How to stay green while traveling

How to stay green while traveling

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We often travel the world thinking about having fun and creating amazing memories, but do we ever wonder - is traveling well for the environment? Everything we do during our trip, starting with flying, harms the environment and the air.

Due to this problem, eco-tourism has become very popular in recent years. Ecotourism represents a more sustainable way of travel, so why not become a green tourist yourself? The following tips will help you stay green while traveling and do something good for our planet.

Find eco-tourism options

Today it’s easy to find eco-friendly destinations and support sustainable development. Staying green while traveling is not hard at all, you just need to choose natural destinations aimed strictly at ecotourism.

You must be wondering which destinations are green destinations? Locations such as U.S. National Parks, Alaska, Costa Rica, South Africa, Galapagos Islands, Singapore, Scandinavia, and more are some of the ecotourism options. 

Replace tons of plastic bottles and cups with your own reusable ones

Just remember how many plastic bottles of juice, water or liquid did you use and throw away on one trip? Imagine how many plastic bottles a family of four throws on each trip! Stay green while traveling and bring a reusable water bottle with you. You can also take your favorite travel mug in case you need to buy coffee every morning. These are small steps to reduce pollution, and by seeing you, others can follow your example.

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Use paper or tote bags instead of plastic bags

Plastic bags cause many environmental issues. Therefore, more and more countries around the world are deciding to ban them. Plastic bags can take that long to biodegrade and usually pollute major water resources. Instead of using plastic bags, choose paper ones or bring your favorite tote bag with you. Once you’re done with paper bags simply recycle them.

Travel with reusable toiletries

Instead of using hotel toiletries, travel with your own reusable toiletries. These bottles are travel size and enough to pack your shampoo, soap, lotion, and others. In addition, when you run out of liquid from these bottles, you can refill them and avoid throwing unnecessary plastic in the trash every time you travel.

Sleep at “Green” hotels

Before you start a journey, do some research about eco-friendly accommodations. Eco-friendly hotels are made of sustainable materials and designed to respect the environment. Such hotels try to generate their energy and follow green practices such as rainwater harvesting and responsible waste. Many island destinations offer accommodation in wooden bungalows or houses made of sustainable materials.

Choose eco transport: rent a bike or walk!

Choose environmentally-friendly (green) transport. Instead of visiting a new place by car or bus, rent a bike or go on foot. Not only is this a green option, but you will save money and get physically active! 

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Rent an electric car

Eco-friendly cars, known also as green cars, are vehicles that have reduced emissions and create a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas or diesel vehicles. Lower emission vehicles have less of an impact on air quality. If you want to drive during the trip, choose an electric car. Some destinations and hotels offer discounts or special benefits for guests who opt for an electric car.

Use less electricity

During the trip, we often use more electricity than usual, especially to charge our mobile phone, smart watch, tablet, wireless headphones, and more. All-day use of the Internet or camera requires more electricity consumption, which is contrary to eco-tourism.
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Eat local cuisine

Food waste is a massive problem and in America only, waste is roughly 40 percent of its food! So if you want to avoid food waste on your green trip, avoid eating at international chain restaurants. By eating local food you are reducing your carbon emissions and also supporting the local community and farmers. Also, order a locally brewed beer for the same reason and overall discover new tastes and delicious food.

Do green activities only 

You can’t stay green while traveling and then do activities that require fuel or electricity. Search for green activities only. If you are not sure what these activities are, you can choose one of the following: hiking, scuba diving, riding a bicycle, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, camping, climbing, golf, skiing, surfing, and more. 

Don’t leave a mess behind

If you try to keep your house clean, then try to keep someone else's house clean as well. Don't leave a mess behind. To enjoy a clean hotel, streets, beach, yard, or sea, do not pollute them. Have respect for the nature of the destination you are going to and it will repay you with its beauty.

Shop local

Shopping in shopping malls and clothes of famous brands is what does not support eco-tourism. In addition, you can do this at home. Stay green during the trip and shop local. Visit local markets and support the local economy.

This way you can get green souvenirs, meet good people, hear the local language and enjoy the local atmosphere. You can buy domestic or organic products for which factory plastic packaging is not made, but natural local materials.

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Choose a souvenir wisely

And last but not least, take care of which souvenir you buy. Avoid buying prohibited items or souvenirs made from endangered species such as animal hides, ivory, or corals. Support the fight to preserve the endangered species and the nature of the destination you are going to.


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