with Qi wireless technology. Your father will be very happy to have such a cool and useful gadget during the trip. Make sure you get this cool product on time before Father’s Day with our summer subscription box!

The bookworm dad

If your dad is a bookworm, a new book is always a good choice when it comes to gift ideas. But if you want to give him something special for Father’s Day, consider getting something cool for bibliophiles, such as a 100 Books Scratch Off Poster to help him reach his reading goals. A new kindle would be the best choice if you’re on a budget. If you want your father to feel comfortable reading a book, get a soft pillow lap stand to improve his reading experience. 

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The handy-dad

Looking for a special gift for Father’s Day for a DIY obsessed dad? If so, you'll be happy to hear that there are many cool projects and tools you can find in the hardware store nearby. If your dad loves taking on DIY home improvement projects, you can get him durable Mechanix Wear Gloves to help him deal with the toughest projects or some high-performance rotary tool kits.

But if you are not sure what the best gift idea is, you can always purchase a gift card from the hardware store and surprise your dad.

Dads who love fishing

If fishing is your father's hobby and favorite outdoor activity, then you already have a hint. Explore the latest fishing gadgets online or visit your local store. Here are some gift ideas for fathers who love fishing.

A fishing backpack that comes equipped with battery-powered LED lighting, fishing gadgets, sunglasses case, plier sheath, tackle trays, and others will be a delight for your father. Maybe The Penn Spinfisher V reel would be awesome for smooth spinning or an outdoor knife that can be used to gut and fillet. Find out what your father needs and surprise him next time he goes fishing! 

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The dad who has everything

What if your father has everything? In that case, getting him something he possibly doesn’t have or something he might like is a big challenge. If you find yourself in this situation, don't panic, play smart.

Luckily, there are great gift ideas that can surprise your father. Sometimes just a comfortable pillow built to perfectly suit your dad’s head can delight him and help him rest perfectly after a stressful day at work. If your dad’s the type to enjoy having his favorite beer on Friday’s after work, consider getting him a craft beer club subscription.

But if your dad is an easy-going type, there’s no way to surprise him better than with an awesome lifestyle subscription box! The subscription box is full of unique products and the best annual gadgets that every man will like. Getting a subscription box for dad or subscription box for your husband is a special way to give them something exciting and useful that they probably do not already have.

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